Can I Use My Dell Credit Card Anywhere?

Dell is a tech company based in America that makes, sells & repairs computer-related products and also provides tech support services. It is renowned for making the best laptops and computers and there is a high chance that you have seen people using a Dell laptop or must have heard about Dell company at least once in your life, no matter where you live. We all know very well that Dell is the best computer/Laptop selling brand and I think you may be using Dell’s computer or Laptop. But did you know that Dell also provides a service of Dell business credit cards? Have you ever doubted ‘Can I Use My Dell Credit Card Anywhere?’, to find out the answer read the article!

Can I Use My Dell Credit Card Anywhere?

What is Dell Business Credit Card? 

Dell Business Credit (DBC) also known as Dell Preferred Account (DPA) is a Credit card service that is used by the Dell business community. it is so similar to the Dell preferred account and it is mainly used by Dell customers for purchasing their products online and to pay in exchange to compensate for the damage of computer parts in case of getting their products repaired.

In the world, at present, there exist more than 30,000 dell stores and every one of them provides Dell Business Credit Card services.

Can I use my Dell credit card anywhere?

The answer to this question can be different from person to person as it depends on the thing you want to use your card for.

Well, you can use it in Dell stories for Online purchases of Dell Home & Dell Home Office Computers and pay the exchange amount for damaged parts in case you are repairing your product. Besides this, you can also use it in Physical Microsoft stores. 

However, if you are thinking of using it for your regular use ranging from buying groceries, booking movie tickets, paying bills, etc., which you can do from a credit card issued from a bank, then the answer is No. 

You cannot use a Dell credit card anywhere other than a transaction for dell products.

This limitation is also the prominent reason for the limited customer base of Dell Credit Card Services.

Who issues Dell Credit Card service?

Dell has a partnership with Web Bank and is the National issuer of the Dell Credit card who determines qualifications and eligibility for credit card provision.

Benefits of Owning a Dell Credit Card:

Zero percentage liability on Unauthorized Charges:

If you own a Dell Business Credit Card and if anytime your card is unauthorizedly used for making any transactions without your knowledge, then you won’t be held responsible for it if you report it to Dell Financial Services within 90 days of the transaction date. 

This way you can be safe yourself from the trouble of paying fraudulent charges.

Lower Credit Score Holders are eligible:

If you want to own a credit card but don’t have a higher credit score, then that’s when Dell Credit Card services come into the picture as for owning a Dell credit card, you only need to have a credit score of 640.

No Annual Fees:

Dell Credit Card service charges no annual fees to its customers which makes it relatively cheaper than other credit cards up to 21 dollars per year.

Service from a Trustable Brand:

As Dell is a respectable and trustable brand, customers can have better credibility with its credit card service as they know their money is traveling via safe hands. 

Why more people don’t own Dell Credit Card Service?

Despite being a service from a reputed company, customers are not much inclined towards this service. 

Following are some of the prominent reasons why this is happening:

Lacks attractive rewards and offers:

Dell’s credit card service does not provide attractive rewards and offers on making a purchase using their card. They aren’t different from the usual offers which can also be availed without the possession of the card. 

Dicey Policy of Deferred interest:

Dell Credit Card service provides the feature of deferred interest which means that if the payment amount is not paid in the time specified, then the zero percent period will get invalid and the interest will be applied to the entire amount of the original purchase.

It is risky can be troublesome if not taken care of.

Moreover, other companies provide a longer zero percent period, and that too without a deferred interest policy. Hence customers can opt for those cards instead of owning a Dell credit card.

Also, other than customers who want to own a credit card with a low credit score (640 or close to it), Dell’s credit card service doesn’t offer anything promising that other companies are not offering already.

So, we can also say that the customers having higher credit scores have almost no benefit from owning a Dell credit card. 


In a nutshell, we can say that at present, the Dell Credit Card service doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary which can attract more customers for owning it. 

However, Dell is a reputed, trustable, and good product-making brand so customers have hope that it can make the service more attractive in the future as they make advancements in their products.

Can I Use My Dell Credit Card Anywhere?

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