Zulily military and Veteran Discounts

Zulily, founded in the year 2009, is an American company that focuses on the e-commerce industry. All kinds of products such as toys, clothes, accessories, footwear, sports gear, etc. are hosted by Zulily on its website. The company has had tremendous growth in its relatively short history with the net revenue crossing the $350 million mark in the last financial year. The company is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring more customers overboard its services.Let us see more about Zulily military and Veteran Discounts.

zulily military and veteran discount

Zulily runs a number of promotional campaigns from time to time wherein the company offers special discounts to the military personnel and the veterans. Discounts of 10% are usually offered, but customers also have the option of using external coupons to avail themselves of discounts.

Ways to Earn Discounts at Zulily

Zulily does not offer military discounts directly from their website, at least not on every day of the year. Customers can try to avail themselves of discounts by following any of these steps:

  1. Special military discounts: Zulily did offer a special military discount last year during May. Under the scheme, anybody from a military background, active or veteran, is entitled to a special 10% discount on all of the products available on Zulily. However, the company discontinued the policy after May and is nowhere to be found ever since.
  1. Look for seasonal coupon codes: Zulily offers a number of coupons and discount codes from time to time on its website. Customers need to be on the lookout for them. These coupon codes offer discounts up to 10% on any merchandise purchased from the stores. Such coupons are usually available under the Coupons section on the website.
  1. Third-party platforms: A number of third-party platforms such as Hot Deals, Shop ID, etc. are available on the web. These platforms collaborate with other websites to offer special discounts to customers. Zulily is one such platform available here.

It must be noted that in most of these aforementioned cases, the discounts apply not only to military personnel but also to civilians. 

Procedure to Redeem the Discounts

The process to be eligible to earn discounts is fairly simple. Users need to apply the discount code during checkout and the discount will be applied automatically. Pay the bill balance using any of the accepted payment methods after the successful redemption of the discount coupons. 

Possible Reasons why Zulily does not Offer Military Discounts

In this section, we shall try and explore why Zulily does not offer military discounts to its customers. A few explanations could be:

  1. Profitability: The gross margins of the company are just below 40%. This is a not-so-great margin in the e-commerce business and maybe a reason why Zulily does not offer any other additional discounts.
  2. Lack of market: There might be a lack of market for Zulily on the part of the military personnel. Zulily, being a relatively new company, might be wanting to focus primarily on its strong market hold before expanding into new territories.
  3. Already profitable business model: The opposite of the above case is also a distinct possibility. It may happen that Zulily finds its present business model to be quite successful and efficient. As such, they do not feel the need to introduce new discount codes and coupons.

It must be noted that Zulily does not write about the causes anywhere.


We have seen in this article the various ways of earning discounts at Zulily. Although the company may not offer direct discounts from their websites, there are several other ways which can be used to try and get such discounts. This article would surely prove to be a great help in finding such places.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question. How safe are the third-party coupon providers?

All of the ways mentioned in the article above are verified to be 100% safe and genuine ways to earn discounts. Customers can be assured of not facing any problems or potential scams while shopping at these sites. In case of any problems faced, the customer care at the companies is always eager to help out.

Question. Will Zulily introduce any military discounts in the future?

Though it is very difficult to say what is going on in the minds of those who run the company, there have been rumors recently that the company is looking for new ways to engage more customers on its platform. Military and veteran benefits might be the perfect solution for such problems.

Question. How satisfied are the customers with their experiences at Zulily?

The company has been praised for its quick services, excellent product quality, and helpful customer service. According to a survey carried out by the company recently, nearly 68% of customers are satisfied with their experiences at Zulily. This is a great figure for an e-commerce company.

Zulily military and Veteran Discounts

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