Is AliExpress Ethical?

AliExpress started by a Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, is an online retail service. The company was started in 2010, since then it has been functioning to offer products to customers across the globe. AliExpress allows the sellers to sell independently and function within the code of conduct. Let us learn ‘Is AliExpress Ethical?’.

Is AliExpress Ethical?

 AliExpress enables various small business in various parts of the world to buy in bulk and sell to its customers. It gives a tough competition to similar B2B platform eBay. It comprises of various small businesses based in China, Singapore and various other locations. AliExpress group is committed to highest ethical standards. The ethical code applies not only to the shareholders and investors, but also to its customers and suppliers. 

What Makes AliExpress an Ethical Company?

There are various set of values that AliExpress excepts its stakeholder and all those in interest with the company to abide by. The company culture is about empowering the small business. The group provides opportunity to its customers, merchants, third party to grow and prosper. 

No matter how large the organisation has become it is dedicated to maintain a common company and community culture. Here are few values that AliExpress is dedicated to acknowledge every day: –

  • Customer is the key Priority 

AliExpress practises customer priority. The believe in sustaining their customers. According to the company, the employees will grow and shareholders gain benefit only when its customers are sustained. 

  • Changing with dynamics

The company is well aware with the fact its functioning in a dynamic world. They believe is respecting the change and mould accordingly. Not many groups function with this “changing values with changing time” attitude. 

  • Living seriously and working happily

AliExpress believes everyone has a purpose. The employees are inculcated with value “if you live with purpose, you will find reward”.

  • Creating trust and cherishing it 

AliExpress is devoted to build trust with all its stakeholders. The group firmly accept as true “with trust, there is no question of suspicion”. It is straightforward with their values. 

The Ethical Code Implementation by AliExpress

  • Compliant Channels 

AliExpress ensures that all the stakeholders from employees to its customers, who are dealing with it have a strong effective network to report any failure in compliance of code of conduct. The company has a set of rules and regulations that is expected to be followed under all circumstances. In case any stakeholder faces a violation of code of conduct it must report the same to the prescribed compliant channel. 

  • Prohibiting Retaliation

AliExpress supposes its stakeholders not to take advantage of roles and positions to retaliate against any individual. In case of any retaliation against any individual puts AliExpress intensely takes action against such a stakeholder in the court of law.  

  • Disciplinary Actions

AliExpress takes all the possible steps to ensure that highest standards of ethics are maintained in connection to the company.  However, under any circumstances when an unethical practice comes into light within or outside the organisation, the company does not step back to take action against that individual.  

  • Account Related Issues 

AliExpress is has portrayed its image as an organisation committed towards its functioning in compliance to laws and regulations. In case there is a failure of compliance with the standards, the report is submitted of the officials and strict investigation is carried on. 

Is AliExpress a Sustainable Group?

AliExpress is working towards the society challenges and taking the challenges as AliExpress’s prime challenges.  It aims to not only helps the consumers to enhance the standard of living but also aids the small businesses. The group is working towards reduction of global carbon emission. AliExpress is taking all the measures to become carbon neutral by 2030. 

Seven Principles

  • Using scientific medium to emit less carbon
  • Strictly abiding by the international laws
  • Building trust for long term sustainability path
  • Building community for the green development 
  • Engage the employees and shareholders to form green and low carbon culture
  • Act diligently to establish short term and long-term goals 
  • Identify innovative solutions to inculcate them through business innovation 


We can say AliExpress by all means is an ethical group. From formulating values align to ethical standards to assuring its implementation. It is also a sustainable group promoting green development. The stakeholders enjoy opportunity to file complaints easily against any unethical act. The group is all set to become carbon neutral in its own operation by 2030. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is AliExpress more ethical than Amazon?

Both AliExpress and Amazon are functioning globally. In terms of technicality AliExpress shall be said to be more ethical than Amazon. Amazon does have values and business ethics, but lacks enforceability. On the other hand, AliExpress takes care that the ethical standards are fully maintained. 

  1. What are measures taken by AliExpress to reduce carbon emission in its operation?

AliExpress Group has takes various measures to ensure less carbon emission. The business model in itself emits minimal carbon. Other than that, it employees mechanisms like electrification, efficiency improvement, digitalization, carbon removal and offset, sustainable procurement and more.

  1. How can one join AliExpress as a seller?

Registering on AliExpress is easy. All you need to do is fill the basic information regarding your company and tax information. Also, in India AliExpress is no longer functioning. So, if you are living in India and wish to join as a seller then sorry but won’t be able to. 

Is AliExpress Ethical?

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