What Channel is League Pass on Fios?

Fios is a communication network company that provides multiple services from fiber-optic internet services, telephone and communication services, and television services. Its name is full of Fiber Optic Services offered in some areas of the United States, and Frontier Communications operates the licensed FiOS service in former Verizon territories. It began in 2005 and has expanded since reaching its prime in 2010. However, it is restricted from providing phone and TV services in some areas due to the non-allowance of the franchise agreements. Let us learn ‘What Channel is League Pass on Fios?’.

What Channel is League Pass on Fios?

What Channel is League Pass on Fios?

Verizon FiOS channel 89 (SD) channel 589 (HD). It can also opt for half the price in the game season for $28.99/Half season. It is NBA-specific if not opted for as part of any other package. Otherwise, it can be opted for as part of the packages of sports.

League Pass On Fios

League Pass is a National Basketball information channel that shows live matches and replays of previous matches. NBA TV on additional charge as part of FiOS TV’s Extreme HD package, Verizon’s most popular offering, together with ESPN HD, NFL Network HD, and other popular programming services.

The League pass, which is an NBA highlight channel and is known for delivering content, is part of the packages provided by Fios. Fios, the television service, can be opted for via an online subscription. It provides multiple packages for viewing League passes part of either your streaming devices or access it on Television.

Visit the site and browse for the package

The Fios has an online site that has multiple plans. You can browse through the multiple plans to opt for the most suitable one. It can not only be seen on your TV but also can be streamed on other devices such as your laptop and phone. They provide especially sports packages as well for the people to opt from the sports section. 

Choose a package and make an account

It can then be turned into a subscription by paying for it. For this, you will have to go through the process of making an account and then opt for the payment option suitable to you. They will be offering EMI payment methods as well if they do not complete payment at once. 

Activation of the package

Once you have opted and paid for your package, the subscription should start. They will install the fiber in person; from there onwards, you will be able to access the content wirelessly through the means of TV or streaming it on your devices. This process should last for 1-3 days. And then you will be free to enjoy the season’s latest.

Fios is not only known for its quality wireless services but also for its affordable packages. It is, however, unavailable in certain states of the US due to their agreement differences. However, it does provide its services in a wide variety of states.

Fios Sports Package

Fios TV offers over 30 regional sports networks like NFL Redzone, MLB Network, Strike Zone, and ESPN College Extra for just $14/mo. It is one of the pioneer companies in providing fiber optic services and is known for multiple device streaming. Extra with Sports Pass add-on subscription. It also offers sports packages, including NBA League Pass, with up to 30 out of market games every week. It allows you to stream all four matches going on simultaneously to different devices.

Take action if you miss once by showing highlights and stats to keep you up to date. The packages provided by Fios are said to be affordable and swift delivery of the video. The optimized fiber optics make the experience even smoother. IT does not let you miss out on anything.


Fios is a communication network company. It provides multiple services such as telephone and communication, Television, internet, etc. Fios is short for Fiber Optic Services. It is handled by Verizon and Frontier Communication. League Pass can be accessed on channel 89 for standard quality and 589 for high quality (HD).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Verizon Fios Sports Package and Pricelist

I. Center Ice – $49.99/ Half season 

II. NBA League Pass – $28.99/Half Season 

III. MLB Extra Innings – $139.99/Regular Season

IV. MLB TV Premium- $139.99/ Regular Season 

V. Fox Soccer Plus – $14.99/mo. 

2. On What channel is ESPN on Fios? 

It is available as part of the various packages provided by ESPN, and it is available on channel number 73 for Standard quality (SD) and 573 for higher quality (HD). 

What Channel is League Pass on Fios?

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