Does Amazon Prime Include Whole Foods?- Know More

Amazon is the biggest online platform right now. From clothes to jewelry to make-up to home decor items to kitchen appliances to furniture to phones to food, everything is one click away, all thanks to Amazon. So it is evident that Amazon is bound to make some revolutionary changes in the digital world. Let’s know ‘Does Amazon Prime Include Whole Foods?’

Does Amazon Prime Include Whole Foods?

One of its very fascinating and alluring features is that of Prime membership. Amazon Prime has attracted Hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the globe. This Amazon Prime includes many advantages. One of them is the inclusion of Whole Foods. But to know about this advantage, you need to be well versed with some other information as well. This article will clear all your doubts regarding Amazon, Whole Foods, and their link. So go on and read it. Hopefully, you will find it informative. 

What is Prime membership?

Prime is a subscription service that Amazon provides to its customers to make them their members. This prime membership gives discounts and perks on online products, and access to unlimited books, movies, TV shows, music, and games. If you regularly buy products from Amazon, you must Sign not for its membership because it includes many perks including free delivery, discounts, free unlimited storage, prime day deals et cetera. Amazon provides a variety of prime members from which you can pick and choose.

How to get a Prime membership?

If you are interested in a Prime membership, you can easily go to the website and sign up for it. You will get a 30-day free trial. And if you like it, you can subscribe to it afterward. The subscription plans are as follows:-

  1. Prime – This pack will include all the benefits of Prime. You will have to pay $12.99 per month to avail all the advantages of this package.
  2. Prime – This is the same as the above in terms of the benefits. The main difference is that, in this pack, you will get asked to pay the entire subscription cost of a year at one time, which will be $119 per year. As a result, your per month cost will be less. 
  3. Prime Student – If you are a student, you will benefit greatly from this offer. Amazon will provide you with a free six months trial, and you will get the membership at a discounted rate of $59 per year. 

Did Amazon buy Whole Foods?

It was in 2017, that Amazon acquired the rights to Whole Foods, A supermarket chain that sells grocery products. It bought whole foods for a massive amount of $13.7 billion. With the rights, Amazon changed the business model of Whole Foods and has now completely transformed it. Whole Foods has benefited greatly since its acquisition by Amazon. Catering to a wider audience and visibility on a global platform like Amazon has cemented the role of Whole Foods in the market.

Does Amazon Prime include Whole Foods? 

Yes, it does. Amazon offers delivery of whole foods products at your doorstep. Prime members can avail themselves of up to 10% off on items except for alcohol. These discounts get even more generous at the time of festivals. You can avail of Amazon prime on the Whole Foods Market app as well as the site on Amazon itself. Till recently, Whole Foods delivery was free. But from October 2021, Prime members have to pay an extra amount of $9.95, if they opt for one-hour and two-hour deliveries. An extra amount, depending upon the total bill will get charged for one-hour delivery of products. 


So to put it in simple words, Amazon Prime does include Whole Foods and provides several perks to Prime members who purchase Whole Foods products from its website. You can choose the subscription that you like and can enjoy even more benefits on a large variety of items. So if you have Amazon Prime go and avail your Whole Foods discounts and if you haven’t subscribed, then do it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Whole Foods sell?

Whole Foods sells products, including food, grocery, pharmaceuticals, flowers, alcohol, merchandise, and meat procured from more than 300 brands. They try to sell as fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. 

2. Do Whole Foods deliver internationally?

Whole Foods dominates the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, it does not have any presence except in these three countries. 

3. Can I return a product bought from Whole Foods?

Yes, you can. Its return policy states that you can return an item bought from Whole Foods within 30 days of its purchase. All items except health and beauty care products are eligible for a return and an exchange. 

4. Can you pick up items from Whole Foods?

If your order is over $35, you can opt for a free one-hour pickup. This one-hour applies from the moment you order. If your order is less than $35, you can opt for a 30 minutes pickup. There are additional fees that apply to both pickups. 

Does Amazon Prime Include Whole Foods?- Know More

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