Does Amazon Own Office Depot? – Know More

Nowadays, big companies include some small companies in them. This helps both small and big companies to grow. Small companies get a big marketplace to scale up their business by listing their products while big companies get a new powerful product in their list having different features. Owning another company adds up different responsibilities along with those of an existing company. Also, if small companies have right and valuable products then only the company which is owning them can be the appropriate company. Big companies choose the right company to own those companies that can add up some value to the existing company. Let us know ‘Does Amazon Own Office Depot?’.

Does Amazon Own Office Depot?

Does Amazon Own Office Depot?

No, Amazon does not own the office depot. An American retailer, office Max founded in 1988, which provides office supplies is now a subsidiary company of office depot.


Amazon is a multinational technology company headquartered in Washington, US. The company focuses on providing E-Commerce services, entertainment, cloud computing, and AI to the entire world. The company was founded around 27 years ago in Washington by Jeff Bezos. This popular company has many subsidiaries that are contributing to the progress of the company. Some of its subsidiaries are book depository, body Labs, Comixology, Digital Photography, Goodreads, Abebooks, Amazon air, etc. In 2021 it became the largest company in the field of services they provide like the largest internet company, online Marketplace, and AI assistant provider.

The Office Depot

This American company provides office supplies like desk telephones, Memory Cards, Wi-Fi adaptors, copy and printing, furniture, and shipping services. It is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The company has 1400 retail stores along with e-commerce platforms. This growing company served its products and services across North America and Europe. In 2017, Office Depot competed with Amazon in terms of technology. The technology services they provide was bought from another company. They also sponsor many programs and partner with them. Some prominent names where they sponsored are NASCAR, ford fusion, Tony Stewart, etc. Using hard work and different strategies the company is making progress.

This powerful company can compete with such a powerful company as Amazon. Here are some of its facilities and services which help it to do so.

  • Same day delivery – You might have seen the workings at offices. There, the employees do not do any delay in the work and in such cases, in need of an office tool a little delay will not be justified. To not disrupt the workflow of offices the office depot provides same-day delivery of its products.
  • Rewards program – The customers usually look for a lower price on the purchase of a product. When the customer gets an additional benefit or discount on the purchase of their needy product they shop it easily without any more thinking. To attract such customers the office depot has a reward program using which a customer on shopping can get reward points which are then used in their next purchase.
  • Progressive subsidiaries – A company becomes progressive when its subsidiaries also perform well. The office depot has two subsidiaries that are progressive by providing trusted products to their customers.

Subsidiaries of the office depot are

  1. The office Max – The office max is providing office supplies just like the office depot to its customers. The company was founded in 1988 and it is providing its services at 941 locations across the US. Earlier its parent company was Kmart and from 2013 onwards it is a subsidiary of office depot.
  2. Grand and Toy – Grand and Toy is another subsidiary of the office depot that provides office supplies, health and care products, and technology. The company was founded in 1882, and since then it has been providing valuable services to its customers.  


When a company owns another company then the parent company increases and expands its business by adding new products and services in the company where the company that is own gets a new place to list their products. Full stop talking about the customer’s view in collaborating with the companies from the customer side, they will not see any difference.

They will continue to shop from their selected stores but there can be a slight difference in the services provided by the company. After collaborating, the companies may change their business model or the way they represent themselves in front of the customers. Deciding about the companies to own is completely the choice of its owner. He or she can decide which company they will collaborate with.


  • What are the various products the office depot provides?

The office depot provides different products for office work. Its products include desk telephones, copy and printing, Memory Cards, Wi-Fi adaptors, furniture, and various shipping services. You can fill all your office needs by shopping at the office depot.

  • What are the subordinate companies of Amazon?

Amazon has different subsidiaries. Some of them are book depository, body labs, Amazon air, Digital Photography, Goodreads, ComiXology, and more. Along with these progressive companies, Amazon scaled up its business and became a leading company in its category.

Does Amazon Own Office Depot? – Know More

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