Does IKEA Make Keys? – Know more

If you are in the process of furnishing your new home or renovating it, you of course are in need of good quality, affordable and fancy furniture! Instead of running around malls and different stores to find specific items, you might want to just go on a trip to IKEA, your one-stop shop to find all your furniture or home décor needs!


IKEA is a Swedish international furnishing retail brand that sells everything when it comes to furniture- from easy chairs to beds to kitchen appliances. IKEA sells furniture that is ready to assemble once it reaches its destination, for easier movement and facilitating customization. It also deals in office and home cabinets and desks, complete with keys! Read on to know more.


IKEA was founded back in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad and is currently headquartered in Delft in the Netherlands. The multibillion brand has over 400 stores globally, ever-expanding, and if you are anywhere in the United Nations of America, you are certain to have visited an IKEA store branch, as IKEA stores are fortunately ubiquitous here. Yet, if you do not live near one, you can simply visit their online store at and browse through their product range.

You can learn more about the company on their website and also view their international sale offers at the time.


IKEA has conveniently categorized its products into:

  1. Kitchen appliances and tableware.

These include outdoor dining furniture, plates, glassware, bowls, cutlery, tableware like napkin holders and tablemats, and cookware among many other products, all at affordable prices.

  1. Sofas, Couches, and armchairs.

As is understood, all comfortable seating furniture comes under this category. The products are available in different colors, styles, and price ranges, so you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Mirrors.

From simple round mirrors to fancy full-length mirrors that spice up your room like no other, IKEA has top-quality mirrors at reasonable prices!

  1. Smart home appliances.

These appliances range from smart lighting installments in your house, and cable management tools to air purifiers, which automatically modernize your home and make organizing your products easier!

  1. Shoe racks and cloth stands. 

Give that one “clothes” chair in your room a break and buy a cloth stand! For a neater space, IKEA offers shoe racks and cloth stands at cheap rates so it is easier for you to manage those things and make your house look more organized and cared for!

  1. Beds.

From single to double bed frames and mattresses for you to get that beauty sleep, IKEA has a wide range of comfort bedding at prices you can dig!

They come in several colors and styles as well!

  1. Tables and desks.

Be it a coffee table in your living room, your study, or your workspace, IKEA has tables and desks that cater to all your needs accordingly. They come in different styles and patterns, so you have a wide range of products to choose from.

  1. Storage.

You are probably tired of having all your stuff in a mess, and this is where IKEA acts as a savior with its storage and organization products- wall shelves, bookcases, cabinets, closet organizers at prices that will not burn too deep a hole in your pockets!

These were just some among many other categories- yes, IKEA has the widest range of products that a furniture brand can offer!


Furniture like desks with drawers and file cabinets come with ready-made keys. Since keys are something that everyone tends to lose or misplace a lot, the demand for IKEA keys went up but replacement keys were not quickly made and delivered. Hence, IKEA created where you can sign up for a replacement key for your IKEA furniture!

You just have to log on to and select your furniture’s lock code from the options listed there. Besides the lock codes, they have listed the total price you will have to shell out to order a new key. They also offer lock and key products like graphite lubricants and magnifying card lights at cheap rates. If you have any queries regarding the same, you can enter your question on their live chat box or email them directly.


If you are at a physical IKEA location, store managers and employees are trained to fully guide you through your needs and any queries you might have about a certain product. After you make a purchase- they have various payment modes which the article will dive into later- employees will help you load the ready-to-assemble furniture pieces into your vehicle or even deliver them to your doorstep, whatever method you choose as per your convenience.

If you are shopping from their e-commerce site, they have categorized their furniture according to the respective home spaces they belong to, for example, you will find all bathroom furniture under the title “bathroom” etc. They display their sales offers, discounts, and overall prices clearly so you have an easier time budgeting your finances. 


IKEA is the place to go when you are in need of furnishing materials for your house or office. They offer quality, easy-to-assemble products at affordable rates. Regarding the keys to their furniture, you do not have to worry since they provide you with one at the time of purchase, and in case you lose it, by IKEA is there for you to order a replacement key.

  1. Will ordering a replacement key from IKEA cost me extra?

Yes. The prices for keys are listed accordingly on

  1. Does IKEA promote sustainable living in any way?

Yes, IKEA has a whole section dedicated to sustainable living which includes products that save water and electricity. They even use recycled plastic bottles to make some of their kitchen appliances and offer LED lighting at cheap rates. You can read more on the same at!

Does IKEA Make Keys? – Know more

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