Does KeyMe make car keys?

KeyMe locksmith is a key-coping USA company headquartered in New York City. KeyMe kiosks instantly make copies of your keys. Their machines are easily found in retail stores, grocery shops, corner stores, and departmental stores in the USA. The KeyMe kiosks design standard as well as specialized keys. But does KeyMe make car keys?

Does KeyMe make car keys?

Yes, KeyMe Locksmiths kiosk does make car keys. It makes brass car keys, fobs, transponder car keys, and non-transponder car keys in various parts of the USA. The standard car keys are made instantly by the KeyMe machines and given to you.

What Type Of Car Keys Does Keyme Make?

KeyMe kiosks make spare keys for your home, office, cars, etc. Their work is more accurate and professional than a traditional locksmith. KeyMe kiosks design all kinds of car keys. While the specialized keys take time in making. KeyMe delivers such car keys by mail to your address. However, the method, price, and time taken to design the key varies.

The main types of keys that KeyMe kiosk make are- 

  • Brass Keys

KeyMe kiosk makes standard car keys made up of brass. These keys are made instantly by the KeyMe machines. To make a copy of a standard brass key, you have to put the original key in the machine. You can also use the digital copy of the key. Within a few minutes, the KeyMe machine will develop a spare car key. 

  • Decorative car keys 

In a normal brass key, you can choose the option of decorating it. The kiosk provides the options of NBA, MLB, NFL, and other themes for decorating car keys. These keys are also made instantly. 

  • Transponder Keys

Nowadays Transponder keys are used in cars. These keys have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card inside them. This card ensures more security for your cars. However, these keys require more time to prepare. KeyMe delivers transponder car keys via mail to your address in 3 to 5 days. 

How Does KeyMe Make Car Keys?

KeyMe kiosks follow an instant method to make car keys. However, the transponder keys are prepared in a few days. In the following few steps, you can make spare keys for your car from KeyMe Locksmiths- 

  • Go to a KeyMe kiosk and choose from the given options about your key.
  • Then place the key inside the KeyMe machine.
  • The machine will then start working on the key. If you have put a standard key, KeyMe will make its copy in minutes. But a transponder key or any specialized key takes time to develop. KeyMe mail it to you in 3 to 5 days. 

You can also use the KeyMe app for a better experience with KeyMe kiosks. Through the app, you can also save the digital copies of your car keys in your account. The digital copy could later be used in an emergency.

How Do Transponder Car Keys Work? 

The transponder car keys are developed to add one more layer of security for your vehicles. These keys are programmed specially to lock and unlock your cars and perform other functions. 

To make a spare key, the program codes of the original key have to be copied and transformed into the spare key. The code is first transformed into an electronic device before transforming into the key. It is a complex process that requires various resources and time. However, the cost of making a spare key is cheaper than asking the dealer for a new key when the original is lost.

Cost Of KeyMe Car Keys

The price KeyMe charges for key-making depends on the work done. Fewer efforts are required for making a simple brass key or any standard key. But the transponder-based keys follow a complicated method to form. 

You can anticipate the expected cost of your key making from KeyMe Locksmith’s website. By choosing the car company, model number, and the year in which it was bought you can find out the expected cost of key-making and place the order. On an average, the various types of keys cost the following amount in key-making- 

  • Brass keys and other standard keys cost between $2 to $5
  • Decorative keys normally cost more than $5 by KeyMe Locksmiths. 
  • The cost of non-transponder keys is normally under $20.
  • The transponder keys that use RFID chips are the costliest. Its cost ranges from $70 to $90. 

Where Can I Find KeyMe Kiosks?

The KeyMe kiosks could be easily found in New York and most other American states. You can search a nearby KeyMe kiosk from the KeyMe Locksmith’s official website.

The places where you can find a KeyMe kiosk in the USA are- 

  • 7-Eleven 
  • Home Depot
  • Rite Aid 
  • Bed Bath and Beyond 
  • AutoZone
  • Kroger etc. 

Notably, all the locations of a retail store chain do not necessarily have KeyMe locksmith kiosks. It is advisable to check the availability of the KeyMe kiosk in a store before visiting it. 

Other Types Of Keys That Keyme Makes

Apart from car keys, KeyMe develops various other types of keys. You can make spare keys for your house, office, and mailbox from KeyMe. It also makes keys for trucks and motorbikes. KeyMe kiosk is equipped for developing all kinds of standard, specialized, security, and RFID keys. It also develops key cards and fobs.  


The KeyMe Locksmith kiosk makes car keys also along with home, office, mailbox, and other keys. It copies all types of car keys in the USA. The standard brass keys are copied instantly. While the specialized keys that have transponders and RFID cards take a longer time to develop. The KeyMe kiosks could be easily found in various departmental stores, supermarkets, retail stores, and retail corners in the USA. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do KeyMe Locksmiths Make Spare Keys For Motorcycles In The USA?

Answer: Yes, according to the KeyMe Locksmith’s website they instantly make spare keys for your motorcycles. Additionally, it also makes keys for your trucks, snowmobiles, boats, etc.

2. Does KeyMe Accept The Return Of Car Keys?

Answer: Yes, KeyMe does accept a 100% guaranteed return of keys that do not work. Customers can visit to reach out KeyMe for a return.

Does KeyMe make car keys?

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