Do Raymour and Flanigan Have Payment Plans?

Raymour and Flanigan is a furniture and mattress franchise which is based in America. It has more than 140 stores all across the United States. Because of its expansion, it has also become one of the most trusted furniture outlets in the state. If you’re planning to purchase furniture, choosing Raymour and Flanigan would probably be the right call. One of the concerns that often envelops the purchase of furniture is finances. To address this concern, let’s explore the payment plans of Raymour and Flanigan. 

Do Raymour and Flanigan Have Payment Plans?

Does ‘Raymour and Flanigan’ have payment plans?

Yes, ‘Raymour and Flanigan’ do have a payment plan. To offer their customers maximum support, ‘Raymour and Flanigan‘ have multiple payment options, of which payment plans are one of them.

Payment plans involve the monthly payment of a fixed amount of money over a period of time. Payment plans aim at reducing the burden of making large payments at once by distributing them in small units. 

What does the payment plan look like, and what are the specifications?

Raymour and Flanigan offers their customers to make small monthly payments that suit their budget. To meet the needs and pockets of the customers, Raymour and Flanigan has different plans. What the monthly payment looks like also is dependent on the total amount of purchase. 

The total amount is divided by the number of months you choose for your payment plan to have. The amount obtained would be equal to your monthly installments. 

Does the payment plan include interest payments?

Raymour and Flanigan is known for its family-friendly nature. To provide the best value to its customers, it has different plans by which the customers can avoid paying interests. If the total amount or promotional balance is paid-off within 6 to 12 months, the customers would not have to pay any interest. However, the mandatory installments might not be big enough to make the entire payment within a year. Thus, one might have to pay an additional amount to meet the criteria. 

0% APR is charged on payments that extend for more than a year. But the charges might still depend on the review of the finance team of Raymour and Flanigan.

Other features:

  • No deposit is required: no monetary or asset deposit is required to avail the payment plan of Raymour and Flanigan.
  • No interest is charged: As mentioned earlier, there is no interest charged on the monthly payments made. The monthly payments are divided into equal parts and need to be paid without any added interest. 
  • No minimum purchase is required to apply for a monthly payment plan. Regardless of how small your purchase is, you can apply for the monthly payment plan.
  • No APR is charged on payments either. There is no interest or annual fee charges on plans that extend for more than a year; this means that the plans are flexible to your needs. 

Other benefits: 

  • Paying off your monthly installments on time can lead to a better credit score.
  • You can avail the best prices even if you choose to pay through a payment plan.
  • A good credit score can help you avail better offers and options for your future purchases. 


Raymour and Flanigan offers their customers a variety of payment offers to suit what’s best for them, and provide their customers the best value. The payment plan is offered at Raymour and Flanigan without any minimum purchase. No interest is charged on the monthly installments either. Payment plans are tailored to suit your needs, and are flexible to what fits your budget. 

Frequently asked questions:

What are the other methods of financing your purchase at Raymour and Flanigan?

You can opt for personal loans to finance your purchase at Raymour and Flanigan. Most of the banks give personal loans, the policies and interest rates are subjective to the banks. You can contact your bank to get further details. 

Raymour and Flanigan provide various credit options. You can register on their website, and they will inform you about the credit options their lenders can provide for the purchase. 

What is the payment policy of Raymour and Flanigan?

Raymour and Flanigan has a ‘payment after delivery’ policy as well; this means that you can pay for the purchase after the furniture is safely delivered to your place. There is no deposit required to be submitted either. 

How to avail of the offers advertised by Raymour and Flanigan?

To avail of the offers, you would be required to register with them online. After you have initiated the registration, your details will be looked into by the professionals at Raymour and Flanigan. If your purchase meets the criteria of the minimum amount of purchase required to avail of the particular payment offer, you would be contacted by the team to further give specifics about the plan. 

Do Raymour and Flanigan Have Payment Plans?

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