Where can I return Verizon equipment?-Read more

 Verizon is an American company that deals with the technological aspect of today’s times. It deals with the telecommunication and mass media aspect of the industry of technology. The company is well known for its broadband, internet, and landline connections. It also has its other products in the market such as mobile phones, digital television, IPTV, and a few others. The company provided deals on all such connections. To return any of the rented equipment at Verizon, one can return them at their nearest Verizon stores once the period in agreement is over

Where can I return Verizon equipment?

The equipment policy falls under Verizon Fios. Fios is a bundle of services that operate on optic fibre provided by the company like internet access.  To return your rented equipment, visit the UPS store near you. You need to carry your receipt along with you to the store. You need to return your pieces of equipment within thirty days of the expiration of the agreement.

Products and services of Verizon

Verizon is more inclined towards providing services. But they do have a few products too.

 Verizon provides networks and platforms where customers can avail high-speed internet and/or Wi-Fi. They also provide security to digital platforms. 

The company is famous across America for its wireless service for phones and digital televisions and wireline services for conventional phones and televisions. 

They currently provide 4GLTE, and 3G speed internet to their customers.

 Other than the digital and wireless services that Verizon provides; it also provides a few hard devices to its customers.






Gaming equipment

Accessories for gadgets


5G phones

These products can be either bought or rented. The customer needs to renew the agreement for the rented device every month.

What services does Fios provide?

Fios is the provider of fiber optic connection under the parent company Verizon. The Fios provides wireless broadband deals related to internet speed which allows their customers to use the internet at high speed. With such speed, you can enjoy watching your favourite shows, streaming games, and unlimited internet. They are soon launching a 5G network.

Payment method at Verizon and/ or Fios?

As Verizon is a digital company, one can make the payment for their services by visiting their website. They do accept all sorts of online payments – credit and debit cards, Mastercard, Discover, apple pay, google pay, and any other payment mode that is acceptable across America. 

As Verizon is the parent company of Fios, the payment remains the same.

Verizon App

The company introduced its application which has very unique features all at a touch away. The app not only allows their customers to make online payments for their monthly subscriptions but also provides the facilities to make calls and messages, helps the owner of the device to manage their time online and offline, and much more. They have great features to safeguard the phone, and the Wi-Fi. The application also allows its user to self-install routers.


To return any of the rented equipment at Verizon, one can return them at their nearest Verizon stores once the period in the agreement is over. One can mail them as well and track the parcel till it reaches the destination. You need to carry the agreement and receipt along with you. 

Frequently asked the question

Q1. What is Fios?

A1. Fios stands for Fiber Optic Service which is provided by Verizon company across America.

Q2. How is Fios different from conventional cable?

A2. Fios uses advanced optic fibre technology, unlike conventional cable wires. This makes Fios different from the rest of the cable connectivity.

Q3. Price for Verizon Fios Internet plans?

A3. Depending upon the speed that a particular plan provides, the price can range from forty dollars per month to ninety dollars a month.

Q4. What is the speed provided by Verizon Fios?

A4. Verizon Fios provides internet speed from 300 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

Q5. What are the network services that Verizon provides?

A5. Network services provided by Verizon are 3G and 4G LTE, 5G, Fiber Optic, Multi Edge Compute (MEC).

Q6. Can I cancel my Verizon service?

A6. Yes, one can discontinue the Verizon service within thirty days of taking up the service. After thirty days, no refund will be made.

Q7. What is the refund policy for Verizon service?

A7. According to the plan, one can cancel their service and ask for a refund. The refund will be sent to the customers’ bank account within ten to twelve working days through credit or debit card services.

Q8. Does Verizon provide discounts?

A8. Yes, the company has special discounts for students, teachers, military persons, and nurses. 

Where can I return Verizon equipment?-Read more

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