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Target is an American company that is famous for running a grocery delivery and pickup service across the United States of America and Canada.  Target has earned itself a good reputation in the big box warehouse industry within the years. It is an appealing location for the younger generation with disposable income to shop for their daily necessities. When it comes to getting home deliveries from Target, a lot of customers are unsure whether Target gives that service to its customers or not. In this article we will discuss whether Target is in a partnership with Instacart, one of the biggest house-delivering services in America, to provide its customers with the luxurious service of delivering items to their doors. Let see about Target On Instacart .

Target On Instacart

Target on Instacart

Contrary to the rumour that was circulated in 2018, Target is indeed in a partnership with Instacart. Customers can access thousands of Target items that are available on Instacart and get them delivered to their houses. Instacart and Target’s partnership mainly focuses on providing customers with grocery and personal care items without leaving the comfort of their homes.

  1. Pricing 

When it comes to pricing, Target deliveries made through Instacart follow a regular delivery for a non-express membership which costs around $3.99, along with fees and tips. Customers are also required to spend at least $35 to qualify for getting a Target product delivered to their homes through Instacart. 

If a customer is an express member, they get access to free delivery in case their order is coming to be a total of $35 or more. Express membership generally costs around $10 per month or $99 for an annual membership. 

  1. Target Instacart 

Target Instacart, as the partnership is generally known, is an easy and convenient way through which customers can shop their favourite Target products on the Instacart app. If customers don’t possess an Instacart account, they will have to sign up for one. Customers are not expected to pay any fee to open an account on Instacart, but they will eventually have to apply for credit to remit their initiated payments. 

Before thinking of using the Target Instacart service, customers need to ensure that this service is available in their area. If the service is available, it will show up on the main screen of the Instacart app or on the page of the website (if the customers are viewing the Instacart website).

Once customers have ensured that the service is available in their area, and they have created an Instacart account, all they have to do is search for Target in the search for the top of the screen. After searching for Target, the website or the app will navigate the customers over to the Target storefront on the Instacart app. 

  1. Viewing Target Products on Instacart 

Customers will now view categories from which they can select their favourite items. At the bottom of the screen, customers will be able to view the shopping menu, along with the main page, buy it again, and the deals categories. Once the customer is done shopping, they can come back to the website or the app and search for their favourite Target products in the buy it again category, in the future. 

Customers can search for their favourite Target products at the available inventory on Target Instacart. As already mentioned above, Target Instacart mainly focuses on providing its customers with food and personal care items and thus customers are most likely to find these products on Target Instacart.

If customers are not able to view a Target superstore with an entire grocery section (on the app or the website), there’s a high chance that those customers don’t have access to Target on Instacart either in their area. But customers who can view the Target superstore on their app or the website, are free to shop from the superstore for any product that they wish to. Again, customers are reminded that even though there is a Target superstore on the Instacart app and Instacart website, not all of Target’s inventory products are available on Instacart. They are more likely to find grocery store items instead of department store items on Instacart.

  1. Checking Out 

Once customers have filled their carts with all the items that they need and met the $35 minimum criteria (to approved for house delivery), customers must do the following things:

-select the delivery date and time

-leave any special delivery instructions that they wish to we followed

-checking items before checking out to make sure that there is nothing left to buy that is needed

-select the form of payment

Once all of the above things are done, customers must hit the ‘’continue’’ button where they will be given the option to decide how much tip they want to leave their delivery person. Once they have mentioned the tip amount, all that needs to be done is to submit the order. Customers are advised to keep the notifications on (if using an app) so that they can keep an eye on their order and know when the order is arriving at their place.


Target Instacart is a convenient service for Target customers who wish to receive their favourite Target items by shopping them from the comfort of their own home. To ensure that they are eligible to receive home delivery, customers need to shop for an order of $35 or more. 

Customers will also be subjected to delivery charges of $3.99 per order of $35. Customers who have an express membership can also save on the $3.99 paying a fee and get access to free delivery by Instacart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Question1) Can customers return items bought from Target Instacart?

Answer) In case the customer has received the wrong item in their Instacart order Instacart can refund them for the error. If customers wish for a replacement or return of an item, they can do that in-store only. 

While visiting the nearest store, customers need to ensure that they bring their phones with them so that they have their Instacart receipt with them while requesting the return. Customers have to show this receipt to the Customer Service desk at the store and they will assist them in the replacement or return of the product(s).

Target On Instacart – Know More

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