Enneagram Type 2 Careers – Best Jobs

This article discusses here ‘Enneagram Type 2 Careers’. “Choosing a profession is not easy”, the statement holds for almost everyone. As children or teenagers, when people find themselves inclined towards a career choice, they often look for the most lucrative careers or the ones that trend, but do they love the career that they have chosen behind a herd of people? 

Enneagram Type 2 Careers

No! Many teenagers when entering adulthood, often struggle with enjoying the work they once chose as a career path. They lack the motivation to work, lack acceptance in the workplace, and are often questioning their skills. What went wrong here? Not understanding.

A career is highly influenced by a person’s personality. Every person is molded differently, and each person has a few characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the personality types. Enneagram 2 is all about the personality of helping. The article is up with the duty to tell you what career choices will perfectly fit you if you are an enneagram 2 type of person. A few of the career choices include Teaching, Photographer, Politician, Social worker, And many more.

Before understanding the list of careers out, let’s understand in brief what enneagram 2 personality consists of. 

What is enneagram 2 personality type careers?

Enneagram 2 personality type is considered to be the helper or the giver. Type two people are empathetic. They are generous, friendly, compassionate, loving, and always look forward to helping other people in their work. Given the high emotional quotient of type two people, they often find themselves in a downfall where they are constantly looking for approval from people. They believe people are important for their survival and always seek validation.

Though being a people pleaser, two personality types can be manipulative and will work toward their goals in an attempt to impress others. The best part about this personality type is they can turn their weakness into motivation and strive to work harder to get appreciated by the people they love. 

Enneagram two types of people always look for love, and being empathetic provides them with a sense of support and attentiveness. It can help them to be supportive in a working environment. They are hell-bent on being loyal and honest, which helps them in being great motivators and workers. Enneagram two personality types know how to handle their emotional aspect. A mentally healthy person will ensure to keep a balance between self-love and validation, along with respect for others. 

Two wings of enneagram 2

Enneagram 2 types are further classified into two categories based on their personality traits. A major trait that creates this division is: socializing. 

Enneagram 2 wings 1:

Enneagram 2 wings 1 are introverts or quite ambiverts, people belonging to this type often relate themselves to type one who is a perfectionist. The traits that we can highlight in this personality are:

  • Studious
  • Reserved
  • Self-aware
  • Self-doubt

Being an introverted personality, Enneagram 2 wings 1 often struggles with work and can easily be affected by criticism. The self-doubt and awareness quotient pushes them to be a perfectionist and give their best in every scenario.

Enneagram 2 wings 2:

Enneagram 2 wings 2 are usually extroverts and loud ambiverts. The people belonging to this category are open about the way they think. Even though they are critical about the work they do, the personality trait is filled with self-love and acceptance. Enneagram 2 wings 2, love socializing. They look for new connections and strive to build new relationships to motivate them to work. Apart from these, they are also ambitious people looking forward to achieving success.

The common personality traits you would find in Enneagram 2 wings 2 are:

  • Self-loving
  • Critical about opinions
  • Ambitious
  • Friendly

Core values of enneagram 2 at work

Enneagram 2 personality types have a prominent emotional side, this brings about great qualities that make them great employees and even leaders. Some of the traits that help them to gain respect from colleagues, and bosses are as mentioned below.


A Type two personality type is often empathetic to their surroundings. It makes them attentive towards the emotional aspects of customers and the people they deal with. They ensure that all the problems are heard effectively, and decisions are made based on actions that can bring benefit. In industries, type two people can work as HR, or product designers. Working in this position will help them serve people and bring about new developments that could benefit people.


Type two people are altruistic, they highly appreciate people present around them, and this pushes them to work towards the goals of people. Being very close to the trait of altruism, they sacrifice everything to work towards the welfare of the people. They go out of their way to ensure that people’s needs and demands are met. The trait though downscales them, yet the appreciation they receive in the end makes up for all the struggles they go through. 

The trait is for careers that focus on people and welfare in general. It can include volunteering work, social work, and many more. 


