Does Leesa Remove Old Mattress?

Have you ever seen mattresses lying around in isolated places? They are an eyesore and an environmental hazard. Is it just that people don’t make any effort, or do they not know that there are several ways to remove old mattresses? So, Does Leesa remove Old Mattress?

Does Leesa Remove Old Mattress?

Leesa is a mattress company that promotes the correct and eco-friendly disposal of mattresses. It not only creates awareness about mattress disposal but also provides this service through which you can get your old mattresses removed. This article will tell you about this service. It will also make you aware of other methods that you can opt for while considering removing your old mattress. So read this article and plan to dispose of your old mattress in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

What is Leesa?

Leesa is a USA-based company that specializes in providing mattresses, bedding, bases, and other sleep-related accessories. Leesa not only focuses on reaching the top but also makes an effort to help the poor and needy of society. It is a Certified B Corporation. It means that apart from being the best in its business, they are environment friendly and are fulfilling all the standards set up by the high officials. If you want to purchase a mattress or any other product from Leesa, you can sign up for their newsletter to get special offers as well as the latest updates from Leesa. 

Does Leesa remove old mattresses?

Leesa provides a service where you can get Leesa to remove your old mattress when they deliver you a new set of springs. This service is available if you opt for White Glove Delivery. This type of delivery charges $150. The delivery men will arrive at your doorstep, removing the old mattress and the box springs and setting up the fresh springs. They will then either recycle it or donate it to needy people. Leesa has identified several homeless and shelter-less centers, where springs, mattresses, bedding, and bed frames are required in large quantities. Please be aware that you can only use this service if you purchase a Leesa mattress in exchange for removing the old one.

Is there any other way to remove an old mattress?

If your mattress is of any other company, you can contact them to know if they can remove and replace the bed springs. If your mattress is in a fair condition, you can donate it to various health centers or public centers. You can give your mattress at places such as the Salvation Army or thrift stores. Otherwise, you can opt for the disposal of your spring mattress. Did you know that about 90% of your springs can get recycled? You can go to your nearest recycling center and give your old mattress. Please note that you will get charged a recycling fee between $10 to $40.

What is Leesa’s return policy?

Leesa provides a 100-night trial, to make sure that you are satisfied and comfortable with the mattress that you have purchased. You can return your mattress after trying it out for at least 30 days. After that, you can request a return. If the product is undamaged, not stained or torn, you will be eligible for a return. Leesa will remove the mattress and refund your entire purchase. This return policy is free for all the states and regions of the United States of America. However, for customers of Hawaii and Alaska, a fee of $100 will get charged.


This mattress company provides a social service along with its delivery in which you can get your old mattress removed and a new mattress from Leesa set up without any extra charges. There are also some other ways through which you can dispose of your old mattress. You should make use of this service, As it is not only an easy option for you but is also creating a social impact that can help others get inspired and do the same. So if you have a spare old mattress lying around in your house, dial Leesa’s customer care service now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to dispose of a mattress if I live too far from a recycling center?

If you live too far from the recycling center, and your mattress is not in a charitable condition, you can go to a garbage disposal. You can contact your local garbage collector and get your spring mattress removed. Some companies can help you remove your springs. However, the charge is more than $100. 

2. Can I recycle parts of mattresses?

Yes, of course, you can. You can recycle your mattress in parts from your local junkyard. The metals and steel used in the spring, along with the foam and cushion can get used in the most creative manners if you are interested in making something out of it. 

3.Does the Leesa mattress have a warranty?

Mattresses of Leesa get covered under a 10-year full replacement limited guarantee. It means that for ten years, a spring mattress that you purchased from Leesa Will be eligible for a full repair or replacement if the product is found defective or damaged by the Leesa company. There are, however, a few limitations that you need to keep in mind. You can go through them on the official website of Leesa.

4. What kind of mattresses get sold at Leesa?

Leesa Provides a variety to its customers. It provides mattresses that are comfortable for back sleepers as well as stomach slippers, side sleepers as well as people with spinal problems. The spring mattresses include original, hybrid, legend, and studio. You can choose any mattress that you feel is the perfect one for you.

5.Can I dispose of my box spring along with a mattress? 

Yes, you can. If you are thinking of removing the box spring, along with your mattress, you don’t need to worry. A box spring can also get recycled. You can even donate it. But the removal charges, if not availing the service from Leesa but local junkyards or scrapyards, will be higher than just for removing the mattress.

Does Leesa Remove Old Mattress?

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