USPS Prehire List

It is a shortlist, which is an indication that USPS considers certain candidates for the job position. Candidates that make it to the prehire list have to be eligible in the virtual entry assessment by scoring high. Therefore, the prehire list is a screening test that ensures that candidates meet the job description.


  • Discipline and Honesty

Candidates should have a strong moral compass to do what is right. They should be self-disciplined to adhere to USP’s rules and regulations without needing supervision. Additionally, eligible candidates should diligently carry out their tasks and account for their actions by reporting to the supervisors. The prospective candidate should also be accountable enough to admit their mistakes without the need to blame others. Lastly, the applicants should be trustworthy when handling company property.

  • Flexibility

Individuals should be open to change in the organization’s management and innovative changes. They should also be proactive and positively preempt changes. The changes may cause stress, frustrations, and disappointments for candidates with the wrong attitude. And candidates should be up to the task to handle new and challenging tasks.

  • Collaboration

Applicants should be able to work effectively in a team. In effect, they should be skilled in handling conflicts peacefully. Additionally, the applicants should be passionate about their work and be receptive to helping other colleagues and customers.

  • Communication 

Applicants should carefully listen to instructions to carry out the right orders. They should also communicate this information adequately. 

  • Photo Identification

Applicants should have an original photo ID and updated it, and it should be legally obtained from the federal or state government in the USA. This includes:

  • Driver’s license
  • Military ID
  • ID card
  • Green card
  • Visa card
  • Employment authorization card
  • Territory ID.

USPS Prehire List Stages

Invitation and Preparation

Once one passes the online test, the hiring manager contacts those individuals inviting them for a group interview. One should respond to the main in good time. The hiring manager then sends the location for the interviews and their requirements. 

Group Interview

Individuals are briefed about the job requirement, its role and its salary. Everyone in the group should state their name, why they are interested in the position, and their background.

Individual Interview

The interviewees ask about their backgrounds and their work experience. USPS conducts a federal background check to verify the individual’s information. If the two are inconsistent, one is disqualified from the list. 

USPS Prehire List

Follow Up Appointment

USPS then sends an email to the candidates. The candidates should attend the drug test in person. Individuals should also provide personal details such as social security numbers to USPS’s link to the sent email.

USPS conducts another individual Interview and offers successful candidates employment. 

How USPs Reviews Employment Application

HRs later examine the application forms before listing eligible candidates. They check for omissions, untrue statements, the applicants’ employment records, and why they have a gap in their careers. For this reason, candidates must append a signature to their forms and ensure that they countercheck their documents before sending them for any errors. 


Induction is made for the pre hired candidates, which helps them be more familiar with the company. 

Candidates are invited to USP Company which familiarizes them with the place.

USP inducts the successful candidates with training. It also provides information on their salary, benefits, terms of employment, job expectations and training requirements. USP also shares videos of the job preview to give candidates a glimpse of their expected roles.

What Excludes Candidates from the List?

Candidates who are unavailable for the assessment. This may be because they don’t give feedback on USP’s official notifications. Therefore, candidates should ensure that their communication to the company, such as emails sent, has been delivered. Secondly, USPS may exclude a candidate who states their unavailability. Thirdly, a candidate can also request the company to remove their names from the register. Candidates who request USP to remove their names from the register should request USP consider them for future positions.

Candidates in the postal office who are not considered applying for a career position while holding a career position in USP. Similarly, candidates who apply for a temporary position are ineligible if they hold a temporary position in the company.

The eligible candidate who passes the screening test may still be excluded from further interviews if they don’t meet the specific job qualifications. For example, a qualified candidate who lacks typing skills is not eligible for qualifications for a typing job. Such candidates are counted as unavailable. Candidates with criminal charges are also excluded from USP’s list until the case is concluded. A candidate can be excluded for a maximum period of 3 years.


An applicant may either be on the selected list or the not recommended list. Knowing the qualifications and crosschecking an application ensures that they prepare for their assessment properly. Candidates should explain historical concerns such as employment concerns. They should also demonstrate their basic communication skills.

  • After how long should individuals expect USPS feedback?

USPS takes a maximum of one month to give the applicant feedback.

  • Are the USPS exams hard? 

Depending on the position, the exams can be either easy or hard. The general test includes the personality test and the memory test. Most people consider the memory test a bit more challenging.   

USPS Prehire List

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