Does Lowes Cut Wood?-Know More

With labor charges rising all over the world, people are starting to do more and more DIY(Do It Yourself) projects. DIY Projects have their own pros and cons, although you can save a lot of money, the cutting of woods has to be precise, or else you will have spoiled a lot of your precious time. This is where Lowes comes into the picture. Lowes is the second-largest home improvement retail corporation in the world, second only to Home Depot. People can purchase, order, or store pick-up any type of wood they want from Lowes. It is a very convenient process for people who prefer to construct some things at their homes on their own. Lowes does have several professional laborers to help customers with such things as cutting wood. After your purchase, you can go to the Lowes cutting stations and ask them to cut your wood. One thing to be kept in mind is that such services by Lowes differ from store to store.

lowes cut wood

Does Lowes Cut Wood For Free?

Again, the answer to this question would differ from store to store. There is a fixed number of cuts that you can ask the lumber to do on a particular piece, even the cut would depend on the thickness of the wood, and the type of wood. Your best option would be to call the store and find out about their policies before going.

If you need any more cuts than the free cuts offered by the store, you will be charged anywhere between a few cents to a dollar per cut. Another thing to keep in mind would be that asking Lowes for cutting wood is a common practice, so you may have to wait a little while at the cutting stations.

Can We Ask Lowes To Cut Woods In Designs?

Generally, no you can’t, but you may be able to find some Lowes stores where they do offer such services and not for free. The real deal about cutting wood for customers is so they can easily transport and store the wood pieces into their cars, and not to help customers with their designs.

Many Lowes stores have trained woodcutters, such stores may charge you a few bucks and cut the wood in the design you ask them to.

Does Lowes Cut The Wood You Bring From Outside?

As mentioned above, the motive behind Lowes offering free wood cutting to its customers is so they can take the wood comfortably to their homes. It is offering convenience to its customers. So no, Lowes does not cut wood you bring from outside. It is a home improvement retail corporation, focused on selling home improvement products to people.

Lowes only cuts the wood you buy from their retail stores, and that as well comes with rules and limitations for the number of cuts per piece of wood, the thickness of wood, and the type of wood.

Do Lowes Have Professionals For Cutting The Wood?

Lowes trains its woodcutters to cut the wood in a proper line and with accuracy, but not enough for them to cut in designs. Lowes does not take a guarantee for the final product either. So, if you want, you can ask them to cut in designs, some woodcutters may help you out, but if they mess up, you cannot expect Lowes to take the blame.

So, if a person wants the wood to be cut accurately with zero errors, or with some advanced designs or anything, then the best option is to go to a real woodcutters shop.


As mentioned above Lowes is the second-largest company in the world for home improvements. It has reached such levels by providing excellent services and customer services to its customers. Cutting the wood that customers buy from Lowes, for free, is one of the services that helps Lowes gain goodwill and satisfaction from its customers.

It gets very convenient for the people who purchase wood from Lowes. They can easily get the wood cut in the specific and precise sizes they would want for whatever they are planning to construct, for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does Lowes charge for cutting wood?

Ans. Lowes cuts wood for free if you bought it from their stores. Although if you exceed a set limit of cuts then you may have to pay a few cents extra per cut.

Q2. Will Lowes charge if you bring wood from outside for cutting?

Ans. Lowes does not cut wood you bring from outside, it only cuts the wood your purchase from their retail stores.

Q3. How many cuts does Lowes allow per piece of wood for free?

Ans. Most Lowes stores allow a single cut per piece of wood for free, while other stores may offer three to four cuts for free. If you want further cuts, you will be charged anywhere between a cent to a dollar.

Does Lowes Cut Wood?-Know More

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