Type two people are sincere when it comes to working. It pushes them to work towards a project with undivided attention. They are loyal towards the people they work for and always ensure that the work in their hands is of the best quality. Since enneagram 2 people look for appreciation from the outside world, they ensure that all the work they do is perfect so that they do not face any kind of criticism.

The quality is best for nurses, counselors, and psychiatrists who need to dedicate themselves to their work. A sincere attitude towards patients can help them to earn the trust of the patients and also work effectively. 


Type two people are attentive to details. All the other traits of type two people push them to be attentive to the details of the surroundings. They effectively understand people around them, and also constantly work towards perfection; this makes them extremely detail-oriented. 

The trait is best suited to every job title they apply for. Being attentive to detail helps to bring good results in their work and tackle any adverse situations at work. 

Best career choices for enneagram 2


A teacher’s role can be the best fit to enneagram 2 people. A teacher is compassionate about their students and works towards bringing the best forward from their students. The role helps the type two people to be loved by different kinds of students, making them feel appreciated. All the characteristics of a teacher will motivate them to work towards the betterment of the students. 

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Making curriculum plans for all the classes under supervision.
  • Monitoring and supervising students and pushing them towards learning.
  • Motivating students to learn and teaching them all the life values. 
  • Guide students to plan for their future.
  • Keep in constant touch with students and parents and inform them about the student’s progress and other reports.
  • Encouraging students to participate in different events, developing their personality. 

Average payscale: $63,645 annually.

Social worker

One of the traits of enneagram 2 people is empathy. They are people pleasers and altruistic, which motivates them to work for the people. Being motivated by working for others and having an emotional aspect to their personality, a job as a social worker will be a right fit for candidates. 

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Develop plans for socially backward sections of the society, drawing plans for the benefit.
  • Planning and initiating a movement for the right cause that an individual supports.
  • Act as guides and mentors to people in need and work towards their betterment.
  • Plan adequate use of resources, ensuring that all the people in need are effectively treated and provided with the resources without biases. 
  • Promote the idea of social well-being amidst the society and bring awareness for the right actions.

Average payscale: $56199 annually (the figure varies according to type or position of the candidate)


Another best job for enneagram 2 people in- counseling. The best aspect required for counseling is empathy, which is the most widely sound characteristic of type two personality types. Apart from this, they also interact with people and build a relationship with them, developing a deeper connection that can help them to guide a person accordingly. 

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Developing, managing, and assisting counseling programs.
  • Offering advice for the problems faced by the clients.
  • Enhance the well-being of the candidate by understanding the mental and emotional health of the candidate.
  • Diagnose a patient based on their mental health.
  • Great treatment plans can bring about a positive change for the client. 
  • Develop the goals that the candidates need to make in the future and effectively work towards them. 

Annual payscale: $80,000 annually


Nurses are required to be attentive, sensitive towards the patients, and work towards the development of others. All these characteristics are a right for enneagram 2 people. Being emotionally sound, empathetic, and altruistic, type two people will effectively blend in the job. They Would also enjoy the work and stay motivated through constant motivation from the patients and helping others.

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Providing nursing care to patients.
  • Assist doctors in surgeries and ensure that all the equipment needed is available.
  • Deal with emotionally unstable patients and make them understand the situation.
  • Record the situation, reports, and symptoms of the patients from time to time.
  • Consult and collaborate with doctors and other medical staff to effectively provide help to patients.
  • Look after the medicines and other diet plans of the patient. 

Average payscale: $75,000 annually.


An HR forms the most important part of the organization and the key skills required to become an HR are empathy and communication skills. Enneagram 2 type people possess both the qualities in abundance and this can help them in making the best HRs for the company. The type two people will enjoy this job as they would be encouraged to help others.

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Recruit candidates for various positions according to the needs and demands of the position and organization.
  • Create training programs that can help boost employee skills.
  • Develop retention plans to ensure that all the employees enjoy being in the company.
  • Ensure that all the employees of the company work by the culture, rules, and policies. 
  • Maintain and keep a record of all the employee details and conduct benefit analysis.

