What does Asurion use for shipping?

Asurion is a company that provides insurance services for different types of devices. These devices can be mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. It is a private company that opened in 1994 and is headquartered in Tennessee, USA. Let’s know What does Asurion use for shipping?

What does Asurion use for shipping?

What types of services does Asurion provide?

Asurion replaces and repairs the tech devices from their customers. These tech devices can be laptops, cellphones, electrical gadgets, and other electrical appliances. The company protects the machinery of electronic gadgets by providing protection services and plans for cellphones and other electronic gadgets.

There are different plans for the repair of gadgets of different brands. Asurion is in collaboration with different brands.

Brands in collaboration with Asurion

Asurion has collaborated with many brands and offers different insurance plans for different brands. Some of the brands are Verizon, AT &T, Sprint, T- mobile, and Amazon.

How is the insurance done at Asurion?

The insurance facilities and services at Asurion are fast and easy. The phone and other electronic gadgets can be recovered after they are damaged. There are some steps which need to be fulfilled for the repair services of phones-

  • As soon as the phone is damaged, one needs to claim for the services. They have to ask for the repair of phones and technical gadgets.
  • While claiming repair services, one needs to provide the phone number and model of the phone to the company.
  • The company will ask for the reasons behind the phones being damaged. Also, they will provide some alternative measures so that the phone can be recovered.
  • If they cannot find any way, They will take the damaged phone and do necessary repair services to make it functional.
  • The phone is shipped back to the customer and owner when it works appropriately.

Who can apply for insurance at Asurion?

Anyone who has a protection plan for Asurion after buying the phone can request or claim insurance at Asurion. With the help of Asurion, one can easily claim and get their recovered phone when the phone is shipped back to them.

Shipping of Asurion

Asurion offers easy shipping ways for the protection of tech devices. It uses UPS store locations for packaging and shipping purposes.

Shipping of damaged devices to Asurion-

The picking of a damaged device whether it is a laptop or a phone is provided to Asurion in two different ways-

  • After the claim is approved, the UPS driver will come to the doorstep, and then the device will be shipped to the Asurion store.
  • The customer can go to the UPS locations with their damaged device from where it will be provided to Asurion by the UPS drivers.

Shipping of recovered device by Asurion to the user- After the claim is approved and the device is repaired, the device is shipped back to the owner after it is repaired.

How long does Asturian take to ship?

It takes one to two days after the device is shipped from the owner to the Asurion. However, the recovered device is shipped from the Asurion to the owner just the next day. The recovered phone is provided the next day after it is recovered.

Some rules and regulations for shipping purposes-

If someone has claimed on Saturday or Sunday, the delivery will be present on Monday. Similarly, there are other rules and regulations on the days for the delivery and shipping procedures.

How many claims can one make for insurance and shipping purposes?

One can make unlimited claims for insurance and technical support for their gadgets. Asurion has generated an email and a phone number where the customers can request or claim their electronic gadget.

After the claim or request is approved, the owner will get an email reply from Asurion for their damaged product.

Plans for insurance at Asurion

Asurion provides a 24/7 hours facility for insurance services and the customer can contact for the repair services anytime as per their wish. There are different insurance plans for insurance at Asurion. To protect the device from any kind of electrical or technical fault, the customer has to pay $24.99 per month.

IF this amount is paid the customer’s device is repaired for a broken screen, electrical, and other technical issues. After the product is properly shipped and recovered, one can again use it from the comfort of their homes.

Advantages of insurance at Asturian

There are many reasons why someone should apply for insurance at Asurion. There are many advantages to insurance at Asurion-

  • The recovery is authentic and the device turns out to be very functional after being provided to Asurion.
  • The shipping services of Asurion are very quick and easy.
  • The cost of the repaired phone is very less compared to that of a new device.


Asurion is a very big private company that recovers technical gadgets from every sort of fault. The damaged product is taken quickly and then shipped, recovered, and returned with a lot of ease. Other than the shipping offers, Asurion also provides a very affordable plan with the returned phone at less cost.

One can easily apply for Asurion in case of any technical and electrical error with their gadgets. The gadget will be returned soon without any delay.

What does Asurion use for shipping?

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