Does Amazon Own Riot? – Know More

Riot is an American gaming company founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merill and gets currently headquartered in West Los Angeles, California. It is the publisher of one of the most trending and played games in the world ‘League of Legends’. Riot Games is among the top ten grossing studios in the world. It had 24 offices worldwide by 2018 and is now working with other studios to develop its games into series. So, Does Amazon Own Riot?

Does Amazon Own Riot?

Amazon does not own Riot. Riot gets owned by a Chinese technology and entertainment conglomerate, Tencent. However, Amazon and Riot have signed a multi-title partnership in which Riot will be expanding its reach in the world with the help of Amazon servers.

What Is The Motive Behind This Partnership?

Riot did not have a reliable database system that could allow its players for a smooth-running game. One single hang on the screen could instantly kill their character. It was a significant problem complained about by most of the users. It is why Riot and Amazon decided on a partnership with mutual benefits.

The motive is to migrate hundreds of millions of users of Riot on Amazon Web Services(AWS), where these players can have global availability and low latency, secured access. Through this partnership, Amazon plays a vital role across all Riot games. It could mean that Amazon also has right over specific departments and shares the profit of the gaming company. Though, it is a highly beneficial step for riot games to offer a better experience for their users.

Benefits Of Amazon Web Services For Riot

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most complex database and broadly adopted cloud platform. It offers over 200 completely featured services from data centers globally. Its motive is to reduce costs, expand availability to its users on a global level and provide efficient services. There are plenty of benefits Riot receives from Amazon Web Services;

Some are as follows:

Better Regulation

Amazon web services consist of services greater than any other cloud, database, or computer. With these services come more features that help to make the applications faster and smoother.

Broadest Number Of Customers

Due to its maximization of availability turning global, Amazon Web Services have millions of active users of ten thousand partners globally. AWS’s large community is regulated by its partner network, APN.

Cloud Security

Amazon Web Services provides the most secure cloud computing environment. One can have all the comprehensive services, enhanced features, and protection by becoming an AWS customer.

How To Use One’s Riot Account With An Amazon Account?

To connect one’s Riot account to their Amazon account, one must go to the Prime Gaming Website, use the Search Prime Gaming Text field, or scroll through the accessible options through which they can find the game they want to redeem loot. Click on the game, follow on-screen prompts and they will be directed to log in using their chosen Riot account.

Once their account is linked to Amazon, users will receive benefits for their game as free reward points. These reward points consist of Permanent Skins, Champion Cards, Wildcards, Boost, etc for league of legends, Valiant, and other games of Riot.

In case one wants to unlink their account, they must first log out of their current account, go to the Riot Account site, and then click on the disconnect button. It will remove access to their account.


Riot Games began in 2006 to launch their most successful game, League of Legends. It is one of the most successful gaming companies in the world. Riot games have not given their ownership to Amazon. However, they have a partnership with Amazon and it has extended all the previous relations with the Company. The partnership has mutual benefits, where Amazon will receive more subscribers due to Riot’s popularity and Riot will gain a better Cloud to provide efficiency to their users through AWS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does League Of Legends Use Amazon Web Services? 

Yes, League of Legends uses the AWS cloud to provide their users with a better environment. AWS services give them a better database where they can expand their territories worldwide. It also helps to lay off the technical debt that Riot went through to provide better servers.

  1. Does Riot Have Its Network?

Yes, Riot had an instant, massive growth of users where 67 million gamers play League of Legends every day. Handling such an enormous population needed a better connection and infrastructure across the UK. Riot created its network for efficient functionality since even a little lackluster in the game would ruin it altogether.

  1. How Many Games Does Riot Have?

Riot has over 14 international League of Legends esports leagues, the Valorant Champions Tour, and the League of Legends world championship. Over 2500 employees have worked on these games from 2009 to 2020.

  1. Is Prime Gaming Free With Amazon Prime?

Yes, Prime Gaming is included as an extended package with Amazon Prime. A user who is subscribed to Amazon Prime has all the access to Prime Gaming at no additional cost to Prime subscribers.

Does Amazon Own Riot? – Know More

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