Lowe’s Blinds Returning Policy – Know More

Lowe’s is one of the leading American home development stores that specializes in household supplies. They sell an extensive exhibit of blinds at its stores. Being one of the tops, they have a strong virtue for conflicting resolution in case things don’t work out as planned. Hence, they have a bunch of options for customers to return the blinds they purchased in-store, in case they don’t like it for whatever reason. This is the perfect place to discover all about lowes blinds returning policy, and everything around it! Let see about the Lowe’s blinds returning policy

Lowes blinds returning policy

What are the returning policies for blinds at Lowe’s?

There are essentially three categories of blinds at Lowe’s. The return policy for each are: 

You can return the premade blinds with a receipt within 90 days of purchase as of 2022. 

For custom made blinds, you can return them within 30 days of purchase 

The custom fit blinds need to be exchanged within 15 days of conveyance assuming that it’s used the CustomFit Exchange Guarantee. 

On the off chance that custom blinds don’t fit because of a measuring mistake, you can return them immediately.

Can I Return Used Blinds To Lowe’s?

Yes, used in-stock blinds can be exchanged or returned within 90 days of purchase, provided it is returned with the first bundling and a receipt. Moreover, the Lowe’s CustomFit Exchange Guarantee allows you to trade used custom blinds.

At the point when you purchase custom blinds, a Lowe’s professional install them, so they would be used as a substitute whenever returned.

Nonetheless, you can return the custom blinds in the event that a change does not fit your choice or needs. 

Is there any limit for the exchange of blinds at Lowe’s?

Yes, there is a limit. Returns for a discount are restricted to six custom blinds for every household per lifetime.

Is there a fee for returning blinds at Lowe’s?

Yes, there is a returning custom blinds fee, which applies at a 20% restocking. With that a trade is the favoured choice for custom blinds, however, Lowe’s covers shipping charges.

Notwithstanding, assuming you will trade custom blinds, the substitution must be from the same brand.

What is the importance of the receipt of the purchase is made online?

Online purchases at Lowe’s are always accompanied by an online invoice and a slip, which is the receipt. On the off chance that you purchased the in-stock blinds on the web, they all come with a prepaid merchandise return slip. So, ensure you incorporate the finished return slip with the return.

What is the time limit of returning blinds from Lowe’s?

In-stock blinds can be returned with a receipt within 90 days of purchase.

In any case, custom blinds can be returned within 30 days of purchase on the off chance that a revamping can’t fix the issue.

Furthermore, you can trade blinds within 15 days of conveyance in the event of using the CustomFit Exchange Guarantee.

However, on the off chance that your custom blinds don’t fit because of a measuring blunder, you can supplant them immediately.

Does Lowe’s offer blind pick-up services? 

Yes. You can opt for a no-charge pickup after making a booking online, assuming that you live in the US. In order to do this, you can contact Lowe’s customer services at (800) 445-6937.

Can I Return Blinds To Lowe’s Without A Receipt?

No, you cannot return the blinds without a receipt. However, in case you have lost the receipt, in most instances, your receipt can be recovered by using the first Mastercard, financial records number, MyLowe’s card, or telephone number.

In the event that your receipt can’t be recovered, Lowe’s, at its discretion, may issue an in-store credit at the thing’s present selling cost.

Then again, in the event that you paid for blinds with a Lowe’s Mastercard, such as the 

Lowe’s Commercial Account, 

Lowe’s Advantage Card, 

Lowe’s Business Rewards Card, 

Lowe’s Business Advantage, 

you can follow the purchase through the record for your return.

How can I Receive My Refund For My Lowe’s Blinds?

After a return, Lowe’s will issue the discount for your blinds through the technique for unique instalment.

For instance, assuming that you purchased the blinds with cash, Lowe’s will discount you with cash.

Similarly, funds are simply returnable to the credit or check cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) you used at purchase.

Assuming you don’t have a recollection of the card you paid with, your discount can be processed as store credit, or you can return the item and discount it onto your card some other time.

For purchases made on a gift voucher or with store credit, Lowe’s will discount you with store credit.

In cases where you purchase with a charge card, Lowe’s will discount you with cash or discount onto the check card, which might require as long as 15 working business days.

Keep in mind, assuming that you return and discount custom blinds, you will be subject to a 35% restocking charge from Lowe’s.

To conclude this, Lowe’s does offer an exchange and return for blinds, and also offers different options for returning blinds within its store return strategy.

You will require certain information like a method of payment, your receipt, and the blind you purchased for the exchange or return. It is a hassle-free and customer-friendly process. 

Lowe’s Blinds Returning Policy – Know More

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