Is U7 Jewelry Real?- Let Us Know

U7 Jewelry :

U7, founded in 2001, is one of the leading jewelry manufacturers and dealers in the United States with stores spread evenly all over the country. One can also head over to U7’s website or any online shopping website (notably, Amazon) to purchase U7 products. The company is renowned for its gold products, but there are a host of other options offered at its stores as well, such as diamonds, stainless steel, silver, and many other precious stones. 

Is U7 Jewelry Real?

U7 uses gold-plating in its jewelry products, with the company’s main range of products being in the 18-karat gold segment. All the products come with a certification and customers can get additional information about the quality of the raw materials used by taking a look at the quality assurance certificate.

Why does U7 not use Real Gold?

Not only U7, but most of the leading jewelry makers in the US do not use pure 22k or 24k gold in their jewelry items. In this section, we try to find a few possible explanations beyond such a move:

  1. The jewelry makers argue that pure gold ornaments are malleable and ductile. Thus, they would not be very strong and be susceptible to damage rather easily.
  2. This can also be a consensus effort to make the jewelry items more affordable to a wider section of society, as using real gold would make the items far more expensive.
  3. In the US markets, the focus is not on the composition of the jewelry items. But on the uniqueness and the looks of the products. 18k gold-plating suits the purpose better.
  4. It might also simply be down to the fact that US jewelry-makers are uncomfortable working with pure 22k gold, as the art is generally considered to be more difficult.

Alternative to Using 22k Gold

Most of the items sold at the U7 stores are gold-plated using 18k gold. The advantages of using gold-plating in jewelry items include:

  1. Gold-plating and using 18k gold allows the designers to implement their designs more smoothly and efficiently, making the final product look effortlessly brilliant.
  2. The prices are lower than real gold jewelry, due to the gold-plating technology used. 
  3. As compared to normal jewelry, the U7 items are made of a three times thicker layer of material of gold-plating. 
  4. The dazzling look of the jewelry remains the same as that of 22k gold ornaments. 
  5. In case of losing or misplacing the items, the loss would be much less severe.

Diamonds and Other Stones

Although the prime attraction of the U7 jewelry brand is their gold jewelry, they take customized offers for diamond rings, or for that matter, any other precious stones. In this case, real diamonds or stones are used and the company would also provide certification about the details of the raw materials used.

The Verdict

U7 is a reliable brand and they sell genuine products. Customers can be assured of getting exactly what they are buying at affordable prices. Even the silver and stainless steel ornaments carry the certifications. If one is looking to get innovative products within a relatable price range, U7 might be the option.


We have seen in this article that U7 does not use real 22k or 24k gold in its products, but opts for gold-plating instead. The possible reasons as to why the company does not use real gold in its products have been discussed, and so are the advantages of gold-plating. U7 is a great choice for those who are looking to get innovative, brand-new designs at an affordable price. The great customer service at the company combined with the easy availability at all the places, definitely make U7 one of the most reliable jewelry brands in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Who are the main competitors of U7?

U7 faces a lot of competition from many brands such as Tiffany, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc. The affordable jewelry segment is a highly competitive one but U7 has managed to build a brand for itself and has a loyal customer base.

Question. What is the return policy for jewelry items purchased from U7?

U7 offers a very lenient return policy, with the company accepting a return on undamaged, unworn, and untorn jewelry products within 90 days from the delivery date of the product. Customers need to return the product with the original tags intact, along with the purchase receipt. In case of refunds, the amount would be accredited back to the original payment source.

Question. Are U7 jewelry items waterproof?

Yes. All the metals sold at the stores have passed through numerous quality tests, including waterproofing. The items are well designed to withstand water. However, it must be noted that water at some places may have high/low pH levels, and prolonged exposure to such conditions can damage the product. 

Is U7 Jewelry Real?- Let Us Know

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