Why Is Richard Mille So Expensive?

Richard Mille is a luxury watchmaking industry. It got established in 2001 by Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille. It is exclusively known for grandeur and magnificent watches and gets its products sold globally. The headquarters is in Les Breuleux, Switzerland. Thus, the worth of the product rarely declines. It only increases with time. Let us know the reason ‘Why Is Richard Mille So Expensive?’.

Why is Richard Mille so Expensive?

Why is Richard Mille so Expensive?

Richard Mille watches require extreme mastery, caliber, and arduous labor work. The quality, worth, and design composition get highly appreciated by the people of high taste and power.

Qualitative Calibre Work & Design

The distinctive design of the watches makes them so precious and extravagant. They are modernistic and futuristic timepieces. They are light-weighted and convenient to use. The style of the case is extremely laborious, complicated, and expensive to manufacture.

Watches are designed with the three decks – front & back bezels with a middle segment. Every component is curved in shape. The watch is in a tonneau-shaped case which is the dominant & primary feature of the watch. It also comprises zero flat surfaces with the curved surface fitting together in a 100th of a millimeter to ward off the dampness and dirt from entering.

Any machine lover will get galvanized by their design. All designs get concluded with hand-finishing, and the dial tone is too complex. It is also prominent for technical mastery, layered sapphire crystals, and complex visual perceptible movements.

Extortionate Materials

Even though the design work is laborious and futuristic. But it acquired materials that are of extravagant price. Richard Mille is the only brand that makes use of these materials that has been rarely observed in the watch industry. The materials are innovative & advanced and are used in advanced technologies such as cars, aerospace, and yachts. 

To obtain these substances the company has spent years and millions of funds on the research. These substances have new formations and frameworks. Further, as mentioned before they are light-weighted at almost 40 to 50 grams. They contain completely complex construction and extinguished platina. 

The materials like carbon nanotubes, gold infusion with quartz, silicon nitride, perfluoroelastomer with many extortionate materials. All the watches are individually & distinctively made. There are no identical cases because the materials create different unique patterns in the layers of carbon. 

Resilient & Rarity

Watches made from expensive materials are not the sole reason. 

These watches are highly resilient and durable. The warranty stands for five years or more. The worth of the watch would not decline even if the warranty period got expired. Most of the buyers adore purchasing with the aim that eventually in the long run it can be resold with maximum returns. 

Endorsed By Celebrities

Celebrities & sportspeople play a major role in creating trends. Even though this brand has been brought to the limelight and with desired headlines after releasing $2 million in watches. Richard Mille watches are highly endorsed by prominent celebrities & sportspersons such as foremost Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Further, Natalie portman and Jackie Chan. Jay Z has been promoting 027-model with his wife Beyonce. Once, Odell Beckham wore his 11-03 Richard Mille watch that cost $300000 & the fans got crazy to only search for this watch, even though it is not affordable. Thus, prominent personalities create an impact on the products. 

Diverse Collection & Technology

Richard Mille utilizes innovative technology that is tourbillion technology. This technology makes it slightly different and unique from other high-priced watches. The impact of gravity cannot affect and proceeds the watch in another way. It secures for precise timekeeping. This technology is used in all of their watches. With the tourbillion technology, it escapes in a rotating cage. 

Richard Mille watches do not have gender-specific products. They are worn by any individual. However, the collection has specific gender segmentation. These watches have two different wounds that are automatic and manual. The brand provides this variation and the preference for the people to choose from. 

Some Names Of The Richard Mille Luxury Watches

  • RM 70-01: Manual Winding Tourbillion Alain post
  • RM 40-01: Automatic Winding Tourbillion McLaren Speed tail
  • RM 65-01: Automatic Winding Split-seconds Chronograph 
  • RM 61-01: Manual Winding Yohan Blake
  • RM 51-02: Manual Winding Tourbillion Diamond Twister

Exhibits Status & Luxury

Customers purchase high-end luxuries to exhibit their status and success. It represents their value and worth to other people. The brand has a vision and aims for luxury products. Huge funds and research got spent on this luxury brand many times.

The distinctive style makes it attractive for buyers and makes them choose Richard Mille and not any other brand. The extinguished featherweight quality makes it ostentatious on the wrist. The owner had stated that he aimed to create new high-end luxury watches.


Richard Mille is a Luxurious brand for watches. The watches get sold at extravagant prices because of their quality, labor, durability, expensive materials, technology, and variations and get endorsed by celebrities. The product’s worth never declines, and it increases more with time. The watches get sold internationally. The product exhibits status, worth, and the success of the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the low-priced watch of Richard Mille?

Richard Mille’s 016 Extra-Flat is the cheapest watch for $60,000. The quality and details are as same as the higher-end models. It is the most affordable watch. 

2. Does Richard Mille’s watch work on battery?

Yes, Richard Mille watches use batteries. The specialists replace the batteries of all the models for women’s and men’s wrist-watches. 

3. Are Richard Mille watches Water-resistant?

Yes, the watches are waterproofed to 300 meters per ISO 6425 diver’s watch norms. Since the watches are uniquely curved with a tripartite case designed. Also, it uses torque screws that are specifically and precisely tensioned with high accuracy throughout the external perimeters of the case.

4. What is the easiest way to clean Richard Mille’s strap?

An ideal way is to remove the rubber straps before cleaning them. 

They are washed with a lenient infusion of soap and water. The straps made from fabric and leather are cleaned with a damp cloth.

Why Is Richard Mille So Expensive?

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