Where Are Tumi Bags Made?

There are many luggage brands out there, it might be difficult to find a brand you can trust to deliver good quality.  Tumi is a luggage brand known to give customers precisely the travel bags that they want. Tumi was founded by Charlie Clifford, who named the company after a Peruvian tumi knife used for sacrifices. The company makes high-end suitcases, bags, and other accessories for traveling purposes. Tumi is based in Edison New Jersey however it outsources all its manufacturing mostly to Asia. 

Where Are Tumi Bags Made?

Tumi is known for its beautifully crafted, high-quality luggage. The company may be based in New Jersey but it manufactures its products in Asian countries like China, Vietnam and Thailand. It also manufactures some of its products in the Dominican Republic. Tumi products are sold around the world. You can buy Tumi products online and in department stores worldwide. 

Tumi Manufacturers 

When Tumi was first established by Charlie Clifford in 1975, all of its products were manufactured in the U.S. The company also offered a lifetime warranty if you bought any of their products. In 2004, Doughty Hanson & Co, an equity firm from London, took over Tumi. All product manufacturing was then moved to China. Then the product warranty was reduced from a lifetime warranty to 5 years warranty. In 2016, Samsonite announced that was taking over Tumi. Currently, Tumi has manufacturers in China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.

What are Tumi Bags made of?

Tumi bags are made from durable materials such as FXT ballistic nylon, aluminum and Tegris. In the 1980s, the soft, ultra-functional black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags propelled the company into its top position in the luggage industry. 

Tumi is also known for its innovative designs and incredible attention to detail. The company finds its design inspiration from different industries including aeronautics and automotive industries. Here are some of Tumi’s innovative features you can find on their bags.

  • The handles are made from strong, lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum. This is what Tumi calls their X-brace 45 Handle System 
  • The zippers are very durable they have an Omega Closure System that prevents the zippers from getting damaged.
  • The bags have easy-glide wheels, which move easily. The wheels have steel ball bearings and steel axles. 
  • The bags have an Add-a-bag System, where you can securely slip your Tumi backpack onto your Tumi luggage bag so you can easily move around the airport. 
  • Tumi bags also have a tracer that will help you find your luggage if you lose it while travelling. The tracers have a unique code that links you to your luggage. 
  • The hard-sided luggage bags are made of Tegris case material, which is strong and lightweight. 
  • The soft-sided luggage bags are made of FXT Ballistic Nylon, which has special weaving and a coating that makes them very durable and less prone to damage. 
  • The bags also have a Secure Slip Shoulder Strap Attachment, that slides into place to ensure that the shoulder strap clip stays closed. 

Is Tumi a Luxury Brand?

In the luggage industry, Tumi is seen as high-end brand. The bags can cost over $ 1000, making them very expensive. The company gained popularity for its luxurious travel luggage and accessories. Tumi has built its reputation over the years as a luxury brand. Owning a Tumi bag makes you look wealthy and successful. 

Why are Tumi Bags so expensive?

Tumi is expensive because it’s a luxury luggage brand that delivers on quality style and durability. If you want to invest in a luxury bag that will last you for years then Tumi bags will be a great investment for you. Here are some of the reasons why the bags are so expensive 

High-end materials 

The bags are made of premium, heavy-duty material that is made to last years after you bought them. Tumi uses tough materials like Tegris on their hard cased bags and FXT Ballistic Nylon on their soft cased bags that are very durable. 

Vigorous Testing 

Tumi bags go through a great deal of testing. They put their products through 30 special tests to ensure that their customers get the best quality travel bags. The bags go through tumble testing, handle jerk tests, zipper tensile tests and many more. 


Tumi offers its customers a 5-year warranty for bag purchases. In addition, depending on the item, Tumi offers full coverage in the first 12 months. This means if your Tumi bag breaks because of luggage handling or wear and tear within the first 12 months of you owning it they will cover all expenses of fixing it. If the bag is damaged beyond repair, they will replace it. If the specific bag is no longer available, they will give you another one of the same value. It is important to note that from years 2 to 5, Tumi no longer covers any damage. 

Customer support 

Tumi is well known for its stellar customer support. The company’s customer support agents are always willing to help customers. If your Tumi product needs to be repaired or you need any assistance, you can just contact support and they will help you out. 


If you are looking to invest in a luxurious travel bag, then Tumi is the perfect brand for you. Tumi might be based in the U.S but its product manufacturing is outsourced to Asian countries such as Thailand, China and Vietnam and outside of Asia, the Dominican Republic. Despite where they manufacture their products, Tumi is a luxury brand that is a status symbol. Their bags look great and are made of superior quality materials that are made to last. Their innovative designs and attention to detail will make travelling a breeze. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Company owns Tumi?

Samsonite currently owns Tumi. The company took over Tumi in 2016. 

  1. What do I need to do to see if my Tumi is real? 

You can check for the Tumi Tracer ID number which should be in each original Tumi bag. Then you should call Tumi’s customer service and the support agents will verify if the Tracer ID matches the on-file description and design in their database.  

Where Are Tumi Bags Made?

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