Does Olive Garden Take Reservations?

Olive Garden is a subsidiary American Italian restaurant of Darden Restaurants, Inc, in the United States with its headquarters in Orlando, Florida, founded in 1982 by Bill Darden. Having approximately 900 chain restaurants across the United States. Olive Garden is one of the fastest-growing restaurants that serve American Italian food. Well, here is everything you might want to know about Olive Garden and its reservations.

Olive Garden Reservations

Olive Garden

Olive Garden is known for its breadsticks, almost all the core menu in the restaurant centers around it. The restaurant serves some of the best Italian cuisines such as pasta dishes, soups, and salads, the dressing they use for their salads has a taste you cannot find anywhere. The soup and sauces at Olive Garden are made fresh in each location and not imported from any other vendor. Olive Garden is a famous restaurant and crowded with people almost every day, and finding a table can be a task.

3 amazing facts to know about Olive Garden if you are new in the city:

  1. The unlimited Pasta on the house
  2. Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone owns the Olive Garden slogan
  3. The after-dining mint-chocolate 
  • The unlimited Pasta on the house

Pasta is one of the most famous Italian dishes and not one soul on the earth dislikes it. If you are one of those souls then, the big news for you, around every year Olive Garden offers their customers to have unlimited pasta for 9 weeks. Yes, for nine weeks you can have unlimited pasta, soups, salads, breadsticks. It is an advertising technique that the company uses every year. However, the only deal is that the passes for the unlimited pasta get sold out in the blink of an eye. If you want to devour upon this unlimited pasta feast keep a keen eye on the passes. 

  • Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone own the Olive Garden slogan

Jimmy Fallon is a talk show host of the famous show The Tonight Show. And Post Malone the American rapper owns the Olive Garden famous slogan when you’re here, you are family. But how? Jimmy Fallon bought the copyrights of the slogan for his show, which later got passed on to Post Malone.

  • The after-dinning mint chocolate

The mint chocolate that is served after a meal at the Olive Garden is specially made candy for the restaurant. You may find the taste similar to the Andes mints candy, however, they are not the same. Andes mints are a bar of three-layer chocolate whereas Olive Garden mint candy is two-layer chocolate, the taste being the same is because the company that makes Andes chocolate also makes Olive Garden special mint chocolate. However, the restaurant is pretty famous for its mint’s chocolate.

Does Olive Garden take reservations?

You don’t need a reservation to dine at Olive Garden, however, if you are in a group of more than 8 you might have to book a seat in Olive Garden. Otherwise, it is an open table restaurant where you do not need to make reservations however, Olive Garden does not accept reservations on Friday and weekends due to company policy. 

How can I book a reservation at Olive Garden?

Since Olive Garden does not have any online booking system, you can either call the representative or walk in person to the restaurant to book a reservation. You can find the contact number on their official website. 

Why do people have reservations? If it is not necessary

Olive Garden does allow reservations if you are in a large group of 8 or more any group below 8 is allowed without any prior bookings, however, people still book their place because it is a famous restaurant and it is full almost every day and you have to wait for a table to get free. This is why people find it much easier to book a table in advance to avoid long waiting. 


If you were confused about whether or not you need a reservation at Olive Garden. Then let’s quickly summarize that you only require a reservation at Olive Garden if you are going with your family in a large group of more than 8 or 12. If you are two people or any group below 8 you can just walk into the restaurant. They do not have any online booking system so need to visit the restaurant personally or book a table on call. Whichever way works for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Does Olive Garden sell its dressings?

One fascinating thing about Olive Garden is that they sell their salad dressings. However, you can also buy it from any local store, but if they are out of stock or not available in the market. You can just get it from the restaurant itself.

Q2. How long do I have to wait at Olive Garden to get a seat?

Well, it depends on the crowd. However, 20-30 minutes approximately. To avoid this lengthy waiting you can book a table before your visit. 

Does Olive Garden Take Reservations?

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