Is CoverGirl Beauty Brand cruelty-free?

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The Noxzema Chemical Company established the American cosmetics brand CoverGirl in Maryland, the United States. In 1989, it was purchased by Procter & Gamble, then in 2016, it was purchased by Coty, Inc. More and more labels are now using the Leaping Bunny mark, which is a worldwide emblem of cruelty-free cosmetics manufacture. CoverGirl is the latest to do so

Is CoverGirl Beauty Brand cruelty-free?

Small, independent businesses have been leading the campaign to abolish animal testing for years, which is excellent, but many of us were left wondering when the most well-known and prominent firms will do more to help end the wasteful practice of animal testing.

Covergirl is a cruelty-free brand. These products are never tested on animals or on any of the materials used to produce the products at any time. Additionally, Cruelty-Free International’s Leaping Bunny accreditation has been obtained by Covergirl, and the company intends to use the mark on its packaging in 2019.

Is CoverGirl Beauty Brand cruelty-free?

It is worth noting that Covergirl never tested completed goods or components on animals before receiving their accreditation as cruelty-free. It was only their existence in China and the necessity of animal testing that prevented them from achieving this status.

Does CoverGirl beauty brand have the leaping bunny logo?

Cruelty-Free International has allowed CoverGirl to show the Leaping Bunny certification. It is one of the globally recognized certifications of the gold standard for the cruelty-free mark. The Leaping Bunny logo, which can be found on a slew of cruelty-free items, was created by Cruelty-Free International. 

Is Covergirl beauty brand available in China?

There were no animal tests conducted by Leaping Bunny throughout the development of Covergirl goods as a result of their audit. Leaping Bunny can’t certify Covergirl as cruelty-free since the company no longer sells in China.

What is the market share of CoverGirl in China? 

Chinese consumers are not able to purchase any items. This is the first time CoverGirl has been offered in China since the company was bought by Coty in 2016.

It is possible that Procter & Gamble, the parent firm of CoverGirl, helped the brand enter the Chinese market. According to Procter & Gamble’s 2005 news release, it was going to be sold in China, which would imply that animal testing was needed by law. 

However, it is unclear whether or not CoverGirl was ever distributed in China. As soon as Coty bought CoverGirl from P&G, they made the conscious choice not to bring CoverGirl into China’s market since they were aware that animal testing would be mandatory.

Is Covergirl a pioneer in cruelty-free?

Covergirl carefully planned every stage of its cruelty-free accreditation, as seen by the massive amount of media attention it received. As a result of this, they were able to gain media attention and raise awareness about their business.

This is perfectly OK. When a well-known company decides to cease using animals in its product testing, it should be commended. Beauty firms are listening to their customers, which is a good sign for the industry as a whole.

At a Glance: Covergirl licenses

  • No animal testing of finished items.
  • No animal testing of ingredients:
  • No animal testing is conducted by a third party.
  • If it’s mandated by law, it’s not tested on animals.
  • Coty purchased Covergirl and hasn’t sold it in China since then.
  • Certificates: Leaping Bunnies
  • The parent corporation isn’t obliged to be cruel free though

What additional companies are there which are cruelty-free?

It’s not only CoverGirl that’s been working to get cruelty-free cosmetics into drug stores lately. PETA has recognized one of Unilever’s most well-known products, Dove, as cruelty-free after the company recently expressed its support for a global ban on animal experimentation in the cosmetics sector.


CoverGirl says it’s delighted to help make cruelty-free cosmetics more widely available and more affordable for the general public. Cruelty-free cosmetics have long been a goal of CoverGirl’s, but the company officially declares it is. Moreover, a greater number of individuals will benefit from cruelty-free cosmetics if they can do so.


When required by law, does Covergirl do animal testing? 

No. When mandated by law, Covergirl does not do animal testing. Animal testing on their products is not mandated by law, and they do not pay for it. COVERGIRL is not sold in any market that requires animal testing.

COVERGIRL is owned by who?

It’s no secret that Coty is the company behind CoverGirl. Proctor & Gamble once owned them. They were purchased by Coty in 2016.

Are there any vegan Covergirl cosmetics?

 Yes! CoverGirl is attempting to label and produce more vegan goods, even though there aren’t many currently available.

Is CoverGirl a reputable company or a bad one?

CoverGirl has the most brand-loyal customers, according to a survey of 1,000 women over the age of 18. Millennial women picked CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Neutrogena for affordable prices and great quality as their preferred brands for affordable prices and excellent quality.

Is CoverGirl Beauty Brand cruelty-free?

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