What are Starbucks stars?

Starbucks corporation has roaster reserve headquarters that are located in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is an American multinational chain of a coffeehouse. It is one of the world’s largest coffeehouse chains. Till the year 2021, there are 33,833 stores in approx. In eighty countries, there were reportedly 15,444 stores. 

The Starbucks stars have no cash value, and they are only for promotional purposes. A person can use any card registered under Starbucks and earn stars for spending at Starbucks stores in a country like India. It is important to note that a member can only earn stars when an accumulated Starbucks card is registered. As a member of Starbucks rewards, an individual can redeem stars by participating at stores when they may qualify for a reward tier. In addition, after collecting starts, an individual may redeem complimentary customization beverages before they expire. 

This is how many Starbucks stars are required for their respective rewards:

Once a person uses stars, the corresponding number of stars will automatically be removed from their star balance. Following is the list for redeeming their rewards – 

  1. Twenty-five stars – customize a personal or favorite drink with a dairy substitute, syrup, extra shot, or sauce such as mocha.
  2. Fifty stars – bakery items or hot brewed tea, hot brewed coffee.
  3. One hundred and fifty stars – parfait or hot breakfast, handcrafted drink.
  4. Two hundred stars – protein box or salads, lunch sandwiches.
  5. Four hundred stars – packaged coffee or select the merchandise.

Select Starbucks locations and then redeem stars but the option for multiple tiers is not yet available. These stores have only one reward tier at 150 stars, valid only for the beverage or food item. 

About the rewards of Starbucks:

Starbucks gives rewards to thank their loyal customers for patronizing their purchase of Starbucks products and business. The reward members of Starbucks can accumulate and earn “stars” that will be redeemed at Starbucks reward benefits at participating in stores. Unfortunately, at this time, not all stores have the ability to redeem stars or reward stars for rewards. 

What are Starbucks stars?

How to join Starbucks rewards?

To join the Starbucks star rewards, visit a website on Starbucks or download their Starbucks mobile app and follow the given prompts to make an account on them. following is the information required to open an account – 

  1. First and last name of a person.
  2. Email address
  3. Password
  4. Birthday date and month are optional to receive birthday offers or gifts on your birthday, but if you do not enter birthday information, then do not expect to receive birthday rewards. 

When a person is registered or joins Starbucks rewards, they are automatically provided with a digital card with zero balance. By doing the following things, one can add funds to their digital Starbucks card – 

  1. By visiting a site
  2. By using Starbucks’s application
  3. As an in-person participant in the Starbucks store 

To register a card eGift or as a physical gift card to an account by adding the 16 digits of the card number of Starbucks and their security code. Physical plastic cards of Starbucks are available for sale for participants in Starbucks stores and in other retail locations (which includes malls, kiosks, or gift cards); in the form of digital as physical plastic cards Starbucks; eGits cards, these are things which their cards include which can be purchased from their website. A person may have only one personal account, and multiple Starbucks can add for their use in Starbucks Rewards. All the cards, whether digitally provisioned or purchased physically, are incorporated with the terms and conditions of Starbucks; otherwise, there will be no use for them. 

Earning of stars:

The number of stars earned by an individual is essential as the rewards are based on them, and they are available through Starbucks rewards. In the countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and the united states, a person can earn stars by purchasing and participating by visiting these stores. The following are the ways to earn the Starbucks stars – 

  1. Pay for purchased items with the Starbucks card.
  2. It is paying for the purchased items by using the payment method linked with it.
  3. Star codes
  4. Programs of partnership
  5. A promotional star offers a bonus.
  6. I scanned the membership barcode in the app and the pay with a credit card, mobile wallet, cash, or debit card. (In the U.S., earn one star with every one U.S. dollar).  

Note: Stars are earned in a fractional amount, totally dependent upon the purchase value. 


A person can collect Starbucks stars from registered cards and later redeem them by choosing complimentary beverages or drinks, or food before it expires. The Starbucks star has no cash value, and they are only used for promotional purposes. As a member at Starbucks, a person can redeem their stars by participating at stores when they qualify for a reward tier.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: At Starbucks, what is the value per star?

Ans: From 3 to 7 cents, this is the value for Starbucks per star. After collecting stars, a person can redeem them in Starbucks stores.

Q2: For a free drink, how many Starbucks stars are required?

Ans: A person can collect 150 stars to redeem them for a free drink of their choice, or they can hold to collect 300 stars and redeem two free drinks at one time. 

Q3: When will the Starbucks stars expire?

Ans: The stars will expire in 6 months, so redeem your rewards before they expire. Regardless of any tier, Starbucks will apply for the oldest stars. For example – if a person earns five stars on July 16 and 10 stars on July 24, then the total balance for the month is 15, and this balance will expire on Feb 1. 

What are Starbucks stars?

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