Does Lufthansa Have WiFi?

Lufthansa, a German airline, is one of the largest in the world. Based out of Frankfurt, Germany, the Lufthansa Group is the largest in Europe. Let us have a look at ‘Does Lufthansa Have WiFi?’.

Does Lufthansa Have WiFi?

Does Lufthansa Have WiFi?

Lufthansa provides in-flight WiFi service (called FlyNet) on its long haul as well as short haul flights, for a fee. There are different packages you can purchase, depending on the duration of flight and internet speed. Read on for further details on how to use internet during your flight.

What can you do with access to WiFi on board your flight?

Chat online on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or iMessage, post status updates on Facebook, send emails or stream your favorite videos or playlists – with Lufthansa FlyNet. You can now also connect to family, friends or colleagues throughout your short or medium or long haul flight. You can send your precise arrival time to your family and friends on WhatsApp so that they can come pick you up, email your colleagues or search online for a gift for your parents.

Steps to Connect to FlyNet

  1. Enable WiFi on your device and connect to the Telekom FlyNet network.
  2. Open your Internet browser and then, the FlyNet portal.
  3. Select the Telekom Hotspot Service and confirm the security check.
  4. You can select a payment method and select your preferred tariff.
  5. Set up your personal registration details, so that you can easily login on another flight.

Internet Packages offered by Lufthansa

FlyNet tariffs for long haul flights

PackageWhat can you doPriceData Speed
FlyNet ChatWhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage7 EUR/ 8USD/ 56 CNY/ 2300 milesUp to 64 kbps
FlyNet Mail and SurfEmail traffic and moderate surfing17 EUR/ 20 USD/ 137 CNY/ 5500 milesUp to 400 kbps (data limit 500 MB)
FlyNet Mail and Surf PlusVPN email services and faster internet surfing29 EUR/ 34 USD/ 233 CNY/ 9500 miles1 GB Data limit

FlyNet tariffs for short and medium haul flights

PackageWhat can you doPrice as per flight durationData Speed
FlyNet Mail and SurfSending messages and moderate surfingUnder 90 min: 5 EUROver 90 min: 7 EURUp to 600 kbps 
FlyNet StreamVPN email services and video streamingUnder 90 min: 10 EUROver 90 min: 12 EURUp to 15 mbps

The details about FlyNet tariffs are available on Lufthansa’s website and the links are attached here.

The details about FlyNet tariffs are available on Lufthansa’s website and the links are attached here.

For long haul flights:

For short and medium haul flights:

What can you do with FlyNet Internet access on board?

  • Stay in touch with friends and family through Facebook, WhatsApp or iMessage. 
  • Send emails with attachments
  • Surf securely, but moderately
  • Access your company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Access live TV channels, Sport 24, etc.
  • Synchronize your data with your phone through AeroMobile or send SMS/MMS messages

Complimentary Access to the FlyNet Portal

You can get tips about your destination, like restaurants, tourist attractions or shopping. You can do online shopping in Lufthansa WorldShop. You will have access to current weather forecasts for your destination and also other information and services related to your connecting flight.

Can you Purchase FlyNet in Advance?

You can select the Internet access package as per your requirement and purchase before boarding the flight. Your access will be valid for the current calendar year and the consecutive three calendar years, and can be used only once. If FlyNet is not available on your particular flight, then your amount will be refunded.


Lufthansa FlyNet offers you many possibilities on how you wish to spend your time on your flight. If you’ve got a deadline you have to meet related to your work, or send an email, there is no need to stress about it, as you can easily access the internet on board your flight and get it done. If you simply want to stay in touch with your friends and family, you are very welcome to do that. Or if you just want to explore the web or watch your favorite sport, FlyNet will make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lufthansa provide free WiFi?

You have to pay for internet access on board your flight.

Can you stream Netflix on Lufthansa WiFi?

Yes, Netflix can be accessed but the connection tends to be too slow to have a satisfying experience.

Can you get a compensation if your WiFi was weak on board your flight?

You might, but it is difficult. You will have to prove that something grave had happened because of weak WiFi like, losing a job or something of that sort.

What if I buy an internet package in advance and my flight does not provide WiFi?

You will receive a refund.

Is an Amazon Kindle compatible with FlyNet?

FlyNet can be used on all WiFi friendly devices.

Does Lufthansa Have WiFi?

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