Hold Mail End Date – What It Means At USPS?

The hold mail service by the United States Postal Service (USPS) gives customers the chance to pause the delivery of mail to their address on the specified number of days. When you know that you will not be around to receive your mails at a particular time, the hold mail service will show the mail carrier that you are not available at the moment and your local post office will keep it safe till you are available to receive them. Let’s have a brief explanation of ‘Hold Mail End Date’.

Hold Mail End Date

What is the Hold Mail End Date?

Hold mail end date is the date a customer states they will be available to receive their mail at the said address and the mail carrier will resume mail delivery at the address. To request a hold mail service, make sure you place your request at least a day before you want it to take effect.

How long does Held Mail Last?

The USPS can keep your mail in your local post office for as short as three days and as long as 30 days. That being said, you can have the Post Office keep your mail longer by applying for a forwarding service.

What Happens to my Mail When Hold Expires?

The USPS will keep your mail for 10 days after the expiration of the hold. If after 10 days you do not pick up your mail, USPS will return it to the sender.

How Do I Activate Hold Mail?

You can request mail hold by walking into your coal Post Office, calling the phone at your local post office, or visiting the USPS website via https://reg.usps.com/entreg/LoginAction

What are the Steps to Apply for Hold Mail Online?

To start using the Hold Mail Service online, go to the USPS website above and fill the form. Log in or create an account if it’s your first time.

  • Fill in your name, address and contact information to permit the system to check if your area is eligible for the Hold Mail service in your area.
  • You will be required to verify your identity with your mobile number or some other verification methods.
  • Fill in the date for the commencement and end of your hold mail. The hold mail can go into effect as soon as one day after your request in some cases.

When can the post office refuse to give me my mail?

The post office can refuse to give you your mail on the ground that they cannot vouch for the safety of the mail carrier.  If there is anything in your possession that poses a threat to the carrier, your mail might not be delivered. 

What is the Cost of Hold Mail Service?

Hold mail service is free. The customer is not required to pay a red cent.

What If My Mail is Held Even When I Did Not Submit a Request?

If you suspect that your mail is not being delivered to you with you requesting it, contact your USPS. Other than that, your mail could be held for any of these reasons:

  • That your mailbox is full.
  • The mail carrier cannot access your mail because a disaster prevents them from getting there.
  • A dangerous animal is in your premise
  • Your road is blocked for whatever reason
  • Any other that threatens the safety of the mail carrier could prevent them from delivering your mail.

Does the Post Office Automatically Hold Your Mail If you Move?

You are required to fill a change of address (COA) request when moving. This would help the mail carriers to update their delivery information. But if you move without filing it, your mail carrier will pick up the accumulated mail and leave a notice advising you to pick them up at the local Post Office within 10 days.

So, YES. Your local Post Office will automatically hold your accumulated mail for up to 10 days


USPS provides customers the ability to pause the delivery of their mail for a specified number of days. This usually happens when customers are travelling or are not available to receive their mail. USPS will store the held mail at the local Post Office till the hold mail end date, which is usually 30 days. The hold mail end date is the date specified by the customer to end the hold mail service, signalling their availability to continue receiving mail in their address. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does a P.O Box need a hold mail service?

A P.O Box does not need a hold mail service because the mails delivered to them usually accumulate for as long as the 30 days that hold mail lasts.

  • How can I know the USPS office to contact for my hold mail end date?

Check online for your local USPS office. As an alternative, if you have missed mail before, check the peach-colored slip that the mail carrier left on your door. It usually carries the address of the local post office that you need to visit to pick up your mail. That can help you ratify your hold mail end date challenges.

Alternatively, you can contact USPS directly on 1-800-ASK-USPS to find out which Post Office is in charge of your mail.

Hold Mail End Date – What It Means At USPS?

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