Where Are Loungefly Bags Made?

Loungefly is a collectible fashion store. It is based in Southern California. The brand aims to offer fanciful, unique, and innovative designs in the wardrobe of their loyal community. It was established in 1998. The firm has licensed accessories in Disney, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Star Wars, Marvel, and Peanuts. Loungefly has become an exclusive brand to sell premium quality fan-focused accessories. Let us learn ‘Where Are Loungefly Bags Made?’.

Where are Loungefly Bags Made?

Where are Loungefly Bags Made?

Loungefly company is in Walnut, CA, United States. But their bags are Made in China. Loungefly is acquired by the Funko company. Ideally, these bags are perfect for carry-around a Disney park. 

Why are Loungefly Bags so prominent?

Bags at Loungefly have innovative cutting-edge bags and backpacks that give a new interpretation of pop-culture characters such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and many more. The quality of the products makes the brand more exclusive. Moreover, Loungefly does not use Real leather on its products.

It is 100% vegan friendly. It utilizes different types of Faux Vegan Leather. They are much easier to maintain and carry around. Additionally, one can trade the Loungefly pins at the parks. During trading, some collectors will opt only for official Disney trading pins.

In which countries are Loungefly products shipped?

Loungefly products are shipped internationally in any region or country such as Australia, Belgium, Kuwait, Malaysia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and many more.

It sells products of different brands such as Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Looney tunes, Nickelodeon, Sanrio, Funko, Horror, Anime, Valfre, The Beatles, and Sports. Products are purchased on Amazon, BoxLunch, Shop Disney, and Hottopic.

Products Sold at Loungefly

Loungefly has a Wide collection of products and accessories. It caters to all kinds of shoppers. The products are Backpacks, Mini backpack, Crossbody packs, Wallets, Apparel, Headbands, Keychain, Lanyards, and more.

Bestsellers Products at Loungefly

  • Winnie the Pooh triple pocket backpack
  • Bambi Springtime mini backpack
  • Loki Crossbody backpack
  • Villans Club mini backpack
  • Marie Sprinkle Cupcake Cosplay Mini backpack, and more.

How do I Identify Real Loungefly Bags?

Procuring your favourite items and it resulted in a fake one is disappointing and awful. Here are some hacks to save your money on dummy products. Observe the stitching on both sides of the bag. It should look neat and subtle. The zippers of the bag shall be embossed/stamped with Loungefly words. The fake bags do not contain stamped words.

The straps of the backpacks shall be padded. It should be a bit sturdy and not fragile, untidy, and wobbly. The straps of new backpacks are embossed with a crown-shaped logo. The prints of a fake bag are a bit enlarged and dull. The zipper of the inner pockets should have Loungefly words stamped on it. The fake one will have a plain zipper. 

The safest way to avoid purchasing counterfeit bags is to buy directly from their official website or through the authorized retailers at the store. 

How to maintain my Loungefly Bags?

Loungefly bags are premium quality bags that can last for years. The Faux Vegan leather material is made from Polyurethane and they are easy to clean and maintain. Firstly, get rid of dust, oils, and residue particles by wiping them from the microfiber towels. Apply some small drops from leather cleaning kits on a soft towel. Wipe it on the product gently.

Clean the product again with a microfiber cloth and let it dry for half an hour. Use some amount of moisturizer on a soft cloth and polish it on the product. Results will be pretty amazing. Lastly, rub it with a microfiber cloth and let it dry for half an hour. Besides, using a washing machine will reduce the quality and durability of the bag.

Alcohol-free baby wipes are also ideal for cleaning bags. It is advisable to test the cleaning product on an unnoticeable area and then apply it to the visible areas. 

Can I Return Products at Loungefly?

Yes, the company accepts returns. It shall be returned within 14 days of delivery of the order. The firm does not reimburse the shipping costs or for the expenses of return shipping. The amount of the product will be credited to the user account. It may have a 20% restocking fee. Moreover, any pre-orders have a 20% cancellation fee. 

How do I register at Loungefly?

To create an account at Loungefly – 

  • Visit their official website – loungefly. Com
  • Tap on the Sign in tab and select Create Account. 
  • Enter your Name, Email, and Password. 
  • Click on Create Account option. 
  • Customers can subscribe to their emails to receive the latest deals, offers, and updates. 


Loungefly bags are made in China. These bags are made from premium quality material and are 100% vegan. These bags are shipped internationally. Brands such as Marvel, Disney, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, and many more are available at the store. These pop culture products are easy to clean and maintain. These bags have long-lasting durability. They are purchased from the stores or on the E-commerce websites such as Amazon.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost of backpacks at Loungefly?

The Loungefly bags may cost around $70 and $85. The price of a bag relies on size, shape, style, and demand. 

2. Are Loungefly bags only meant for young women?

No, the Loungefly bags, backpacks, and accessories are for guys and girls. The designs of these bags are unisex. They are perfect to gift someone on Birthdays, Valentine’s gifts, or even for yourself. 

3. Are Loungefly bags water-resistant?

Yes, all bags of Loungefly are waterproof. 

4. Can I buy gift cards at Loungefly?

No, Loungefly does not provide gift cards. However, they do provide coupons & discounts on their products. 

Where Are Loungefly Bags Made?

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