Zero Turn Mower First Responder Discount

A zero-turn mower or a z-turn mower is a riding lawn mower used by landscapers. It has a turning radius equivalent to zero. Hence the name. This capability is achieved when the two drive wheels rotate in opposite directions, which is almost similar to a heavy vehicle taking a turn in someplace. Many brands are manufacturing zero-turn mowers. Let’s know about Zero Turn Mower First Responder Discount.

Zero Turn Mower First Responder Discount

Different brands accomplish this technique in different ways. When a diesel engine or petrol engine is used, the hydraulic speed control of each drive wheel is the most common technique. There are battery-powered Z-turn mowers that use two electric motors, with different engine efficiency options. These z-turn mowers are available in different models also. They can be used for either commercial or home purposes. The z-turn mowers are more costly than riding mowers but run faster than conventional mowers. It is an asset for a greenskeeper.

Zero Turn Mower First Responder Discount

Some zero-turn mowers are giving The First Responder discount for the first responders like police, firefighters, and the postal service (mail service) employees. There will be a 15% off reduction for those first responders.

Uses of a Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn mowers are costly but widely used by the landscapers for mowing the grass patches, chopping, and trimming gardens and lawns to level up the heights of the grass or small plants. The blades of the mower can move or revolve to cut the grass. The blades are operator-adjustable. The machine is powered manually or battery operated or with electrically plug-in motors.

Operations with a Zero Turn Mower

There are two main types of operations accomplished by the zero-turn lawn mowers, based on the number of blades.  A single blade that rotates about a single vertical axis, is called rotary mowers, and those using a cutting bar along with multiple blade construction that rotates about a single horizontal axis, are called reel mowers. 

Steps to use the Mower

Operator Training of Usage

Certain safety tips are to be used before using a mower. 

  • The operator should be trained under a supervisor
  • Should follow all the instructions in the operating manual
  • Test ride the machine to become familiar with its functioning
  • Care should be taken while stopping the machine suddenly
  • Try to wear head protection, safety glasses, clothes, footwear, etc. as mentioned in the user manual
  • Do not use distracting equipment like music systems

Preparing The Working Place

Before starting the machine, make sure the grass is dry. Clear the work area by removing stones, debris like broken glass pieces, or any other wreckage, toys, sticks, etc. These types of articles may harm the blades and also will be thrown by the blades at a faster speed. The mower’s blades can throw out the material hit on it with a speed of 91 m/s and 330Km/hr. So keep people and pets away from the operation area.

Zero Turn Mower Maintenance

Proper maintenance is necessary for a mower. It should have an annual inspection by an experienced technician. Always inspect the mower before starting the use. Ensure that the blades are sharp and secure to use. Check all the parts including the drive belts, gears, and blades.

Different Brands Of Zero Turn Mowers

Many brands of Zero Turn Mowers are available. Some of them are mentioned below.

Swisher ZTR2454BS

This is the first zero-turn mower. It has a top-quality machine and comfortable operations so it is a favorite mower for landscapers.

Ariens IKON XD Limited

It is a product from Ariens Co, an American landscaper company. The company has 15 different models including economy residential to high-end residential gardening lawnmowers.

TITAN® MAX Havoc Edition Zero Turn Mower  

This is a product from  the Toro Company, the distributors, dealers, and retailers in more than 125 countries globally

Gravely EV Electric Zero-Turn Mower 

The gardening mower brand is a part of the Ariens Co.

Country Clipper                                                                                

It is a product from Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. based in North America. Its construction is slightly different from other mowers


Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are widely used by landscapers to maintain the garden and level up the growing grass and other small plants. The Zero Turn Mowers are available in different models. Many brands are manufacturing this type of mower. Before using the Zero Turn Mower, the operator should be trained well and the work area should be cleared. The entire parts of the machine are to be checked before starting the landscaping. The machine is to be maintained properly.


1. Why is a zero-turn mower to be inspected while moving into rocks?

The vibration may cause the blades to get damaged.

2. Why is Country Clipper different from other mowers?

It has certain features like Joystick steering, a Stand-up Deck, and a Handicap feature.

3. Why is the music system not allowed while operating the mower?

Any distracting equipment when used while operating a mower could divert the operator.

Zero Turn Mower First Responder Discount

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