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Home Depot Inc, commonly referred to as the Home Depot is known as one of the largest home improvement retailer companies in the United States. The company offers a wider variety of services including the supply of equipment and tools, hardware and construction materials, furniture, and other products required to fully transform a home to have a brand-new look. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia with its founders being Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank.  In this article, we are giving Home Depot swot analysis.

Home Depot Swot Analysis

Most people know the company based on how it ran out of stock immediately after its formation. After their first Home Depot launch, the founders- Bernie and Arthur- placed empty paint cans and boxes into the store because they were out of stock.  

Since its debut, Home Depot has greatly changed the home improvement facet by instilling the DIY mentality into people triumphing over its competitors as it rises gradually. 

Below is Home Depot Swot Analysis: 


  1. Distinguished human resource policies, according to different market analyses, to achieve greatness and prominence in the retailing business, a business must have the ability to retain its highly productive human resource. Home Depot is famous for taking good care of its employees, the company went to an extent of paying college fees to some of its employees so that they can achieve their lifelong goals. 
  2. With climate debates and discussions being one of the major deciding factors as to whether a company will thrive in its venture, Home Depot offers several eco-friendly options in the production of its services. With the consumers being conscious now more than ever of using environmentally friendly products, the Home Depot company has won the hearts of its ever-conscious clients by providing products such as eco-friendly power tools. 
  3. The company thrives also on its loyal clientele base, moreover, the company worked so hard to provide its customer with a top-notch customers experience. This has in return nurtured a very strong customer base that is very loyal to Home Depot with most of its customers visiting the same Home Depot store in their locality. 
  4. Wider variety of products, Home Depot offers a wider range of products that one may need to improve the outlook of his home. Its products range from tools to materials required for construction, fasteners, fixtures, the list of its products may seem endless.  
  5. Superb customer services, the company invests in empowering its employees’ innovations and creativities by recognizing them. In return, Home Depot has created a culture of perfect customer service and still striving to improve its shoppers’ experiences. The sky is not the limit when it comes to satisfying customers’ needs at Home Depot. 
  6. So far Home Depot is the largest retailing company providing home improvement services. We all know that when it comes to business, the size of your business is a factor and it matters. With its bigger size, Home Depot benefits from economy of scale over its rivals. Additionally, its sizes allow it to protect its shares by putting away its competitors.  
  7. High margins compared to its rival, with the higher margin the company has the ability to financial resources and divert them into other ventures like research and development. 
  8. Ecommerce move, with the rapid technological advancement around the globe, different multinational companies, and famous brands started venturing into selling their product using online platforms. A move that started as early as the 2000s. Home Depot on the other did not realize how beneficial this move was at its onset stages and made a return of 1 percent. However, with continuous efforts and development, the company realized massive in its sales from 2019 moving onwards. 


  • Most of Home Depot’s competitors made an earlier move to occupy the online eCommerce platforms and have since then caught a substantial deal of customers. Home Depot, on the contrary, made its move to venture into the online platform quite late. This is not to say it was a mistake, however, if they had made this move as early as their rivals then their returns and gains could have been more than the rise that the company witnessed in the first half quarter of 2020. 
  • One of the most terrifying challenges that established retailer companies battle with is the use of outdated or aging infrastructure, this is the same case with Home Depot. Home Depot’s investment to transform its digital space was rendered in vain because of the old infrastructure.
  • The company recorded a negative reputation in 2019, after laying off an employee who requested a disability break. This act, however, painted a very negative public impression of the company. 


  • The company stands an opportunity to expand its operations further beyond Northern America. With all its stores concentrated within one geographical area, Home Depot can suffer a decrease in sales as it approaches its maturity. Home Depot, with its reputation and being a valuable brand has greater opportunities for success in the Indian and other Asian markets. 
  • Like other companies for instance Jimmy John’s are among the brands that have experienced faster growth due to acquisitions. Venturing into this opening, Home Depot can thrive to its peak without any hurdles.
  • Instead of only venturing into one aspect of home development, Home Depot can venture into activities like offering catering services to its clients.


  • Over the past 10 years, Home Depot’s lumber sector has been experiencing a decrease in its shares price which has affected Home Depot’s revenues. 
  • Intense completion from its rivals places the companies into a stickier situation now than before. Its rival includes Amazon and Lowe.

Home Depot competitors

  • Lowes 
  • Ace hardware
  • Hajoca corporations
  • HHGregg
  • Walmart
  • Huttig building products. 


From the home depot swot analysis above, it is evident that Home Depot has several strengths and opportunities as compared to the threats and weaknesses. While trying to venture into new opportunities and doing away with the threats and weaknesses, the business can no doubt achieve its optimal peak within no time.

Home Depot Swot Analysis – Learn More

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