Panera Rewards-Know More About It

Panera Bread Company is a chain of stores of bakery-cafe restaurants in the United States. It owns 2000+ stores, and all are in America and Canada. Ken Rosenthal and Linda Rosenthal established the Panera. It offers products in immense varieties, for instance, Bakery products, pizza, soups, salads, sandwiches, brownies, cookies, pastries, and different beverages.Shoppers can save their pockets on salads and sandwiches and receive free bagels/cookies with more delicious dishes through the Panera Rewards. During checkout, it also provides offers and discounts.

Panera Rewards

Features Of Panera Rewards

The company offers the Panera rewards to the loyal customers on their favorite foods. The subscription gets redeemed on drive-thru delivery and Curbside pickup. These rewards get received on the transactions and not on the total amount spent.

The rewards will become more and more personalized if the customer stays loyal to this company. Exciting coupons on salads and sandwiches and free bagels too! For access to rewards, it is mandatory to sign up for an account at MyPanera. 

The rewards are gained based on the purchases of an individual i.e. personalized rewards. Receive a free sweet treat right after signing up at MyPanera. The company relishes celebrating the birthday of its loyal customers with a special treat. Thus, rewards for things that you love most and will personalize those earned rewards to the foods you love. Thus, even if you order a lot of You Pick twos, earn rewards on them too.

As a new member at MyPanera, get free delivery for 30 days. Unlimited coffee and subscriptions are available to the members at MyPanera. Receive a free cookie/bagel, $1 off on the salad, or $2 off on the order. Sign up for Mypanera by email and receive amazing surprise offers. Earn rewards on catering purchases too!

Joining Panera Rewards

Follow these steps to join Panera rewards:

  1. Visit this website ( 
  2. You can choose either ‘Sign up with Facebook’ or ‘Sign up with Email’.
  3. Enter your details such as phone number, name, and email address. 
  4. Generate a password and confirm it.
  5. Provide your Date of Birth. This option is non-mandatory but you can receive a free reward on your birthday.
  6. Enter the MyPanera Card number, only if you may have received it at the store.
  7. If you wish to receive exciting offers then sign up for the email. 

Earning Rewards At Panera

Panera has a feature to track your visit. The number of visits will be visible in your account till the upcoming reward. The rewards are not earned based on the number of dollars you spent on it. Once it gets claimed, the counter will restart, and you can work towards another reward. Two buyers can receive the same based on their purchase history.

The more you visit, the more rewards can be earned. Per visit means purchasing an entire meal or even a coffee. In a single day, the buyer can have numerous visits as far as they are more than 2 hours apart. The visit could be either through online mode or at the local Panera shop.  

Claiming Panera Rewards

The rewards are redeemed at the store or online mode. 

  1. At store

If you wish to redeem the reward at the store then directly inform the cashier for claiming the MyPanera reward. Further, they will ask for your phone number and the MyPanera card. Do not fret. If any case, you forgot to carry the card. Nearly all the cashier will just ask to redeem the reward or not. 

  1. Redeeming rewards on online mode –

Log in to your MyPanera account. Pick all the items and place the order. Tap on your cart and select “redeem” on the rewards you wish to utilize. In the checkout section, the discount amount is displayed.

Do My Panera Rewards Expire?

Yes, the rewards do have an expiry date. Log in to the MyPanera app/website and check at MyPanera dashboard. If you receive these rewards by email, then expiration dates are mentioned on the coupon itself.

Visiting their store, the cashier will explain the rewards you wish to apply and also notifies with their expiry dates. It can also be observed at the base of your receipt. It is advisable to apply before the expiry dates since the company does not accept it. The more you visit the shop, the more you earn another reward.  

The Most Popular Items At Mypanera

As per the rankings from different websites, the popular foods are:

  • The signature takes a chicken sandwich
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  • Citrus Asian Crunch Salad with Chicken 
  • Chicken noodle soup and many more are special items at MyPanera. 
  • Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich 
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal with Almonds, Quinoa, and Honey is one of the healthiest foods to consume at Panera. 


Panera is a very famous chain of stores for bakery cafe restaurants in the United States. It sells products in immense varieties. From delicious soups, salads, sandwiches with healthy items too! The company offers a reward program to its loyal customers. It is obligatory to sign up for an account at MyPanera to access the rewards. Sign up for the email, to receive special offers and discounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to get a MyPanera Card?

Visit the nearby local Panera shop. Request for a Physical card or keychain card. Nevertheless, the physical card is not obligatory to earn rewards at MyPanera. Buyers can also use their phone numbers to join up for the rewards.   

2. Can I claim two rewards at once?

One cannot stack rewards at MyPanera. Only one reward can be claimed on a single purchase. These rewards are earned more than once but it is redeemed per purchase. One can wait for a couple of minutes and place another order to use multiple coupons on a single visit.

3. What is Panera’s Loyalty Program?

Shoppers can save on their favorite menus, quickly skim through the rewards, and repurchase previous orders through the app. It also provides different recipes, some tricks for better cooking, and individualized rewards such as a free item to make them linger more on the website. They also provide 1-day Soup for free, a sneak preview of their exclusive offers. 

Panera Rewards-Know More About It

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