Who Does lululemon Use For Shipping?

Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian athletic wear retailer based in Vancouver. Its name is written in all lowercase letters, such as lululemon athletics. It began as yoga pants and other yoga clothing retailer in 1998 but has now evolved to include athletic wear, lifestyle clothes, accessories, and personal care products. The company has 491 locations throughout the world and now sells online. A question that people and clients frequently ask is which shipping firms they use. That question is precisely answered in this essay. So, Who Does lululemon use for shipping?

Who Does lululemon Use For Shipping?

Lululemon and Damco, a logistics service provider, have reached an agreement. In almost 150 countries, they use USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Lasership, or 946 carriers for international orders all over the world.

Shipping Fees

The shipping time and the fees are an exact reflection of the total time needed to process an order. It is also important to note that Lululemon ships all their orders four days after the order has been placed. Also, in countries like North America and some parts of Canada, people might experience some shipping delays due to the frigid cold weather as well.

Standard shipping takes a total time of two to six business days, and the shipping is free. Expressing shipping will take a total time of two to four days and costs $20. Lastly, priority shipping takes two to three business days to arrive and it costs $30.

Taxes And Duties

Lululemon is unable to provide estimated customs and taxes because this information varies by country. Please keep in mind that if you order something online, you are liable for all tariffs, taxes, and customs fees. If your order is then refused, you will still be liable for the costs of sending the goods.

Po Box Or A Rural Shipping

Lululemon does ship to PO boxes and rural areas. On their website, they mention that they cannot and do not guarantee expedited shipping when shipping to PO boxes or to rural areas. They also mention that when shipping to rural areas, they will not be able to deliver hazardous materials like aerosols or hairsprays – things that can easily be damaged and cause a fire. They also ship to military bases but the delivery can take up to 45 business days. 

Shipping Of Hazardous Materials 

You won’t be able to order hazardous products, such as aerosols, if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. All hazardous materials, including aerosols, must be sent via normal ground delivery if you are situated outside of North America. Shipping is free if you live in Puerto Rico. After it leaves Lululemon’s distribution center, your order will arrive in 2-7 business days.

Shipping Time

Your items would be processed and dispatched as soon as possible after you place an order. Don’t worry, they’ll send you tracking information as soon as your product arrives. Please keep in mind that regular international shipping rates never include taxes or tariffs, which may vary by location.

Lululemon International Shipping Review

On the website, postmen.com, a reviewer has undertaken a project in which they would basically rate all the popular brand’s international shipping policies. In this case, they are trying out the international shipping by the athletic wear company, Lululemon, delivering to Hong Kong. The order was made on the 18th of November, and they got a shipping notification on the same day itself. They chose TGX Hong Kong (Standard Delivery) and it was promised that the clothes would be delivered to the client within 1-3 business days.

The customer got their clothes on November 20, within two business days, and in our book, this is very impressive indeed. The packing was average, and it did not have any special protection against the harsh international shipping but it does not include any clear shipping label as well. In case you want to return it, you cannot return Lululemon clothing by mail as well.

Lastly, Lululemon is also very inconsistent when it comes to their shipping times, making it hard to be tracked. The delivery time is a bit TOO inconsistent (e.g. they say 1-2 biz days in FAQ, 1-7 days biz days before checkout, then 1-3 days during checkout).  


Lululemon is a brand that is widely known and appreciated for its high quality and breathable workout gear. Adding to their clear image, their shipping policies are also transparent making them a fun company to shop with. Although the majority of Lululemon’s products are carried by sea (75 percent, according to experts), the remaining percentage nevertheless results in considerable carbon emissions due to the usage of flights to convey them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Lululemon Ship To International Po Boxes? 

No, Lululemon only ships to PO boxes in USA and Canada. 

2. Are All The Items Online Available To Be Shipped Internationally? 

Apart from self-care items, everything is available to be shipped internationally. 

Who Does lululemon Use For Shipping?

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