USPS Background Check

USPS conducts rigorous background tests on its clients because of the many applications for its advertised positions. Moreover, USPS mainly absorbs clients at the entrance level and requires no GED or training for some jobs, such as postal jobs. Later, one can climb up the ladder depending on their seniority.

Does USPS Hire Ex-convicts?

This is at the discretion of USPS. Though it strives to create equality in employment, it conducts criminal records checks and the NACI investigations in some cases. The decision also depends on the crime. For example, one applying for a postal job with a mail fraud crime may be disqualified. Ex-convicts are also exempted from handling sensitive information.

How to Apply for a Background Check

Primarily, one should be 18 years and above or be 16 years with a high school diploma.

One should send their fingerprint via their local post office. Then USPS begins conducting federal and state background checks.

Individuals applying for a criminal background check should state their names, residence for the past 5 years, date of birth, and social security number. USPS informs the candidates that they conduct a background check before they commence. One should be honest in their details because USPS doesn’t disqualify someone merely because they were fired. The hiring manager weighs the situation.

USPS Background Check

Stages for USPS Background Test

There are two main stages. Firstly, the prescreening process requires candidates to do a drug test, a criminal background test from their location, and the candidates to pass the interview.

The second stage is for many candidates that have passed the first background test. USPS conducts the National Agency Check with Inquiries. USPS selects candidates who adhere to law and order. 

Types of Background Checks

The Federal Background Check

USPS searches information in the National Crime Information Centre database. It searches for any case or pending case in any state.

The State Background Check

USPS finds this information in the state’s criminal record. It includes prior cases and pending cases. This information can be found online. Unfortunately, applicants who have left abroad in the last five years may be disqualified.

Disqualifications of Working at USPS as a Driver

One whose experience in driving is less than two years. This may be because the individual’s license has been suspended or revoked.

Careless driving within 3 years at least once or twice for 5 years.

Traffic violations that happen at least once for three consecutive years or in 5 years. This includes when the police find the individual drank.

Accidents that the individual causes lead to death or an accident that the individual has causes in the last 3-5 years. 

A hit and run case or overspeeding cases.

Disqualifications from Working at USPS as an Employee.

One with pending criminal charges.

Suppose the criminal charges date back to 7 years. However, the background check can go further to 10 years or more, depending on the state laws. 

Dishonesty. For example, one may claim to be a graduate though the school the claim to have studied does not recognise their certificate. 

If one fails a drug test.

If candidates respond to the USPS messages too late or do not attend the USPS screening.

Disqualifications for USPS Subcontractors

Subcontractors must first go through the screening process. However, subcontractors who have handled mails in less than 6 months aren’t required to do a screening test. 

Otherwise, employees should test for the drugs the populace abuses the most. The drugs include marijuana, phencyclidine, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine. The laboratory that conducts the test must be certified by SAMHSA.

States that Conduct Background Test on Employees Past 10 Years

  • New York
  • Alaska
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • California
After the Background Check…

One should check their emails, including spam messages. Then, one can email USPS requesting an update on the hiring process. 

What to Do if USPS Makes a False Background Check

USPS employs the services of the General Information Services(GIS) agency in conducting a background checks. Though rare, GIS can make an error in their background check. Consequently, this leads to the disqualification of the candidate. 

GIS may make an error because of outdated information. It mistakenly swapped the criminal history records or used the wrong identity. 

One can challenge the States Bureau of Identification or sue USPS if its actions violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Tips to Get a USPS Job

Update your driving record, ensuring that it is accurate.

One who was previously convicted should be psychologically prepared to give details about their conviction.


When applying for a job as a USPS driver, your driving record should be impeccable. Individuals who taint their driving records with offences automatically get disqualified. Equally important, USPS may disqualify those with pending cases or a prior case involving job performance, such as mail fraud. Conversely, USPS can hire one with poor driving experience if the job doesn’t involve driving.

  • What happens if one fails a USPS background check?

USPS gives individuals a chance to provide extra information, or the individuals can appeal the decision.  

USPS Background Check

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