Who Makes No Name Laundry Detergent?

Who Makes No Name Laundry Detergent?

Ever heard of a brand with no name or better yet, have you heard of a no-name brand? Its unique name or say no name is just hard to miss. “No Name” is a Canadian brand laundry detergent that is sold by Loblaw Companies Limited. This brand sells quality grocery and household products that are light on your pocket. “No name products are available across stores in Canada few of them include Loblaws, No frills, dominion, Real Canadian Superstore, Extra foods, Zehrs, Fortino’s and many more. So next time you visit any of these stores, just head up and look for the plain black and yellow packs, they are just as easy as you think to spot. This article covers all the information about the No Name laundry detergent brand, its launch date, branding and packaging, growth, range of products no name serves, and things we can learn from this brand.  

No Name Launch Date 

Loblaw Launched “No Name” on 21st March 1978 with 16 other unbranded items in plain black and yellow packaging. No name offered the best prices with the best quality, who would want to pay extra for the packaging?“ This yellow package has caught the attention of all the buyers across Canada.  No name products had limited success in France and the United States, but surprisingly Loblaws managed to sell 15 million products. 

Branding and Packaging  

As compared to other food and household products, No Name had no branding but a simple black text on a yellow package. This idea of choosing a black bold text on a yellow background was brought up by Toronto’s designer Don Watt as a means to attract customers. Throughout the 1980s Loblaw continued to promote the No Name brand and in the year 1982, there was an increase in No Name products like fabric softener, detergent, windshield washer fluid, toothpaste, sauces, and many more in the pipeline. 

The Financial Times of Canada noticed that despite the simple packaging, Loblaw’s No Name brand was competing with the national brands. All success is due to the continuous promotion of Loblaws president Dave Nichola.Gradually, Loblaw began to expand its line by launching several products including food items and other household items, and by the end of the decade, there were more than 1800 NoName products available. 

Later on, No Name laundry detergent was also launched which was just a thin package that worked the same as other branded and fancy packaged detergents. Savings can range from over $1 a pound for ground coffee to over $1.50 for a six-liter bag of laundry detergent. You could save up to 10 to 68% with No Name products. There’s not a single product of no name that is under 2$ but there are 300, this was stated by one of the members of the Loblaw. 


By the mid-1980’s the generic brand no name became Canada’s best selling national brand, and also their windshield washer fluid was ranked 4th amongst the top 8 products. Slowly and gradually they began doing illustrations and changes in packaging by adding red lettering to the yellow plain package. 

There was a relaunch on No name in the year 2009, bringing some more illustrations in the packaging yet maintaining its bold and iconic black and yellow packaging. Because this was something the shoppers were attracted to and they wanted to maintain the color combination. 

When ‘No Name’ brand products were compared with other national brands, products of the latter cost 100.38 $ while that of No Name costs just 73.91$ and Woah, that’s a total of 26.46$ of savings.  In the year 2019, Loblaw launched many campaigns and produced products that were free from artificial colors and flavorings, and hydrogenated oil. 

What differentiates no name from other brands?

No name brand has adopted a simple package which is a lower-case Helvetica over a solid yellow background which makes  them stand out from other brands. It is the only brand where the website says “website”, their Twitter page says “Twitter page” isn’t that amusing? No name has gained so much fame in much less time frame. 

Following are the three most important things to learn from No Name :-

  • Separation 
  • Limitation (the essence of branding) 
  • Consistency


Loblaws has also faced hard economic times yet they were able to cope with the hard situation. They believed that if a single chain came up with a good idea the other chains are going to grow as well. No Name brand produces a wide range of items from sauces, mustards, spreads to dishwashers, detergents, and windshield cleaners. This brand has it all. Since the launch of No brand in the year 1978, their generic line had 16 items to start with and now have over 2900 different products and their products are available at more than 250 stores across the country. 

Who Makes No Name Laundry Detergent?

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