Aldi Competitors – Know more

I bet all of us go grocery shopping once or twice a month. Some people are way more addicted to it who visit supermarkets every single week. If you are one of them, then Aldi might be one of your favorites. I said this because we all are aware of the fact that Aldi is very ahead in the race of best supermarkets. The company originated in Germany but is now  famous all around the world. This is because it has more than six thousand stores in 11 countries around the globe. Aldi can not be the only company in the race of supermarkets. Right? Yes, that’s true, there must be several competitors around Aldi with better quality and price as well. If you are interested in knowing all that, keep reading the article.

Aldi Competitors

Aldi Competitors

Aldi, having more than 6000 stores in more than 10 countries, is very famous all around the globe. If a company is famous, there are for sure the chances of having competitors. In the case of Aldi, it is the same. 

Some of the biggest competitors of Aldi are: 

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Tesco
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods
  • Sam’s Club
  • Wegmans
  • Winco Foods
  • Publix
  • Amazon

Some of them are cheaper and better than Aldi and others are pricier and poorer as well. Let us know all that in detail ahead of. 


Considered as the best supermarket and convenience store in the United States of America by many people, Walmart stands as a strong competitor of Aldi. Let us compare Aldi and Walmart;

  • Stores: The company has more than 10000 stores around the world which is almost double that of Aldi. 
  • Pricing: Aldi is better with prices, it has a high range of products with low prices. 
  • Product Quality: Walmart is better with the product quality as well. 

Hence, in this comparison, Walmart is better. 


Our very own favorite place for buying household essentials, and home decor items. Yes, we are talking about Target. The store is very popular around the United States. Let us compare Target with Aldi;

  • Stores: Target has around 1,900 stores in the world which is not even half of Aldi’s. So the winner is clear, that is, Aldi. 
  • Pricing: Aldi is better with prices than Target. 
  • Product Quality: Aldi is better than Target with the product quality as well. 

Hence with Target, Aldi is better. 


Costco is not only a grocery store but a multi-item set of stores. The business strategy of Costco is stated in a whole different manner. It has a specific membership which gives extra benefits to customers. Now let’s talk about Aldi and Costco’s comparison. 

  • Stores: Costco has less than 1000 stores around the world, the number is very less than that of Aldi. 
  • Pricing: The prices of products at Costco are a bit costlier than at Aldi. 
  • Product Quality: In terms of quality, Costco is far better than Aldi. 

Hence, Aldi is better than Costco as well.


Founded by Bernard Kroger, in 1883 Kroger is a popular supermarket or department store in the United States. The company also runs a pharmacy. The company operates in more than 30 states of the USA. Let us look at the comparison between Kroger and Aldi:- 

  • Stores: Kroger operates around 2500+ stores in total which is a lot less than that of Aldi. 
  • Pricing: Aldi is a lot cheaper than Kroger. 
  • Product Quality: when we talk about product quality, Kroger is better than Aldi.

Hence, Aldi is better than Kroger as well.

Why is Aldi better than most of its Competitors? 

Aldi is better than all of its competitors like Kroger, Costco, Publix, WinCo, even Target. Aldi’s number of stores and total revenues generated each year is far ahead of that of its competitors. It is because the main and only purpose of Aldi is to sell products at an extremely low price to attract people. With this motive, they always tend to compare the prices along with their Competitors to make sure that their products are always cheaper than others. Hence it remains better than its competitors. 

How is Aldi Cheaper than its Competitors? 

Aldi is a lot cheaper than almost all of its competitors. The reasons behind the cheap pricing of Aldi are as follow:- 

  • Aldi mostly deals with rural dairy farmers for the exchange of dairy products and sells them under their label after production which profits them no matter what, hence they keep prices low. 
  • For the produce, they deal with rural farmers only which again chains the same as that for dairy products. 
  • Also, they make sure that they are not making extra expenses like playing music in their stores, offering things for a try, using huge lighting, etc. This also helps them to somehow lower their bill and generate more profit. 


In conclusion, the major Competitors of Aldi are Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, Publix, and WinCo. The only competitor which is unfortunately ahead of Aldi is Walmart. Rather than Walmart, Aldi is better than almost all of its Competitors. To make sure that their place of best sellers in each field is sustained, they keep going through a cross-check each week. Finally, Aldi is better than its competitors. 

  1. Who are Aldi’s biggest competitors? 

Walmart is the biggest competitor of Aldi. 

  1. Are Aldi and Lidl competitors? 

Yes, Aldi and Lidl are competitors. 

  1. Is Aldi owned by Trader Joe’s? 

No, Aldi is not owned by Trader Joe’s. It is a German-based company.

Aldi Competitors – Know more

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