Why Is Wood So Expensive?


Until you make the most of it, wood is just a piece of tree. In today’s world, wood is in high demand to design the interiors of homes, offices, restaurants, and other establishments. Wood is a classic choice for art, furniture, house construction, and even boat building. A traditional work of art is made from a variety of woods. Wood has always shown to be valuable to humankind over the years. Let’s know Why Is Wood So Expensive?

Why Is Wood So Expensive?


Wood is more than just a portion of a tree; it is a valuable commodity used to create a range of work that is both a work of art and a usable item. In the evolution of humankind, wood has contributed a significant role. Humans have used it for firewood, tools, construction materials, paper, and furniture, among other things. Even today, it continues to play an important role in everyday life. Aside from that, many trees are cut down to make paper, which is why it is so valuable. 

Depending on the quality of the wood, it can take on any shape, size, or structure. If the wood is hollow on the inside and unable to be carved in any design, it is unsuitable for furniture, art, or construction. Strong and high porosity woods are carved into any shape or size, making them excellent for furniture, art, tools, etc. As a result, the role of each wood varies depending on the work that will be completed. 

The number of trees in the forest has reduced due to humankind’s cutting down trees to build cities, making it precious and expensive. The production and demand for wood are never out of season. On the other hand, a seed grows into a plant and takes years to mature into a mature tree. As a result, increasing tree planting is required to supply people’s need for authentic wood for any use. On the other hand, afforestation can help meet people’s demand for wood. Since it is scarce, strong, dense, and hefty, good-quality wood is usually pricey.

Reasons for the high cost of wood

Depending on various factors, every local hardware store that sells wood is pricey. While some wood is inexpensive and others are costly, even though it is merely just wood, the scenario is considerably different based on various conditions. 

The following are the reasons for this:

  • Due to the growing demands of people

People are increasingly in demand for wood since it performs a lot of purposes in their lives. From turning wood into paper to building a house, wood plays an important role in people’s daily lives. 

And it is because of this tremendous demand, that the wood is so pricey. People are always searching for something more classic, rare, and purposeful and wood fits perfectly in these criteria.

  • The supply of wood is finite.

Even though wood is a natural resource, it is not readily available depending on the type and quality of wood you require. If you’re going to take down a tree for wood, you should also plant a tree in its place, so you don’t run out. It takes years for a tree to mature into the perfect piece of furniture or other use.

The only thing that makes it scarce is deforestation. So, to reap long-term benefits, continue to plant more trees.

  • Woodworking

Before being sold, the wood in any hardware shop has gone through a lot of processing. From a log to a finely edged piece of wood, it involves various processes, such as cutting a log, smoothing the surface, and cutting and sharpening using professional tools or machines. 

After that, polish is applied to make the wood smooth and lustrous, and it is obvious that all of these processes require labor. As a result, all of these people charge for their services, and the seller also makes a profit.

  • The wood of a rare variety

Not all types of wood are used to create furniture, home interiors, or other items. Some woods, such as porous, weak, and widely utilized softwoods, are used as fuel or in paper production.

The woods used in furniture are solid, hefty, and dense. The cost of wood is determined by its quality and the type of wood used. Pine, cedar, and spruce are examples of high-quality hardwoods. Sandalwood, on the other hand, is extremely scarce and expensive.

  • Wood transportation

Not all types of wood can be grown in all types of climates. Some high-quality woods are cultivated in tropical forests or open woodlands, depending on the soil and climate. As a result, these trees are imported and exported. 

While large logs of wood are transported by truck, some are transported by train, and less rarely by air, wood is split into smaller pieces. Even though wood is typically transported by truck, wood is expensive when purchased from a store despite the distance traveled by road.


The only thing that has served humanity throughout the ages is wood. However, other materials such as plastic, steel, and metal have taken the role of wood. However, none of these substitutes can match the quality and demand of wood. Wood is utilized for various purposes, including fuel, furniture, and shelter, and it has long been a part of people’s daily lives. As a result, the demand for wood increases, as people are becoming more interested in wood than ever before. As a result, the price of wood is steadily increasing. Because the amount of wood available on the planet is limited, planting more trees can benefit us by increasing the availability of wood at a lower cost. 


  • What are the different sorts of wood?

Hardwood and softwood are the two main varieties of wood that exist. These two sorts serve different purposes depending on their quality and the type of object they will create.

  •  Is it possible for wood to be waterproof?

Regrettably, no. In nature, wood cannot be waterproof. However, nowadays, the wood is processed so that the makers artificially coat the wood with some paint to make it waterproof and long-lasting.

Why Is Wood So Expensive?

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