GameStop military and veteran discount

GameStop is an American company that primarily focuses on developing and selling video games and gaming merchandise. Founded in the year 1984 by a group of friends, the company has had remarkable success in its 38-years old history. Today, GameStop is the largest retailer of its type in the United States, with annual revenues exceeding $5 billion in FY 20-21. The company has expanded over the years, with more than 3000 stores in the US alone. GameStop also has its outlets in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. GameStop offers a military discount of 10% to the currently serving personnel in the US Army and also to the veterans. The discounts are offered as a show of appreciation for the years of service that the military people put in to protect and serve the country. Further details on the topic have been discussed in this article GameStop military and veteran discount.

gamestop military and veteran discount

Eligibility to Earn the Discount

A person applying to get the military benefits from the company needs to be fulfilling certain criteria. Some of them are as follows:

  1. A person needs to be actively serving in the military and has a valid ID card. In case of applying for the veteran’s discount, an appropriate document such as the retirement letter or former ID needs to be provided.
  2. Spouses or the dependents of the military personnel are also eligible to earn the discounts.
  3. Any standard and accepted payment method need to be used during checkout.

Procedure to Redeem the Discount

It is fairly simple to redeem the military discount offered by GameStop. On successful verification of the ID and the other documents, the customers are ready to reap the benefits of the discount scheme!

Simply select the products you wish to purchase and proceed to the payments section of the store. A flat discount of 10% would be offered on the total purchase value. Pay the bill amount using any of the payment methods and the customers are all set to go and enjoy the products.


The military and veteran discounts prove to be beneficial to both, the company as well as its customers:

  1. The military personnel feel recognized and appreciated for the hard work and sacrifices they offer for the country.
  2. GameStop gets new customers owing to the discounts offered. 
  3. Surveys also show that the number of repeat customers in the case of military personnel is quite high. This might be due to a result of both, the quality of the products and the relatively lower prices. 
  4. The discounts are applicable on all the items present in the GameStop stores, i.e., games, gaming accessories, software, and hardware. This provides the customers with great deals from one of the most trusted stores in the entire country.
  5. The application process is fairly simple and people do not need to go through any troubles to register themselves in the program.


Although the program is most beneficial, there are a few drawbacks of the military discount as well. A few of them include:

  1. The military and veteran discounts of 10% cannot be combined with any other running offers except otherwise mentioned. This is a major drawback as sometimes, seasonal offers are applied at the stores, whose value often exceeds 10%.
  2. The discount is not applicable on the sales tax or any additional charges as well. People need to pay the original amount for them.

Conclusion on GameStop military and veteran discount.

We have seen in this article all the information in relation to the military discount offered by GameStop at its stores. The discount scheme has proved to be very beneficial to not only the consumers but also the company. 

A recent survey confirmed that nearly 10% of GameStop’s customers come from a military background; and that the discounts offered to encourage them to try the products at least once. Customers can also check out the other discount coupons offered by the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What are the different payment methods that can be used to pay at GameStop?

GameStop accepts all of the major payment options at their stores. Credit and debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Customers can also choose to pay using any other popular third-party payment apps such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. 

Question. Are third-party discount codes applicable at GameStop?

Yes, there exist several third-party websites and discount coupons providers that can be used at GameStop. Discounts ranging from 5% to 40% are offered depending on the availability of stocks.

Question. What are the closest competitors of GameStop in the US?

GameStop faces stiff competition from a number of other games retailers and businesses. Some of the companies that provide the toughest competition to GameStop include Best Buy, Target, Amazon, etc.

GameStop military and veteran discount

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