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Nowadays, cloth selling is one of the most money-making businesses. Wearing different outfits for different times and activities becomes the trend of the modern era. As a result, it raises the demand for the latest and most comfortable designer outfits. Fashionable and popular stores are open to complete the wish of people. On the other hand, garments companies also become a chief source of the population that affects agriculture and wildlife.  But some clothing companies exist that are eco-friendly and aesthetic as  House of Sunny store and others. Let’s see What are the specialties of stores of House of Sunny? and Stores like it.

Store Like House Of Sunny

House of Sunny embodies love for both consumers and the environment. It aims to manufacture ethical and sustainable products. They want to design eco-friendly materials, biodegradable packing, and recycled materials. Likewise, the sun gives benefits to both humans and the environment, they too intend to embellish humans without harming nature. Hence suggest its name House of Sunny. In addition, it is not co-operating with Fast Fashion because it follows slow fashion to retain the quality of products for a long time.

Furthermore, the quality of products of Sunny store is outstanding that gives you a feeling of long-lasting. Along with,  retaining features can decorate your wardrobe from season to season. Moreover, House of Sunny is an independent women’s garments-based brand in London.  The brand was founded in 2011 by Sunny Williams. Owners of the store considered that their consumer’s and partners’ intense cooperation is another reason for the store’s success.

Other features of the House of Sunny store

  • House of Sunny store is situated within Olympic house. It is a unique well- built building designed with visual art on the outside in 1930.
  • House of Sunny only works with those companies which can provide BSCI, SMETA, and SEDEX certificates to meet the need for social responsibility standards. 
  • The goal of House of Sunny is to produce zero animal products. Because they want to keep the environment healthy for future generations. So, for producing trendy products they use vegan which means the use of no animal products. Hence, they avoid leather, wool, silk angora, Cashmore, and other animal fibers. Moreover, House of Sunny is a store that cares about agriculture and the depletion of the greenhouse effect. Hence, they use animal-free fibers for manufacturing their items.
  • One of the most important elements is the use of recycled materials for making bags of clothes. All cloth bags prepare from 100% biodegradable waste. Because they are plastic-free and prepared with degradable bio-based lines. Thus, leaving no toxic elements or pollution while degenerating.
  • E- flow technology is an eco-friendly technique to produce several high-quality finishing effects with less amount of water and it produces zero waste. Hence, House of Sunny uses the recent technology of e- flow Which uses 800 LT water per 100 garments.
  • Print replacement is another strong element to making the best sustainable products of Sunny. Store use repeat print with anti- wastage prints, to remove fabric waste elements by 40 percent.

Stores like House of Sunny

There are other stores like House of Sunny which maintain the environment are SZ  Blockprint, Pangaea, Lucy and Yak, Birdsong, Noctu, Girlfriend collective, we are we wear, Frank London, and Project Pico.

Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak are virtuous and conservationist garments stores. It was founded by Lucy Greenwood and Chris  Renwick in 2017 in New Zealand. Lucy and Yak are an independent people focus brand which produces outfits from organic fabric in North India. They are working basically with eight small businesses and Ismail was the ninth tailor in India. In addition, they made clothes like boilersuits, colorful dungarees, and cropped sweatshirts. Along with that, they produced 100% organic or recycled products. Also, they offer outfit bags to the customers that are purely recycled and fabulous. Customers can use these bags for other purposes. Their thank you cards and return materials make from totally reused material.  Further, they avoid plastic in the production of garments. Lucy and Yak are so generous in paying salaries to their workers too. They offer 3-4 times the state minimum wage.

S Z Blockprints

SZ Blockprints is a pointing studio based in Jaipur that also aims to produce ethical products to maintain future sustainability. Block printing was started by Sara Zellwar and sold her first piece in London’s Broadway market.

It is a family business that is running from the fourth generation to the present by Kitty Rae. Kitty is known as the “Godmother” of block printing in Jaipur.  SZ Block printing gives importance to the handwork rather than the machine to avoid pollution. Every piece prepares within ten hours to attract customers with beautiful prints and lavish colors. In addition, they use non-toxic dyes that help to avoid irritation to the body. Along with that, they don’t waste extra dye, because they carve the wooden block designs very carefully. As well as, SZ Blockprint focus on the production of selective designs so they follow a slow fashion.


Pangaea is one of the new fashion industries that moving ahead with the innovation to manufacture products that should be friendly to both the planet and humans. It is one of the different cross-breed companies that combine both material science and technology with textile skills to produce lower impact products for the welfare of humans and the conservation of the environment. Pangaea is an ancient Greek word that means whole motherland. The motive of the owners of Pangaia is to develop a brand that includes all-natural attributes of the motherland.

Hence, the company name Pangaea. And, it is the specialty of Pangaia garments that all products get sold quickly. Furthermore, the commercial success of the company depends upon its superior products and sustainable credentials. And this amazing performance comes from laboratory tests before the release of the new launch of products. Along with this, they use mint oil to reduce water pollution. Thus, Pangaea set its name as the first fashion company to preserve, ecological, ethical, and social affairs.


One of the famous justifiable and decent brands is Birdsong. Its products give a pleasant feel after wearing. Because the garments prepare with organic cotton, pure Tencel fiber from wood pulp and Gang fiber are specially used for scarves and knitwear. Also, Birdsong’s outfits are colorful and designs for females in the UK. Besides, manufacturing women’s wear, they also provide opportunities for the female to make sustainable products at a fair wage. Most workers are disabled adults, older women, and local people of the city. Furthermore, they protect from wasting fiber by pre-order. As well as, they use scrap fabric in designing bags and elastic bands.


Noctu is one of the different garment companies which loves to manufacture sleepwear as suggests its name. It is founded by two sisters who were inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and minimalist design. Hence, they create these qualities in their products. Also, their nightwear is made of 100% organic and Fairtrade-certified cotton. Thus, Noctu provides a soft and smooth touch to their customers while sleeping. Besides that, they also provide chances to disable people to work there. 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective takes a big initiative to set textile waste by recycling old clothes into a new ones. It is an outstanding brand of the new and sustainable swimmer for all beach activities. They have a large number of friends because of its transparency, eco-friendly clothing, and availability of an extensive range of sizes XXS-6XL.

Besides gaining more fans, they also maintain their friendship with nature by reusing environmentally safe materials and by recycling PET plastic and ECONYL® in manufacturing apparel. As well as they use vegetable dye and animal-free products. Thus, all lead to a decrease in land and climate pollution. Furthermore, the store provides an opportunity for the people to settle their old clothes there.


Thus, stores like House of Sunny set an example for other garments companies on how to produce products without harming the environment. It is against fast fashion which damages our nature. These stores increase their aesthetic values by protecting both humans and nature. If all different product companies would follow the path of using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, they can maintain ecological balance in the future.

Frequently asked questions

Q) Why do stores like House of Sunny give priority to transparency?

Ans) Because people are always cautious about their outfits in this infected world. Do they want to know who made these clothes, what type of fabric is used, and whether the required size is available or not? So, all the stores like House of Sunny give priority to transparency.

Q) What is the shipping and return policy of Girlfriend Collective?

Ans) Girlfriend Collective is always at the front for their customer uneasiness. Customers can return unwashed and unworn clothes within 30 days from the shipping date. But there should be a company tag for returning the products.

Q) Is SZ Blockprints keeping restock?

Ans) No, SZ Blockprints do not keep restock. Because they produce products with zero waste. So, when they design the latest products, they inform the customers via emails and sell them quickly.

Stores Like House Of Sunny

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