Maxis Customer Service- Know More

Telecommunication plays an important role in making the smart economy of the world. In the telecommunication field, many companies have come forward to provide the best services of communication in different countries. One of the former and largest companies is Maxis Berhad in Malaysia. Its headquarter is situated in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Let’s know about Maxis Customer Service.

Maxis Customer Service

Maxis was the first company that issued smart mobile products and services to the Malaysian market. Apart from this, it was the first company that uses a high-speed 3G network to provide wireless broadband services.

What services does Maxis provide to the customers?

What services does Maxis provide to the customers which make it a known telecommunication company?

Maxis is famous for its outstanding customer service. It aims to give advanced customer services to make customer life and business easy and smooth in this complicated world. It offers different types of services for both common and business clients. It provides international roaming WAPC, prepaid call plan, Residential Fixed line facilities, MMS, prepaid call plans, Broadband internet plans, Quarterly Subscription scheme, and 3G resources to both postpaid and prepaid customers. 

Besides regular services, Maxis supplies Blackberry-based mobile services and VSAT(communication-based on satellite) services for business customers. In addition, Maxis presents its services for Asia( excluding Korea DPR and Nepal) North Africa, South America ( including Peru and Chile), and the Middle East. Further 2G EDGE,4G LTE, and 4G LTE-A networks. Also, it transmits 4G population coverage with the minimum signal strength of 110dBm at different places.

Means of Maxis customer services

Besides these superb telecommunication services, Maxis furnished other digital platforms to make public relations and their affairs untroubled.

  1. Maxis ekelas

Maxis invents one of the inspiring and fun-loving content services called Maxis ekelas. It is designed especially for students of rural areas in Malaysia. Through Maxis ekelas, students and people can strengthen their learning after school. Maxis ekelas provides free service of digital educational content and delightful activities related to the Malaysian school syllabus.

  1. Maxis Fast Tap

Maxis was the foremost runner of (NFL) Near Field Communication Service called Fast Tap. People can easily and quickly transmit information from one device to another with only a single touch. Hence, Maxis Fast Tap service makes people’s life tense free of paying money, sharing secret information and exchanging documents, etc. But NFC services work within a short distance between devices.

  1. Maxis eBooks

The topmost e-book service in Malaysia is Maxis ebooks services. Maxi’s ebooks customer service is one of the attractive features of Maxis, which moves more consumers to link with this agency. It provides flexibility to the users to select international and local ebooks from over 40 groups. As well as, subscribers easily download ebooks from the digital store on their smart Android phones anytime. Besides that, Maxi’s ebooks promote the growth of local content in its digital library. In addition, Maxi’s ebooks can be downloaded free from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

  1. Maxis ekelas Usahawan

This digital program is specially prepared for women’s upliftment in the countryside. Maxis ekelas Usahawan service proved successful because it received more positive feedback due to the large involvement of women as a participant.  The motive of this program is to equip women with digital tools and techniques so that they are active entrepreneurs in this technological world. Further, Maxis Usahawan comprises hand on perspective and digital marketing workshops to help women in their business and generate their handsome income. 

  1. Maxis Fibre Broadband

Maxis launched high-speed broadband for home and business users. There are two types of broadband plans of Maxis for home users and business users. Maxis Home Fibre is for the home user while Maxis Business Fibre is for the business user. Also, Maxis invents new broadband fiber high speed up to 800 Mbit/s for both home and business users.

  1. Hotlink

Hotlink prepaid brand is the most famous service of present times offered by Maxis. It is subscribed by more than 6.3  million people in Malaysia. Along with both speed of Hotlink prepaid and postpaid is better than 3G network because it depends on 4G and LTE network of wireless communication.


Maxis’ innovative advancement and customer love gave it a lot of fame and awards to the company. Through its amazing services and products, it wins the hearts of netizens. Maxis’s digital platforms as well improve the lives of people by providing digital support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many numbers does Maxis offer toll-free numbers in Malaysia?

Ans) There are 1800 toll-free numbers which can be a call from the mobile phone.

Q) Are Maxis and Hotlink the same?

Ans) No, Hotlink is the digital platform or brand of Maxis company. Maxis has no prepaid plan while Hotlink has a prepaid sim card.

Q) What is the specialty of Maxi’s communication service

Ans) Maxis is the fastest wireless player among the six. It has an average download speed of 22.89Mbps and continuously transmits at 650 kbps speed 99.76% of the time.

Q) What is the time of Maxis customer service?

Ans) Maxis customer service is available online between 9 am to 12 am daily.

Maxis Customer Service- Know More

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