Does jcpenney do alterations?

JCPenny is an American Departmental Store Chain that has many shopping options. It has more than 650 stores across almost 50 states in the United States. They have all types of shoppers coming as they have clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. They also have an extensive range of ready-made tailored suits in many sizes. Many clothing retail outlets provide alterations. Some alterations come with an extra charge, while others offer free alterations. When it comes to alterations, JCPenny does not have the option of alterations to the purchased clothing. Whether it is any apparel, alterations for these need to be done from somewhere else. Let us see about Does jcpenney do alterations?

does jcpenney do alterations

Quality Of Clothes At JCPenny

JCPenny is a clothing store that has been in the market for more than a century. Over this time, they have created a brand image that has always stood for providing quality products to their customers. The clothes at JCPenny’s outlets are only put after a thorough quality check. There are minimal chances that a clothing item purchased at JCPenny will have some fault concerning quality.

Return At JCPenny

The returns depend on the way their products are purchased. If an item is purchased in-store, it can be returned in-store. While the things that are purchased online have to be returned online only. However, the returns must be made within 90 days of the purchase. Also, the refund on the returned items is provided either in the original form of payment, or you can opt to get it in a JCPenny gift card.

Brands That Provide Alterations For Free

We have listed down a few famous brands that can provide you with the option of alterations at no extra cost. The alterations are, however, done for in-store apparel purchases only.

Banana Republic

The Banana Republic is an American clothing brand with a comprehensive collection of contemporary clothing options for men and women. The Banana Republic also showcases a different section for kids. When it comes to the alterations service at the Banana Republic, you need to be a regular customer. The other condition that plays a significant role in getting a free alteration is that you need a Banana Republic Luxe Cardholder.

To get the Luxe car, it is essential that you at least earn 5000 points via other purchases in one year. If you do not have a Luxe card, you can still get alterations done at the Banana Republic by paying $10.  

Barneys New York

Barneys has become a household name due to the brand’s customer reach. It is one of the most famous clothing store chains that are more luxurious. They have all the styles and clothing trends imaginable. Barney’s provides alterations that are complimentary on the purchase of a garment.

However, there can be a few terms and conditions for the modifications at Barney. The alterations are limited to slight changes in the side seams, hems, and cuffs. The only thing that you need is to show the proof of purchase at the outlet to get the alterations done,

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German luxury brand. If you are a new customer at Hugo Boss, they will only provide you with free alterations for unfinished trousers for both genders only if they are full-price. If you have been a loyal customer at Hugo Boss, they will also provide you with alterations of different apparel for free.


Athleta Inc, or Athleta, is an American brand famous for its fashionable apparel options. Alterations at Athleta are also simple. You only need to take your purchase and the receipt to the nearest Athletes store. They will provide all types of modifications at no extra cost. They are also known to offer free fitness classes to their frequent customers.

Brooklyn Denim Co.

Brooklyn Denim Co is among the brands that believe in combining comfort with style. They mainly have different types of denim, t-shirts, and jackets. They also have trousers and shirts along with other accessory options. They also offer customized tailoring services on a variety of apparel. The best part is that Brooklyn Denim Co. also provides alterations for clothes outside the brand. There is a payment of a few dollars to get such alterations.

Conclusion on Does jcpenney do alterations?

Alterations are significant for a dress to look presentable. A slight alteration makes all the difference to the look and comfort of clothing. Even if JCPenny does not have alterations, there are several other options that you can try out. Since there is no option for alterations at JCPenney, you can also return the purchase if there are any deviations quality wise.

Frequently Asked Questions on Does jcpenney do alterations?
  1. Can I pay extra to get an alteration at JCPenny?

Ans: No, JCPenny does not have an alteration policy with them. You can get the alterations at other alteration services.

  1. What do I do if a shirt from JCPenny does not fit properly?

Ans: The best option is to exchange the shirt and select a perfect size for your shirt. As JCPenny does not provide alterations on any clothing, make sure that you try out the clothing beforehand to be on the safer side.

Does jcpenney do alterations?

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