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Royal Mail, founded 506 years ago in 1516, serves Britain through postal and courier services. The company gathers, sorts, and delivers parcels through the Royal Mail and General Logistics Systems (GLS). The former works in the United Kingdom and the latter, North America and Europe.

Royal Mail Customer Service

Royal Mail tries hard to serve you appropriately. It allows you to register your complaints, return the parcels, get refunds, and provide feedback. It follows a policy to deal with you, as a customer, and other stakeholders. You may contact them through calls, emails, and social media accounts.

Customer’s Complaints

You may face scams if you do not know the right way ahead. Thus, the company directs you to stay away from them and reach them directly instead. You can could need customer service for several reasons:

  • In case you change your address, you may get the mail redirected. They will first ask you to wait for one more day before calling them.
  • Royal Mail Customer Service feels sorry for damaging your goods during the transportation. So, it asks you to contact their respective departments with the proof of damage. 
  • You may also claim lost, damaged, delayed, or goods without a signature. Remember that you must provide related evidence. 

Finally, you may close your complaint or claim once you get your problem solved.

You may contact Royal Mail from Monday to Friday (8 am to 6 pm) through their official Twitter account. Similarly, the company has an Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook account. The company aims to respond to you within three days for an inquiry made through the Online Enquiry.


Royal Mail Customer Service will provide refunds for lost, delayed, incorrectly printed, or damaged mails. You must follow some protocols and provide related proof. You can claim for the lost emails after five days of the expected arrival.

The ‘Click & Drop’ app provided by the company helps you register and apply for a refund using your Online Business Account. 

Finally, you may cancel your claim for the refund if your problem has been solved before the Royal Mail completes its task.

  1. Returning An Item

You must create your returns label. You may get it printed at your place (using the online portal) or while dropping it off. It gets easy to track them to the delivery point. You will get served within a day or two according to your preference.

  1. Royal Mail Redelivery

Ideally, you must receive your item when Royal Mail sends it to your address. But, you may miss it if it does not get signed or it does not fit into your letterbox at the time of delivery. So, the company will make free redelivery if you want.

Approach For Customer Service

Royal Mail understands that you, as a customer, help in setting out the values and growth of the company. So, it sets policies for the relations with you and every other stakeholder. Similarly, it respects your privacy while processing your data.

Royal Mail Customer Service connects you to other customers in the United Kingdom and a few countries. Royal Mail understands that you must know what is going on with your parcel. So, you may check its progress in the delivery network, get the service updates through emails, and view the deliveries made on the present day.

This company supports Parcel Force to let you pay only half the total price for international delivery. However, you must do it online. It works from Monday to Saturday. It mostly does not work on Sundays.

Customer Feedback

This section gets distributed into positive and negative feedback. But, Royal Mail has negative reviews more than positive. Many customers get their items delivered on time in perfect condition. But, others must wait till eternity. Some even get acknowledged about the delivery that does not occur at all. So, many customers complain about the lost packages.

They say that the company happily takes the money, but does not go according to the expectations. If you have faced any issues and want to address the company, you can drop feedback for the company to improve upon the services. However, putting in a complaint form is not so easy. 

You may contact Royal Mail for customer service issues through the customer care.


Customers play a vital role in the growth of a company, and Royal Mail understands it well. It provides services in the United Kingdom and a few other countries. You may return the emails and get refunds according to the criteria. Royal Mail follows a policy to deal with its stakeholders. However, its customer service gets more criticism than praise.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Payment Methods Does Royal Mail Accept?


You may use PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa as the payment methods for Royal Mail.

  1. How Did Royal Mail Serve During The Pandemic?


During the pandemic, Royal Mail served not only the customers but the nation by joining the Coronavirus Testing Programme. It delivered the completed test kits from the source to the destination through the Priority Postboxes.

  1. What Are The Competitors Of Royal Mail?


Some competitors of Royal Mail are UK Mail Group, La Poste, PostNord Sweden, Australia Post, and more.

Royal Mail Customer Service – Let Us Know

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