Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs?- Know More


Lowe’s Companies Incorporation, famously referred to as Lowe’s, is a famous American retail giant that specializes in home improvement. The company operates stores across the United States of America and Canada. 

Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs

Often, customers at different stores encounter fellow customers roaming the store with their furry friends. For owners, it is a great way to ensure that their furry friends are safe, and they can spend some time with each other. But the question that arises here is: do all stores allow dogs?

In this article, we will discuss whether customers are allowed to take their dogs inside a Lowe’s store, in detail. 

Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs?

As of 2022, Lowe’s stores across the United States do allow customers to bring in their dogs, but with certain conditions. According to Lowe’s store policy customers are only allowed to bring their service animals inside the store. Customers are expected to have certification for their service animal when they visit a Lowe’s store

In reality, however, Lowe’s seldom asks customers for that certification (since many states across the US it is illegal to ask for it). Thus, Lowe’s allows entry to pets who are well-behaved and composed. It is mandatory for a customer to either carry their dogs, harness them, or keep them on a leash, while they are shopping inside the store. No pet is allowed to roam free in the store under any circumstances.

  1. Customer Responsibility

Customers should remember that Lowe’s holds no responsibility for their dogs’ behaviour inside the store. In case the dog damages a product or hurts a fellow customer, the owner will be held responsible for it. 

In case a dogs’ behaviour gets out of control, the customer will be asked to leave the store by the store manager. It entirely depends on the store manager of a Lowe’s store; how tolerant they will be. But, in case of a real emergency (the dog biting and wounding someone), store management may contact and involve the authorities. In such a case, the customer (the owner) will be held responsible for all the damage that was inflicted by their pet. 

However, Lowe’s may also be held responsible in this scenario, along with the owner. It entirely depends on that specific jurisdiction under which the store falls. 

Lowe’s has faced a lawsuit like that in the past, but it has not deterred the company from banning pets inside a store. All customers are expected to do is to make sure that their furry companions are well behaved and under control the entire time they are inside the store. 

  1. Carrying Out Precautions 

Customers are again reminded that just because they are allowed to bring in their furry companions inside a Lowe’s store, it doesn’t mean that customers can leave them unsupervised. 

If possible, customers should avoid taking their pets to any store since the environment can be uncomfortable and even scary for some pets. It can cause them to act out of line. But if it is inevitable, they should make sure that their pets are on their best behaviour and under control. 

Once inside the store, customers must ensure that their pets are on a leash and not roaming around the store freely, unsupervised. But, if customers are confident that their pets will not cause a ruckus around, they can take their furry companions to their nearest Lowe’s store without any worry and have a great shopping experience with their fur babies by their sides. 


All Lowe’s stores across the United States of America allow customers to shop around the store accompanied by their furry friends. But customers should ensure that their companions are not left unsupervised. All pets inside a Lowe’s store are required to either be carried by their owners, on a leash or have a harness on. 

In case a dog gravely injures another customer or damages a product/property inside the store, the owner will have to compensate for the damage. Thus, customers are advised to either avoid taking their pets to stores (for the pets’ safety) or make sure that the pets are well-behaved and under control, throughout the time they are inside the store. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Question1) Apart from Lowe’s, what other stores across the US allow their customers to bring in their pets? 

Answer) Below, we have mentioned other stores across the United States that allow their customers to shop with their pets:


-Home Depot

-Tractor Supply Co

-The Apple Store

-LUSH Cosmetics 


Question2) Is there a In-Store Pickup at Lowe’s?

Answer) Customers have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

-Once customers have decided to buy a product at Lowe’s online store, they must select the Free Store Pickup while checking out. 

-Once the order is placed successfully, customers must wait for an e-mail or a text. Once they have received the Ready for Pickup e-mail or text, they must head to their nearest Lowe’s store. 

-Once at a Lowe’s store, customers must look for bright blue pickup signs which will further direct them to the store’s pickup desk. Here, customers can pick up their orders. 

Let Us Know More About -Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs?
Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs?- Know More

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