Harry and David’s Competitors

The primary advantage of an idealised free market is the freedom to choose. In the absence of monopolies, competition can breed innovation, variation and excellence. So to get the best deals, don’t just stick to one brand, but be willing to explore. Let’s have a look at ‘Harry and David’s Competitors’.

Harry and Davids Competitors

Harry and David’s Competitors

For a simple answer, Henry and David’s competitors include Sugarwish,  Hickory Farms, Goldbelly, Williams Sonoma, Milk Bar etc. Harry and David is relatively highly placed amongst its competitors.

Healthy competition?

Harry and David, LLC is a food and gift producer and retailer that delivers all over the United States. It started as a fruit company and it has expanded to producing and delivering gift baskets including those for special occasions. Its competitors in the market possess some iconic dishes that they are famous for, but the differences between them are rather marginal. Its competitors include William Sonoma that produces and delivers cakes. MilkBar focuses on cakes as well. Hickory Farms is a food gift retailer that originally operated kiosks and similar locations but has recently shifted online. Goldbelly (originally named Goldbely) started as an online marketplace. It curates products from various restaurants, bakeries etc. Most companies tend to deliver similar products like various confectioneries, cheeses and meats but their specialities determine what should be the buyer’s choice for the occasion. 

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What to consider while gifting a basket:

While selecting the right company, one must also select the right gifts to make the best choice. To make the best choice, there are a few factors to consider.

These factors include:

Consider the recipient: Do the recipients possess any allergies or religious dietary restrictions? Does the gift match their taste, considering age, climate etc.? For instance; an octogenarian or diabetic wouldn’t have much taste for overly sweet confectionery and children wouldn’t be enthusiastic about health-conscious foods.

Consider the occasion: Similar to above, the occasion also matters in choosing a gift. While it might be amusing to some to receive jack-O-lanterns for Christmas, it is in horrible taste to send 4th of July gift-baskets with fireworks to a grieving family for a funeral.

Personalise or generalise?: Outside of the recipient’s preferences, one should also consider the relationship between the gifter and the recipient. Personalised gifts and notes are welcome among family members or close friends. However, there should be a degree of formality when addressing gifts for colleagues.

Harry and David vs. Hickory Farms

By direct comparison of both companies based on their own employee ratings, Harry and David generally come ahead. It was regarded as having better product quality and customer service but the latter has better pricing.

Harry and David vs. Goldbelly

By direct comparison of both companies based on their own employee ratings, Goldbelly generally comes ahead. It was regarded as having better pricing and customer service but equal with the latter in terms of product quality.

Harry and David vs. Sugarwish

By direct comparison of both companies based on their own employee ratings, they generally are neck-and-neck. Sugarwish ranks slightly higher in terms of benefits and available compensations and they are better viewed by the customers. However, Harry and David are generally ranked higher based on employee interactions. In terms of working experience, however, they are essentially equal.

Harry and David vs. Specialists

A direct comparison between Harry and David and companies like Gourmet Gift Baskets, David’s Tea, or The Fruit Company is inadvisable. This is because the latter tend to focus on a narrower range. As such, a good rule of thumb is that they are the better choice for that range of foods: wine for Gourmet Gift Baskets, various teas from David’s Tea, and fruits from The Fruit Company. However, for a more generalized basket, they are not of much use. Knack competes with Harry and David but by specializing differently. Knack instead offers far more customization than any other brand mentioned. As such, for specific individuals with known favorites, Knack is the best choice especially for cases of dietary requirements, intolerances, and allergies. However, its quantity is not up to par with its quality so if multiple people have to be gifted and other options are available then it’s better to choose them instead. 


As seen, the various companies are neck-and-neck in terms of qualities with the main variation being in specialties. Generally speaking, the overall best experience is with Harry and David. Goldbelly as expected due to curating with local locations has its strength there and chocolates are the domain of Williams Sonoma. These are just a few examples but tastes are subjective and personal preferences may vary from the general populace. As such, if you want the best taste for yourself or someone else, it’s best to explore.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Are any Harry and David stores still open?

Yes. The Country Village flagship store in Medford is still running. It also runs multiple retail and temporary stores across the country.

  1. Do Harry and David sell anything outside of food?

Yes, they also sell various kitchen amenities and plants.

Harry and David’s Competitors

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