Groupon Student Discount

The rise of modern technology and the path towards digital transformation have given birth to many business centers across the world. There is an increasing number of e-commerce websites, market domains, and online retail applications fueling the business domain to great heights. Let’s know about Groupon Student Discount.

Groupon Student Discount

Groupon services and discounts

The main purpose behind establishing a successful business is to cater to customer requirements and their policies. The customer mindset is driven towards receiving discounts, benefits for various services, benefits to students, and availing coupons. One of the largest retailing companies that provide coupons and services to customers whilst allowing them to save money is Groupon services.

Be it concerning the food services that the customer avails or a much more expensive product purchase he makes, every customer drives behind getting certain coupons in the form of benefits to avail smooth services. The main trick lies behind the customers using their maximum power to gain the services directed to them in the best way possible.

Groupon’s student discount

Groupon is slowly paving its way towards the successful establishment of leveraging local commerce by offering a large domain and marketplace to customers and ensuring that they avail the best possible services. One of the most promising and interesting aspects of the Groupon coupon is the student discount benefits that it offers.

Here is a much closer analysis of the same.

If the customer is a student, then he/she can avail of great benefits that can waive off college and university payments to a mile by making use of the Groupon student discount. Ranging from food services, and academic benefits to providing scholarships for higher advancements, the Groupon student discount can be utilized for a variety of purposes if done right.

The eligibility criteria and the perks gained by the students in availing of the Groupon student discount

Though the Groupon Student discount provides so many customer-appealing features and services, there is a basic confusion about who is eligible to avail of it and who simply isn’t.

  • The basic criteria are such that the student discount policy applies to running universities in the United States only.
  • If the student is under any US Title 4 accredited University, then he/she is automatically eligible.
  • Alongside, the majority of the four and five-year universities, community institutions, and other accredited universities directly come under the umbrella of being eligible for the Groupon student policy.

After passing the barrier for minimum eligibility, Groupon provides amazing benefits to the students and helps them in accessing most of the features towards getting the best services possible during the duration of the study.

In the limelight of student discounts, many policies are being implemented by the Groupon company that vary in the percentage of discount available, the variety of promo codes applicable, and the features that the receiving student gets access to.

The student discount begins with getting access to a 25 percent discount to the students to avail services such as food and canteen, drinks, academic purposes, etc. But this discount is valid for a stipulated period after which it can expire. However, on the positive side, students can gain up to 15 percent discount offers on most of the Groupon deals and services.

The most exciting features involved in the student discount include:-

  • Provision of a dorm room at the best possible rates.
  • Availing of electronic modern devices that can help students fasten their academic belts.
  • The range of electronics that are provided to students is coming from Best Buy deals.
  • Provision of low-cost laptops and cut-price printers.
  • Provision of many daily essentials for a minimal rate such as espresso makers, sumptuous bedding lines, food, and canteen services.
  • Walmart’s back-to-college collection provides a wide range of storage essentials, especially for students coming from different places other than their hometowns.
  • Provision of many writings and grammar checking and editing tools such as Hemmingway and Grammarly access for free or for a minimal rate.

The signing up process for student discount

If the student passes the bare criteria, he/she can easily sign up for student discount services online and at their fingertips.

  • The student needs to first visit the official Groupon page and log in to that page bypassing credentials and clicking on Getting Started.
  • Once the student reaches the Student Program Get Started, he/she can log in to the page or sign up if the student visits the page for the first time.
  • Once the student logs in, a sheer ID will be generated for the authentication of the student, and after successful authentication, the student discount program can be availed.


While Groupon student discount sounds all good with an appealing display of features, it might not be feasible or simply meet the requirements of the user. Hence, the student needs to hold a complete analysis of the benefits and the respective brochure before availing of the necessary discount.


1) What is the status of the discount if the student graduates and passes out of the university?

The status of student discounts provided by Groupon is restricted to the time-bound student at that university. When the student graduates or if he leaves the university with which he was initially attached for getting discounts, he may simply be removed from the discount program.

2) Does the student enrollment provide long-term duration?

Unfortunately, the student enrollment policy is restricted to 12 months from the date of getting a student discount. After which, the student must re-enroll to proceed with the student discount policy.

Groupon Student Discount

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