Does Lowes Fill Co2 Tanks ?

Does Lowes Fill Co2 Tanks?

The carbonators are primarily used to create carbonated beverages like sodas and beer but are also used to produce things like refrigeration, micro-agriculture, and a lot more. You are looking for Lowe’s in order to refuel your empty CO2 tank to make sure that it is still usable long term. Does Lowes fill CO2 tanks? The following information is what we have found out from my research in regards to this matter!

Does Lowes Fill Co2 Tanks ?

Does Lowe’s intend to fill CO2 tanks by 2022?

Does Lowes Fill Co2 Tanks ?

As per their contract, Lowe’s stores will not be able to fill CO2 tanks after 2022. This is because it was not a requirement for them. The company does offer other products though, such as air tools and compressors, which are also powered by CO2. Furthermore, customers are able to also fill their CO2 tank by browsing other hardware stores and sporting goods shops, such as Ace Hardware and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

If you continue to read the rest of this article, you will be able to find answers to these questions and many more. As soon as you are able to, you will know whether Lowe’s sells CO2 tanks at their stores, where else you can fill up your CO2 tanks, etc. Eventually, you will find out!

About lowe’s:

There are many ways you can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. The Lowe’s Companies, Inc., known as simply Lowe’s, operates as a retailer specializing in home improvement. In the United States and Canada, Lowe’s operates a network of retail outlets. The Lowe’s Company, along with its affiliates, operates 2,197 retail stores across North America in the home improvement and hardware sectors as of February 2021.

There are over 2,500 Lowe’s stores in the United States (Lowe’s used to be the biggest hardware chain in the U.S., until it was eclipsed by The Home Depot in 1989), behind rival The Home Depot and ahead of Menards. Lowe’s hardware chain is also the second biggest in the world behind The Home Depot, but the company is ahead of European retailers such as Leroy Merlin, B&Q, and OBI.

Are CO2 tanks available at Lowe’s?

It is a little bit surprising to find that Lowe’s does not stock CO2 tanks at any of its stores, but it does stock Oxygen Fuel for heaters with high burn temperatures. There are, however, many other major hardware retailers such as Home Depot that do provide empty CO2 cylinders, which are available to the public both in-store and online.

Where can I find CO2 tanks that can be filled with CO2?

If you want to get your CO2 tanks filled in-store, you can find several well-known stores, including DICK’s Sporting Goods and Airgas. There are not a lot of national chain stores that refill CO2, but if you search hard enough, you may be able to find a local business that has the equipment to fill larger tanks of CO2.

 It is most likely that you will find the following types of stores refilling CO2 tanks:

Welding supply stores

Paintball stores and paintball fields

Sporting goods stores

Fire equipment supply stores

Hydroponics shops

Approximately how much does it cost to refill a CO2 tank?

CO2 refills usually cost between $10 and $20. This is determined by the size of the tank and the amount of CO2 you require. Moreover, you should note that the CO2 refill prices vary wildly from one store to another. In addition to pre-filled CO2 tanks, you can also purchase pre-filled CO2 cylinders at wholesale prices, with DICK’s Sporting Goods offering the cheapest CO2 refill price of $3.50 – $4.50. In stores such as Airgas, the price of a five-pound CO2 exchange is on the order of $15 on average, while you may have to pay up to $500 for a large-sized CO2 exchange.

Is it possible to fill your CO2 tank yourself?

It is worth noting that certain retailers sell CO2 tanks but do not allow refills in-store, such as Walmart. In this particular instance, it is advisable to get in touch with the retailer before planning any ongoing refills. However, there are some retailers that will allow you to fill up your tank with the correct amounts in their stores. Alternatively, you can purchase carbon dioxide online and transfer it into your tank if your tank does not have one. However, you should ensure that all safety precautions are taken and you know how to protect yourself.

Does Lowe’s sell replacement CO2?

There is no service provided by Lowe’s for filling propane tanks in the store, but you can purchase propane tanks that you can refill yourself by buying them from the store and refilling them yourself.


CO2 tanks are not sold or filled by Lowe’s. Even so, there are plenty of other stores that provide this service, for example, DICK’s Sporting Goods and Airgas. The CO2 tanks can be filled from home after you order them online, or you can check your local equipment supply store.

Frequently asked questions:

What’s the procedure for filling a CO2 tank at Lowe’s?

There is no CO2 tank filling or selling at Lowe’s. There are many different types of stores that are located in the same building as DICK’s Sporting Goods and Airgas, but some of them are also found at DICK’s Sporting Goods and Airgas. If you’re looking for equipment supplies near you, or if you’re ordering CO2 tanks online, you can fill them from home after you place your order

Does Lowes Fill Co2 Tanks ?

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