Why Is Paypal So Bad

PayPal is one of the most outstanding financial technology companies introduced to ordinary people for easy online monetary fund transactions. Now, everything has got both its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages are the only things that separate a company from its competitors and let people decide the most suitable service to choose in such a highly competitive market.

PayPal is one of those companies that also gives people a reason to get disappointed sometimes. These reasons could be why most people are left unsatisfied with its services even though the company is a reputed one. PayPal charges higher fees, and their poor customer service proves to most customers why they are such bad at their services. 

However, on the other hand, it is not just poor customer service or higher fees, but the company is also known for its great miscellaneous qualities and features, which attracted a lot of crowds. The company was founded back in 1998, and its headquarters is located in California, United States of America. Currently, the CEO of the company is Dan Schulman.

Reasons Why PayPal Is A Bad Option For Online Transaction

Now, most people could argue some of the reasons mentioned below why PayPal could not be a better option for online transactions, but they do sometimes prove to be true. Let us look at some of why PayPal becomes a significant setback for making an online transaction in the first place.

Not Easy To Reach Out To The Customer Service Team

Most customers/users have complained that the customer service of PayPal is difficult to contact, and besides, the customer service was of poor quality. Furthermore, most people felt that their issues were not resolved even after contacting customer service. Such poor quality of services will only create dissatisfaction among customers. Thus, the company tends to fall back in its revenues when customers switch to other platforms/methods for online transactions.

There are various ways to reach out to the customer service team. Individuals can either mail them, message, call, or go to the ‘PayPal Community’ section to solve their issues. But, getting issues solved may not be a smooth process.

Why Is Paypal So Bad

Account May Get Suspended Or Be Kept Hold 

While signing up with PayPal, a user must also agree with the terms and conditions put down by PayPal. Terms and conditions include that an account with suspicious activity could be suspended from the concerned authorities from PayPal. This was mainly done to keep scammers away and keep transactions safe, but PayPal can also hold your funds if they want to, which can happen to anyone, and it can be a frustrating issue for most people.

The company can hold your funds for at least 21 days until and unless the user gives the company relevant information to release them. All these processes make the simple online transaction time-consuming and costly simultaneously, which makes the platform quite a disadvantage over others.

PayPal Charges Expensive Fees 

PayPal is not a free online platform for conducting all kinds of monetary transactions and utilizing other kinds of services. Business owners who need the services of such companies would require to pay a certain amount of money, and it is not a small amount. Most people have had a grievance that the company was charging a higher fee for a simple service.

When PayPal was compared with Visa, it was noticed that PayPal was charging around $0.5% for every transaction while Visa tool only $0.20. As a result, customers were unsatisfied with such kinds of services, and therefore they shifted to other online platforms for making their online monetary transactions.

Instant Transfers Require Charges While Standard Transfers Takes Days

The primary purpose of using these kinds of online platforms is that people can make transactions easily and instantly. But, in the case of PayPal, for instant transactions, one has to pay specific fees so that the transaction can be made instantly. However the standard transaction service is supposed to be fast and instant, but they take days to reach the receiver of the amount, which can be a frustrating issue.

Not Everybody Uses PayPal

Another disadvantage factor is that not everybody uses PayPal; sometimes, transactions can be complex between one individual and another. This is mainly because of the charges and other poor features that PayPal has introduced, which do not attract the crowd. But, there are certain features that one can look at that are good ones and can prove beneficial.


It is all about sending money to the right person instantly and without hassle. But, if any problem arises, there should be proper customer support. When it comes to PayPal’s customer services, most people have concluded that the service team was poor. The company can take this feedback seriously and work on them so that more customers are attracted to the application for easy monetary transactions in the first place rather than getting into problematic situations.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. What are some of the best alternatives to PayPal?

Ans: Some of the best alternatives for PayPal are as the following:

  • Google Pay
  • WePay
  • Skrill
  • ProPay
  • Dwolla
  1. Is Google Pay safer than PayPal?

Ans: Google Pay is one of the most outstanding applications that an individual will ever come across. It is one of the safest applications that one can use for online monetary transactions. However, Google Pay still proves to be a far better option than PayPal.

  1. Is PayPal the safest payment application that is available today?

Ans: PayPal is one of the safest online monetary transaction applications that one will ever come across. The company lists at the top when it comes to safety. Therefore, one can choose the application if they want to make a safe transaction.

Why Is Paypal So Bad

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