Where Are Yuzefi Bags Made?

Every fashionista on the planet has probably heard of the latest designer bags racking up the numbers based on reviews. The name “Yuzefi” has been heard in the dark corners of the fashion world. Ladies who are versed with all the latest fashion designs are amazed by the luxurious design of a bag that has found a way to climb up the market. However, where are these modish bags made?

Where Are Yuzefi Bags Made?

Yuzefi bags are made in Andalucia in Southern Spain. They were first designed in 2015 by Naza Yousefi in London as handicrafts. Anticipation of the bag to hit the fashion market with such a storm was never conceived, as its creation was considered an experiment to match Naza’s creative perception. But since beauty is derived from form, shape, and elegance, the production of the Yuzefi bag had to fit its way into the market given that it was considered to have all the beauty-defining qualities. With the aid of the most popular social media for fashion trends, Instagram, the Yuzefi bags became prominent as a sensation forming a booming fashion band to the surprise of many. The Yuzefi bags are not only known for their unique designs, but their bright and powerful striking colors are appealing to the eyes. The bags are still currently being produced in Andalucia. The head office of the Yuzefi brand in Fitzrovia district of central London, the United Kingdom works with the factory workers in Andalucia to ensure that all details in the production of the bag are adhered to. The London headquarters has a current team of passionate trend-setters led by Naza Yousefi to serve high-demand customers. The team works day and night to beat their current designs and top the market. The studio is lit with bright lights to keep the creative minds of these fashion mongers sharp and observant of details that might define the production process of the bags. 

Keep reading to know more about the Yuzefi brand and its different types of bag designs on sale.

Yuzefi brand:

The Yuzefi brand is currently dominating its online fashion presence as one of the most impressively outstanding bags in the world. Not very expensive to scare you off, these bags have an unparalleled sense of design worth every penny. 

The color chosen by the brand owner for the product is sophisticated as well as simple. The reason is that the contrast of the bag is illuminated, but not unnecessarily gaudy,  since the carefully chosen color looks appealing to the eye. It comes in unique shapes too depending on the bag type which is highlighted below. 

The concept of the brand is down to the choice and placement of little aspects that make up everyday bags. Although most bag producers tend to overlook little details in the production of their bags, Yuzefi took into consideration the most minute aspect. 

The Yuzefi brand took into detail everything, even the most overlooked, as it meticulously designed the handle which has a doughnut pretzel that gives it that specialty when the Yuzefi pretzel bag is gazed upon; and the beautiful twisted gold-color chains when we think of the Yuzefi button chain-link bag.

More also is the firm zipper employed by Yuzefi, an epitome of rock metal embedded in gold. 

Unique Yuzefi bags on Sale 

The various popular Yuzefi bags on Sale are:

  • Yuzefi pretzel bag
  • Yuzefi mochi bag
  • Yuzefi fortune cookies bag
  • Yuzefi chain bag
  • Yuzefi Daria bag

Yuzefi Pretzel bag:

The Yuzefi pretzel bag looks like a shapely-curved cup with the Yuzefi brand/ logo just below the flap. The doughnut pretzel formed by the hand of the bag makes it distinctive. The bag also comes with a sling giving it that classy as well as simple look. It comes in off-white, peppermint, cashew, black, titanium, scarlet, as well as other pretty ladylike colors.

Yuzefi mochi bag:

This bag comes in three major colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Orange

It has a shiplike shape with the Yuzefi insignia just at the bottom. It is large, unlike the Pretzel bag. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder belt.

Yuzefi Fortune cookies bag:

Although this bag has an appearance of a portable mp3 player, Yuzefi adopted the name ‘fortune cookie’, as the design of this bag gave it the appearance of a fortune cookie. It is petite, simple, and very classy. It mostly serves as a purse.

Yuzefi Chain bag:

Almost very similar to the Yuzefi fortune cookies bag, this type of bag stands out due to the chain link as the handle. It is also simple as well as classy. It can also be likened to a purse having very thick and enfolded leather. It is also called the Yuzefi loaf bag because it has the appearance of a loaf.

Yuzefi Daria bag

The Daria bag also has a chain link made of thick and firm plastic that is detachable. It is made of mottled leather. The shape of the bag is square and has a flap at the top with a round pronounced button to give it that ultimate design. It has a magnetic button attached to it that helps fasten the flap to the body of the bag. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap that is found in the bag on purchase. 

The style of the Yuzefi bags is truly reminiscent of French fashion, but why is the production site situated in Spain and not France?

Why are Yuzefi bags made in Spain?

Yuzefi headquarters has its studio located at 29 Harcourt Street, Fitzrovia, Central London, UK. This is where the renowned minds behind the ingenuity of the Yuzefi design operate. However, the production process of the Yuzefi product is not conducted in London. Instead, materials are shipped to the commercial town of Andalucia in the southern region of Spain.

The goal behind this is to ensure max production of the bags based on their demands. Also, due to the tax policy in the UK and the neighboring country France, the production of the bag in the UK or France was considered cost-inefficient.  

Despite production kilometres away from the studio, the team in Fitzrovia studio are very meticulous in detail. They ensure that the industrial workers in Andalucia work closely with them in the manufacturing process of the bags. This is to ensure that the Yuzefi bags meet every demand of the current fashion world and maintain their unique standard due to their designs. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are Yuzefi bags expensive?

Yuzefi bags are very affordable and match the taste of every true fashionista.

  1. Is Yuzefi a luxury brand?

Yuzefi brand although being a luxurious brand is very affordable based on the quality of its products – designs as well as materials obtained to make its products.

  1. Is Yuzefi a good brand?

Based on the materials used to produce the bags to last for a very long time, Yuzefi has proved not only to be a good brand, but also a quality brand that matches the latest fashion trend.

Where Are Yuzefi Bags Made?

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