Snooze Mattress Return Policy -Let Us Know

Snooze, headquartered in Australia, provides beds for adults and kids, mattresses, pillows, and bedroom furniture for decorating your bedroom. This store aims to offer you better sleep. It operates across 70 stores in Australia. The experts in the store handcraft these items with local and efficient materials. Snooze claims that it may go beyond your imagination.

Snooze Mattress Return Policy

Snooze claims to let you return the mattresses purchased from the store. But, you must follow some criteria as mentioned in this article. Its employees will not come to your place to take the mattress back as of now due to Covid-related reasons.

Snooze Mattress Return Policy

Snooze goes with the latest trends and well-known brands in the market. So, you will get the latest products here. You may not find every Snooze product in each store. So, you must contact your local Snooze store to check for availability or order a new one if it gets unavailable. So, it is how you may avoid the efforts related to returning the products.

Still, if you decide to return the existing product, you must do it within 24 hours of placing the order and convey it through email. You must bear the costs related to efforts taken by Snooze to take the product back. You need not return them for the missing parts. Instead, you must contact the store from where you had purchased the product to get the missing parts quickly.

Different Reasons For Returning

Snooze offers you a Consumer Guarantee. But, you must return the mattress for repair if you cannot call them to serve you at your place. But, you must pay for the transportation even if the store’s employees come to take the mattress. You cannot return the products that got specially made for you by Snooze, but you no longer wish to continue with the store. So, you must follow the guidelines while returning the mattresses.


You must pay through Mastercard, Humm, Visa, PayPal, Afterpay, American Express, and GEM card for the online purchases. Snooze Gift Cards are not acceptable for online orders. If you return the mattress, you will get your refunds within ten business days as per your financial institution. If not, you may contact the store you were dealing with till now.

Snooze will pay only if the mattress gets too difficult for transportation. Similarly, the store may return your money related to transportation, in the case of valid reasons. The same is the case of a warranty.

The Process Of Returning The Mattress

Snooze prefers to go contactless as of now. Some drivers may wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits. However, some stores may not visit your place to provide mattress removal and return services due to Covid reasons. The staff members get trained to handle their jobs with ease.

The employees may ask you property-related questions to know whether they can take bigger mattresses or other products through your property. Also, they want to ensure safety against the pandemic. They may also lift the products through your balcony if the property does not have enough space.

Customer Experience With The Snooze Mattress Return Policy

The customers can see a wider range of mattresses and try multiple combinations of mattresses in Snooze. On the one hand, some customers complain about getting a hard mattress. The store says that it will get softer with time and usage and no need to return it for this reason.

On the other hand, some customers end up purchasing very soft mattresses that get prone to heat. Snooze suggests they swap but not return the mattresses. Similarly, they will not get a refund if the new one gets cheaper than the previous one. However, the Australian Consumer Law does not force any retailer to provide a refund.

So, in case you go through this situation, ensure that the mattress meets the criteria mentioned in the store. Claim for a return only if you know you are right otherwise it will cost you more. Snooze has the right to change the mattress return policy at any time.


Snooze serves through its stores spread across Australia. It knows that you may get unsatisfied with its products. So, it has made a return policy for its mattresses and other products for decorating your bedroom. Many stores provide a refund for the returned mattresses, but Snooze may not always do it. You may get a sweet experience with selecting a mattress in Snooze but a bitter one while returning it.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Other Stores Sell Mattresses Bedside Snooze? Answer:

Some other stores that sell mattresses are Super Amart, Bensons for Beds, Sterling Furniture, Sleepy’s, and more.

  1. How Much Does Snooze Charge For Delivery?


The delivery charges at Snooze depend on the distance between your delivery address and the store. The cost ranges from $80 to $125. You must pay a special price for the longest distance.

  1. Where Does Snooze Provide The Delivery Services?


Snooze provides delivery services throughout Australia. You must send an application to the store and pay more if you stay in a remote area (like an island). It does not deliver anything internationally as of now.

Snooze Mattress Return Policy -Let Us Know

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