Furniture Row Mattress Return Policy – Know More

Looking for furniture then furniture row is the best choice available out there. Furniture Row is quite an old American-based furniture retail company. The company has been in the world market for quite a long time now. Interestingly, Furniture Row is currently the largest cash buyer of furniture. Other than that, Furniture Row is one of the largest mattress-selling companies in the country. Let us know ‘Furniture Row Mattress Return Policy’.

Furniture Row Mattress Return Policy

Some furniture companies in the market do not have a mattress return policy. But, that is not the case with Furniture Row. One can easily exchange or return mattresses to them if not liked. Furniture Row does have its terms and conditions for mattresses return. The company will not receive any returns if the mattress is damaged. 

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Just like any other furniture company, Furniture Row has similar terms and conditions for all returns. The customers willing to return any product bought from Furniture Row must do it in the same manner. This is because the furniture company is quite strict in exchanging or returning products bought by its customers. 

Furniture Row Mattress Return Policy

Furniture Row has kept certain criteria for customers willing to return or exchange their mattresses. The same kind of terms and conditions are kept by many of its competitors as well. Other than that, the company has also updated a few terms and conditions because of the ongoing pandemic. 

The mattress return policy given by Furniture Row is the following:-

  • The mattress purchased should be returned along with the original cover and invoice. The invoice given during exchange or return should be valid or original. If the invoice is not there with the customer then the exchange or return will not be accepted. 
  • Customers willing to return or exchange the mattress can do it but, the mattress-protector is non-refundable. The mattress as a product will be refunded to the customers. It is because the company believes it is a personal hygiene item that is why the company cannot take them back. 
  • All and every type of mattresses can be returned or exchanged there are no limitations. Other than that, there is no limited amount for exchange it is applicable for all mattresses sold at Furniture Row. 
  • During the time of exchange or return the condition of the mattress bought should be the same during the time of its purchase. If the company finds out there is some damage or holes then they will not accept the return. 

These are some of the return policies kept by the furniture company. The customers willing to return mattresses must follow these policies so that their mattresses can be returned. 

Terms and Conditions 

Every company does have certain terms and conditions of customers are willing to return or exchange any items. Just after policies, the terms and conditions should be strictly followed by customers willing to return or exchange products. 

There are certain terms and conditions set by Furniture Row for customers willing to return or exchange mattresses. The terms and conditions set by Furniture Row are the following:-

  • 100% refundable if the mattresses bought are returned within the first four months after their purchase. 
  • 75% will be refunded if the mattresses are older than 4 months. 
  • If the customer has made a special order from the company then there will be no return or exchanges on them. For example, split king, split cal king, full XL, and Twin XL. There will be no return or exchange on these products. 

These are some terms and conditions set by Furniture Row for customers. Other than these, once a customer buys a mattress from the company, the company will offer then 1-year guarantee. If something happens during that tenure of purchase then the company will happily return or exchange them for free. 

Furniture Row Mattress Quality

People who are willing to return or exchange mattresses have one common reason behind and that is they are not comfortable or damaged. But, Furniture Row ensures that the mattresses sold at their stores are highly comfortable and are not damaged. The mattresses sold at Furniture Row come with the best quality and material. 

Customers have well-appreciated them because of their quality, comfort, and price tag. The furniture company does not charge a high fee from customers. The cost of mattresses is highly reasonable and is made with top-quality materials from the market. 

The official webpage of Furniture Row reveals some customer reviews. The page showcases many positive reviews made by various customers on the mattresses. The customers loved the mattress quality and the comfort offered by them. 


The policies, terms, and conditions for any product return kept by Furniture Row are quite simple. There are no very strict rules and conditions for any product return. Moreover, the products sold by Furniture Row are amazing and they all come with the best material from the market. This is one of the reasons why people return or exchange items to Furniture Row very rarely. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are Furniture Row and Denver Mattress the same company?

No, Furniture Row and Denver Mattress are not the same company but, they are the part of the same company. 

  1. Who is the owner of Furniture Row?

The current owner of Furniture Row is Barney Visser. 

  1. How many Furniture Row stores are there in the United States of America?

Currently, approximately 330 stores are operating in 31 states in the United States of America.

Furniture Row Mattress Return Policy – Know More

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