Average Payscale: $106,910 annually


The psychiatrist is a field that deals with human and human behavior. The job involves looking after the emotional aspect of the patient and ensuring that all their problems are listened to and acted upon. Enneagram 2 people are the best fit for this role as they have an emotional aspect to their personality, and their empathy, socializing nature will bring them closer to the candidate. 

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Develop treatment plans to effectively understand the patients.
  • Planning and delivering all the resources that are necessary to the client.
  • Listening and deriving a course of action for the client.
  • Referring patients to psychological treatments to determine the severity of the condition. 
  • Helping the client in decision making and clearance of mind. 

Average Payscale: $216,090 annually.


Politicians are representative of the people. Their main aim is to develop plans that could benefit the people and help them in different aspects of their lives. Though not an obvious choice, many enneagram people can take up the position of a politician just right. Type two people are often motivated by helping others, and the profession of a politician is dedicated to people. Empathy also plays a vital role in bringing the best out of candidates in this role.

Roles and responsibilities: 

  • Create laws and developmental plans that can help in the reformation of land and people.
  • Listen to the demands of the people and work in accordance to bring positive changes.
  • Ensure that the rules and laws are followed and any form of harm is avoided.
  • Build relationships with neighboring countries to bring peace to the land. 
  • Develop good finance strategies for the country and allocate budgets to ensure that all the resources of the country are effectively divided among the people. 

Average Payscale: $174,000 ( depending on position)

Personal trainers

Personal trainers are dedicated to meeting the demands of the client based on their health and fitness needs. They need to be attentive to the needs of the client and understand their needs. Being empathetic, sensitive is also a must trait of a personal trainer. Enneagram two types of people fit the personality traits of the character aptly making them a perfect candidate for the job.

Roles and responsibilities: 
  • Understand the client’s need for fitness, and make plans according to the needs and demands of the client.
  • Tailoring different fitness plans that suit individual needs. 
  • Creating different assessments for testing the progress of the clients regularly.
  • Creating advice and plans that inform the clients about health, nutritional needs, and other similar changes that they can bring to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide mental guidance to ensure that clients are motivated to work out.

Average Payscale: $22.36 per hour


Enneagram two types of people can make the best photographers because a photo is so much about emotions than just a perfect click. Though being a photographer needs an entire set of vivid skills, emotions play a vital role to understand what goes behind the perfect click. Type two being emotional, and attentive to the details can make excellent photographers.

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Clicking pictures according to the needs of the client. (If working for a company)
  • Editing the pictures.
  • Looking up good locations and understanding the perfect setup for amazing shots.
  • Setting up equipment for photography and researching different aspects of photography.

Average Payscale: $51,000 annually (vary on the type of employment)


The best occupation in the list that is tailored for enneagram 2 people is Doula. Doula are trained companions that support another person during a medical state, these can be pregnancy, difficult childbirth, mental health during an abortion, miscarriage, and many more. The individuals are trained to be empathetic and provide emotional support to a person. They look after all their needs and build a relationship with them that will help them stay strong throughout their medical stature.

Roles and responsibilities: 
  • Provide emotional and mental support to mothers throughout pregnancy.
  • Support women emotionally, physically, and morally to undergo childbirth safely.
  • Listening to mothers and understanding their concerns.
  • Visiting mothers after childbirth to provide advice, support, and practical support. 

Average Payscale: $110 per hour


Enneagram 2 people are helpers in nature. They are emotional, attentive, altruistic, and often rely on others to get motivation. Enneagram 2 types are motivated when they are appreciated by others. It motivates them to work for their needs, striving to make themselves better every day. All these characteristics make them extremely suitable for certain kinds of jobs that require constant emotional support and help. Some of the jobs include teaching, nursing, social work, and many more.

If you are enneagram 2 people and looking for opportunities to explore your career, go through the suitable list and see if you resonate with the same. 


  • Where to find the enneagram test?

The enneagram test can be found on several sites. The official test can be taken here https://enneagramtoday.com/resources/tests/.

  • Does enneagram 2 only follow the above career list? 

No, the list is mentioned for reference purposes. Candidates belonging to enneagram 2 can choose their careers according to their interests. 

Enneagram Type 2 Careers – Best Jobs

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