The Ecosa Mattress Return Policy

The Ecosa Mattress Return Policy

Ecosa Group established in the year 2015 is an Australian company specializing in making the bed a box of mattresses. Earlier, the firm was known to produce just the mattress. However, after some initial years, they started producing Different products such as pillows. Ecosa Group was started by a person named Ringo Chan. The initial start of the mattress-making company was done in Australia. However, now it has expanded to other countries also. The places availing the sale of Ecosa Mattress are Australia, New zealand, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada.Ecosa Mattress is a branded name for sleeping mattresses that can be customized according to customers’ needs. For providing a good facility to customers, Ecosa Mattress keeps well-defined customs and regulations. One of such services invested by Ecosa mattress is their return policy. Any customer unsatisfied with the Ecosa Mattress can return it after 100 days’ trials without any particular reason.In this article we will discuss about Ecosa mattress return policy

100 Night Trial Policy:

Ecosa Mattress is gaining the confidence of its customers by giving tough competition to its competitors. This is mainly due to the average price with the best available technology in use. Ecosa Mattress also provides multiple different return policy services for its customers to try and gain their confidence. 

One of such schemes is to give out its mattress for a trial.

  • The most popular scheme produced by Ecosa is to provide a 100 nights trial policy.
  • Any customer unsatisfied with the Ecosa Mattress straight after trying for about 100 days can return it without any particular reason.
  • The minimum period for trying Ecosa Mattress is to sleep on the mattress for about 14 nights.
  • It is calculated that it can take about 2-4 weeks for an individual to get adjusted with a new mattress.
  • Even after this trial period, if one is not comfortable and satisfied with the purchase, one can also easily apply for a return.
  • It should not take more than 100 days for the application of returning to be submitted.
  • Once verified, Ecosa Allows their customers with complementary refunds or returns as per their demand.

Conditions Applied For Return:

  • The mattress to be returned should not exceed the daily limit of 100 days.
  • The returning mattress should be returned with its original receipt.
  • All returns are applicable over the first purchase of a customer only.
  • Only one mattress can be returned from a maximum number of two over a single household.

Conditions Not Expected For A Return:

  • Any mattress extending its trial period is no longer available for return or refund.
  • The user does not have the original receipt for returning a product.
  • The mattress to be returned gets any mold, dirt, stains, smell, or any bed bug that is not applicable for the return process.
  • Not maintaining the original condition of the mattress and applying for a return can also cause the rejection of the returning product.

Process For Returning The Mattress:

  • Any mattress to be returned needs to lodge a return request to Ecosa.
  • Once the request is received and approved by them. It can take about 10 working days for them to arrange any pick of n from the given address.
  • Pickup men can arrive within 10 working days during business hours for taking the mattress back.
  • If the Ecosa team is unable to provide any pickup man, they can ask the customer to deliver the mattress to a nearby location.
  • After the pickup, the original receipt is needed to be attached for the return.

Return Or Refund:

  • Ecosa Allows the customers the option of selecting to either return the product with the exchange for other products or they can simply ask for the full refund.
  • To return a product, the customer is liable to pay an exceeding amount if any by the purchase of any other product.


Ecosa group is a well-known mattress-providing company exceeding its product category to pillows and other similar things. Ecosa Group has gained much appreciation from its customers due to their best services. One of such highly appreciated services is the 100 days trial policy. It allows the customers to try an Ecosa mattress for 100 days and if found still unsatisfied, they can return or refund it without much reason. Some of the needed information is shared in the above text.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What happens to the returned mattress?
  • The returned mattress is donated to charities and some partners of Ecosa. They then send it back to those who need it such as the Salvation Army, women’s resource center, etc.
  1. Does Ecosa deliver its customers with used mattresses?
  • No, Ecosa does not deliver any used mattresses to its customers. Instead, the used mattresses are donated to the needy.
  1. How long can Ecosa Mattress last?
  • The actual time can differ between its use and the person using it. However, Ecosa is a big name brand. The period for Ecosa Mattress to last can be up to 10-15 years. 
The Ecosa Mattress Return Policy

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