Makro Cell Phones Return Policy

It was founded in the year 1968 in Amsterdam. This global chain of stores was started by SHV Holdings with its headquarters located in Dusseldorf (Metro AG), Utrecht (SHV), and Bangkok (CP ALL). 

It is the worldwide brand of wholesale clubs also known as cash and carries. This large retail store chain has expanded into various countries including the Netherlands, South Africa, and Thailand. 

The products sold at Makro include a vast variety of commodities such as furniture, food items, clothing, electronics, DIY, and much more. In electronic appliances, cell phones and laptops are sold out in large numbers at Makro. However, if you wish to return certain items, Makro has its return policies.

Makro Cell Phones Return Policy

Cell-Phone Returns Policies:

Makro is very concerned about its customer’s satisfaction. That is the reason why this retail store chain has devised proper returns policies on the purchase of cell phones, in case of their dissatisfaction. The return policies are simple and easy to comprehend. Here is the list of return policies at Makro cell phones:

1. Return policy for a period within fourteen days of delivery: The provision for the return of a cell phone purchased from Makro states that it can be returned within fourteen days from the date of its purchase. The total purchase money will be refunded to the customer. However, Makro exercises certain terms and conditions for its refund. The cell phone should be in the same condition as it was purchased without any wear and tear, and it should be returned along with all the accessories that were accompanied by it at the time of purchase.

2. Return policy for a period of six months: The customers can return the cell phone within six months from the date of its purchase if they are dissatisfied with its functionality. The cell phone will be replaced or repaired by Makro. And in case, a customer demands a refund then the purchase amount will be refunded to them. This whole process is free of cost.

3. Return policy after six months of purchase: Makro has a certain warranty period for the cell phone. If the cell phone showcases any malfunction after six months of its purchase and is under the warranty period, it can be returned to the Makro store. The store will send it to its manufacturing company for repair. The issue with the cell phone will be resolved by the company if it verifies all its warranty terms.

4. Return charges: Makro exercises certain return charges for cell phones that are purchased online from Makro stores.

5. Refund medium: If the customer’s refund request has been granted by Makro, the purchase amount will be refunded through a similar course of action as it was purchased, and the returned medium remains the same. Here is a list of modes of return of purchase amount at Makro: 

  • Gift cards: The return sum of money will be restored in the form of gift cards in case the cell phone was purchased using a gift card from Makro.
  • Cash: If the cell phone was purchased by making a payment in cash, the cash amount will be returned.
  • Credit Card
  • Refund the amount directly to the customer’s account electronically.
  • Cheque

The Consumer Protection Act:

Makro abides by the Consumer Protection Act and functions according to the laws mentioned in it. Customer satisfaction is its first and foremost goal. The Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 1986. This act has several provisions which serve the customer’s welfare and benefits.


Concluding, we can say that Makro is a reliable cell phone company that caters to its customer’s needs. Their return policies are up to the mark and leave no room for disagreement with the customer. Makro has also received good reviews from its customers. However, before asking for a refund or return, you should always check their policies and request accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to contact the stores of Makro?

Customers can contact Makro by calling 0860600999. 

The customer care department at Makro is available from 8 am to 5 pm on regular weekdays and from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. 

The store staff will be available to resolve any queries by the customers. Customers can communicate with the company through mail at

2. What is the Makro trade card?

Makro trade card is a card assigned to the customers who wish to join the membership with Makro for making in-store purchases at Makro. But this card can be allotted to the customers only if they are:

  • Owner of a business
  • A registered charity
  • A self-employed person
  • A school registered by OFSTED
  • Any organization owning a business bank account

3. Who are the top competitors of Makro?

Bruneau, Yuppiechef, and Naturlich are the top-notch rivals of Makro in the retail store industry.

Makro Cell Phones Return Policy

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